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City of Beverly Hills says 'Miss Beverly Hills' is a fraud, disavows her stance on gay marriage

Lauren Ashley, a Miss California USA contestant and outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage, claims Beverly Hills as the city she represents. Beverly Hills lays no claim to her whatsoever.

Quite the opposite. In a statement Wednesday, the city said it was shocked by Ashley's description of herself as "Miss Beverly Hills." The city "does not sponsor a beauty pageant and has no association with Miss California USA," the statement said. "As such, there should be no individual claiming the title of Miss Beverly Hills."

The city's statement said Ashley lives in Pasadena and "does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity."

Ashley, 23, has been quoted extensively as saying same-sex marriage goes against God. She recently told news organizations that "in Leviticus it says, 'If man lies with mankind as he would lie with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death and their blood shall be upon them.' The Bible is pretty black and white."

"We are dismayed by any potential association with the city of Beverly Hills, which has a long history of tolerance and respect," Mayor Nancy Krasne said.

Ashley's comments were made just months after former Miss California Carrie Prejean settled her legal duel with state beauty pageant organizers related to her high-profile stand against gay marriage.

Beverly Hills said it had contacted pageant officials to determine how to prevent any future beauty contestants from claiming the title of Miss Beverly Hills. The pageant is put on by K2 Productions in Los Angeles.

Ashley could not immediately be reached.

-- Martha Groves

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Poor kid. She speaks the truth and gets slammed for it by the sleazy city. Whoever she really is, I have to salute her courage for speaking what she believes in.

She's a sad no one. Don't even care. What matters is politics not these churchy wackos anyway. they can scream into a sound bell, no one cares anymore. Equality NOW! :-)

What a pity we must tolerate giving anymore attention to these insufferable ingorants who like to quote things like the bible: a document written by MEN (not God) ages ago (when they were even more in the dark) in another language and inaccurately translated into English and then perverted even further by those with an agenda to inflict their agenda on us. Besides - I'd venture to guess this bimbo is trying to piggy back on the Carrie Prejean fiasco - that's what happens when you give the dim an abundance of undeserved attention.

Nothing about the bible is "black and white". What is clear here is that Miss Wannabe Beverly Hills has little interest in the truth.

As a long time resident of Beverly Hills, I feel that it is unconscionable for this woman to use our city's good name, a city that is known for tolerance, and indeed acceptance, of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens from ALL walks of life, in order to garner herself a few minutes of the fame she quite clearly is so desperate to taste.

Perhaps Ms. Ashley just crawled out from under a rock or something and has not heard that last year's Miss Homophobe USA, Carrie Prejean, did not fare so well in trying to make a career out of walking around in a bikini while wearing a crown of thorns.

But it is all of us as a society that tolerate this very public bashing of our very own gay offspring who should look into our own hearts and ask ourselves how and why we are turning out young people who believe that only 'certain people' should be held accountable to biblical law in a secular world.

If we are going to expect our gay children to live under biblical law, should we not require biblical law for all heterosexuals as well? Or would that leave us ALL dead by stoning??? Indeed.

Regardless of your own personal religious views, is it not time for us to STOP this absolutely unjustifiable ABUSE of our gay offspring?

It is wrong and immoral.

No matter what God tells you.

"Poor kid. She speaks the truth and gets slammed for it by the sleazy city. Whoever she really is, I have to salute her courage for speaking what she believes in."

First, she's a liar. NOT "Miss Beverly Hills." Oops, a lie. Told by HER.

Second, she's lying about the Bible. If she really thinks that Old Testament laws are meant to be enforced by the United States of America, why isn't she calling for Red Lobsters to be firebombed? The same book of Leviticus forbids EATING SHELLFISH. And promotes slavery. If you psychos think that gays should be killed because of that book, then you've gotta be in the whole way. But no, you pick and choose to fit your own psychosis.

If you think she's telling "the truth," then you're just an ignorant, murderous psycho like her. NOT a Christian, just a psycho who wants people dead.

Jesus would throw up at some of you people doing your psycho-talk in His name. What a disgrace.

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact than any human being could oppose gay marriage - that said I know they're out there and in large numbers. It saddens me that so many people could live out their lives in such fear of absolutely nothing. They miss the entire point of living.

To Steve:

You claim she speaks the truth, yet this article clearly points out that she is a liar. She doesn't even live in Beverly Hills and made up the title of Miss Beverly Hills. Keep on supporting her. It makes right wing religious nuts like you seem like hypocrites.

Why can't these woman who are so focused on there looks ,focus there idiotic opinions somewhere else.I am so disgusted that people would even give these woman more than a passing glance much less a space in the newspaper. Haven't we all got enough on our plates given the economy-the problems in Haiti and of course the on going ignorance of our own country. In other words put on a swimsuit some fake boobs and keep your pretty girl mouth shut.You want to be seen as an object---objects don't speak Pre-JeanJr.

