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L.A. Unified may cut school year by 6 days

Los Angeles schools Supt. Ramon C. Cortines proposed Friday cutting six days from the school year to help reduce an estimated $640-million deficit and avoid the need for widespread layoffs in the nation's second-largest school system.

The move, announced by news release Friday evening, would save the district $90 million and could spare up to 5,000 jobs, Cortines said. The alternative to this drastic action, he said, would be to let the district go bankrupt.

"Do I think [this] is good education policy? No," he said. "But we are in a real crisis."

Cortines has repeatedly said that he did not want to shorten the school year. This is the first time in recent history that a Los Angeles school superintendent has made such a suggestion.

Five of the affected days would be classroom days and the sixth would be a noninstructional day.

Union leaders would have to agree to the move. Nonunion employees, including senior district staff, have been ordered to take four furlough days by May, and Cortines criticized groups that have not been willing to make concessions.

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-- Jason Song

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Cortines could donate the $150,000 he made from Scholastic last year. That wouldn't make up for the entire deficit, but it would help.

Stupid. The budget could be cut in other ways, such as reducing snail mailings (I read on ABC 7 a while back that one mailing from LAUSD cost over 1 million dollars in postage.). They need to audit everything and realistically look at where the money is hemorrhaging from. Slashing school days isn't going to help. Don't the public schools get money by having butts in seats?

Mr. Cortines: May I suggest you and all of the LAUSD administrators take a cut in pay. That would have a most significant and positive effect on the school budget.

How about doing everything possible short of improving quality of education. Instead of doing the obvious which should have been done over the years -- firing all of the bad teachers -- let's cut the school year. What's next? Cut the subjects one by one. Cut AP classes so our students can't compete. All to protect the interests of the few bad apples that the teacher's union wants to protect.

Hmmm....pay cut or less days for kids to learn. This confirms that all they care about is money.

I attended private school and we had far less school days than public schools.
IMO, If we increased the quality of education, 6 days would not matter so much.

I have a child in a LAUSD School and half the time the parents are very unhappy with the performance of the teachers but we need teachers"Qualified" to teach the children as well as parents reinforcing what is taught at school at home! Education starts at home,it is not the responsibility of the teachers to teach our children everything! I think cuting 6 days will help keep full enrollment in our schools while getting these parents to do their job too! I also feel it would help our deficit as well because education should not be a source where they snatch money from everytime the state is broke or running short.I'm 50yrs old and I don't ever remember not going on field trips or our schools not having what is needed for our education! we supposed to be going into the future but why are we broke? these children are our future they suppose to have ALL not SOME of their needs for school/education?? what is really going on? why do you have those lining their pockets or messing up money, instead of using the money where it suppose to be used for! they want to cut Parental Invovlement out because they do'nt want us parents to have a say so! So if the parents at all schools have a stike and have a Million Children March for our Children's Education do you think they will listen?

is a "conflict of interest" good educational policy? no. how can anyone listen to this man anymore? change will only happen when enough people want it. until then, we're stuck with cortines, the school board, and the status quo.

There is still promotion from within going on. At my school, a useless AP was promoted to Principal at another school (add $50k to their salary!), and a new AP was brought in out of retirement (Why?) at over $100k. Cut the administrators. Most of them are bureucrats who couldn't survive in the classroom and now are taking it out on the teachers who do the work.

How about a 10% pay cut for all LAUSD ADMINISTRATION?
Let's share the pain, shall we?

Doesn't the state mandate instructional days or hours, at least? How is he getting around that?

More unpaid furlough days for lausd employees and an inferior education for students. A lose-lose situation.

Why not get rid of that third week for winter break that no parent seems to like. Every other school gets two weeks. I got two weeks all my years attending LAUSD schools ... why three???

Bam! There's your solution.

that's just what the students in LAUSD need - less school! Have you looked at their reading level or test scores. However, this will really get the parents attention - because now they will have to find a babysitter & food for their children.

Heather - there are three weeks in LAUSD schools to accommodate the families of students who travel south of the border for Christmas. When there was only two weeks, most students were taken out of school a week early so LAUSD added a week during winter break and extended the school year by a week.

I have no doubt that there will be a huge outcry from parents who use our school system as a daycare center for their rotten children. For the kids who actually want an education I would imagine that it wouldn't bother them one bit. They can finish their work quickly at home and go do other activities instead of being stuck in a classroom with a their academically challenged classmates.

i dnt think that this is gonna really affect students because in the last 5 days of school we are just reviewing what we have learned thru the school year....but on the other hand i think teachers are gonna really be affected when it come to their paychecks.... 5 days of not having school or work is alot of money that the teachers are gonna miss out on and those 5 days of review come in handy because it gets us, as the students ready for the next grade level...so therefore the school year should not be cut short take it from a student please....find another solution.


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