I guess she missed these Bible verses:

As in all the congregations of the saints, women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.
- 1 Corinthians 14:33b-35

9I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.
- 1 Timothy 2:9-15

Yes, I'm sure this lovely young creature (with a brain that's still developing) certainly follows faithfully and fully every edict set down in the Old Testament.

Holy Father, forgive her, she knows not what she regurgitates.

Most bible thumpers pick and chose what passages they want to expound on. Unfortunately, she is getting what she wants, attention. What Beverly Hills, the news media and the rest of the nation needs to do is turn their backs and walk away.

She like to use her beliefs to attack others but the bible has plenty to say about her life.

She can be condemed by the bible for her prevers action of falnting her body around, of not beign a house wife haveing kids (the only job the bible say women can have) and many other stuff that is in the bible that i cant be bover to come up with as i have had enough of this religous crap.

Carefully read therough the bible and then she what sins she has commited.

William Daz's post rocks! Well put, my friend.

Right Steve. She speaks the truth? She's not even from Beverly Hills. I missed the part where she speaks about other Leviticus laws that prohibit eating shellfish, mixing fabrics or eating fruit from trees less than five years old.

she is right and all you perverts are WRONG. it's called FREE SPEACH.

Since she seems to know all the narrow-minded punishment parts of the bible, perhaps she could tell us the punishment for bearing false witness?

@kuruc who said, "FREE SPEACH".

Man, if you can't even spell, nobody will take you seriously. Seriously.
And besides, the criticism of this idiot is also free speech. Right?

But anyway, I wonder how many bible-quoters could tell you the year that the printing press was invented.
A: Around 1450. That means, for the first 1450 years after Christ died and supposedly said all he said and did all he did, they had to rely on monks to keep a (hand)written record of all of it. A 1450 year long game of "telephone". I wonder how many times the stories changed over that time, as handwritten bibles were burned in church fires and re-written from memory, or when monks added their own spin or even stories to the mix. The prohibition against eating pork in the old testament that Jews hold so dear and the Koran that Muslims hold so dear for example, was added when an outbreak of a swine borne illness swept through the population and killed a lot of people. Thus, in that case and probably many others, nameless, faceless unimportant monks made it up as they went along, according to the whim and needs of the day, until Gutenberg invented his press and it was finally available for relatively widespread release. Some closeted homophobe monk probably came up with the various prohibitions on homosexuality and added them to the text in a bizarre case of self-loathing.
The idea that anything in the bible is trustworthy or in any way reliably came from Christ is so illogical and idiotic it baffles the mind.
Yet, the true believers like this dim-wit beauty queen line up at the trough of ignorance and drink deeply.

LOL @ Kelly,"Equality Now!", you really believe in that crap? I want to marry 3 women and they're all for it therefore I want equality too. In fact lets give all the pervs equal rights, since there's no God and the Bible was written by men I suppose anything goes, Right Erica? Idiots.

Tal,quoting Bible scripture to unbelieving hedons is futile, they are not gonna recieve it they will just call you a hater so why bother? Sodom and Gamorrah did'nt care about scripture and look what happened. Let life and sin take its course,the risk of Aids doesnt seem to change the behavior so forget about it.You're casting pearls to swine. as the Bible puts it.

wow i guess if you anything to say about gays you better think twice..these people would shut you down AND TAKE AWAY YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH..


yo you bible bitches be trippin'

yo you bible bitches be trippin'

The 1st Congress of the U.S. printed 10,000 Bibles for schools. The Creator in the U.S. Constitution is the God of the Bible. The Old Testament is Jewish law so any quotes from there should be addressed to Jews as far as 'harsh' laws. The New Testament is what Christians follow, using the OT as a background. IN WHAT freedom loving nation today would you want to live in that is not Christian influenced? That does not have Christian majority, or was not defeated & rebuilt by Christian nations? There are many nations that have banned the Bible: Soviet Union, China, N.Korea, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Burma ...these are places you could live free form the influence of the Bible.

C, you're not in the hood, this is an intelligent blog.

So let me get this straight. There is no moral problem with this woman flaunting her body in a bikini. There is no problem with her lying (why chose Beverly Hills if she is from Pasadena). And apparently, Carrie Prejean was fine with her alma mater, San Diego Christian College, until that video allegedly surfaced. All of this is fine. But you now want to invoke Biblical morality when it comes to gay marriage. You realize that all sin is the same, right? Yes, Jesus even said that. How on earth can you modern day Pharisees live with yourselves? Take the logs out of your own eyes.

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