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Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband wants to be governor; California residents want to cut services

Princevonanhalt Prince Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor and known for either being stalked or stalking the paparazzi, has found another way to keep his name in the news.

Von Anhalt, 67, is announcing a run for California governor. How? By unveiling a billboard on Sunset Boulevard today, according to KTLA News.

"When I came to California 26 years ago, we had the 'good life.' We were prosperous; people had jobs, affordable homes and money to spend," he said in a statement obtained by KTLA. "The economy was great. I loved the state so much that I decided to make my home here, marry and become a citizen."

On a more serious campaign note, California Politics reports a new Rasmussen poll about the state's budget woes reveals a deeply frustrated electorate unhappy with its elected leaders and their options to balance the budget.

The Times' Shane Goldmacher reports the poll had an interesting finding on what California should do.

Asked if the state should file for bankruptcy, cut back on services or raise taxes, the results were:

43% Cutting back on services
28% Raising taxes
15% Filing for bankruptcy
14% Not sure

For full coverage of the governor's race, Senate race and Sacramento, go to California Politics.

Photo: Zsa Zsa Gabor and Prince Frederic Von Anhalt in 1989. Credit: Doug Sheridan / Associated Press
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Our elected officials know what our problems are, we cannot afford to keep spending money like it grows on trees, without bringing money in to account for it.
The first signs of economic trouble in households nationwide, is when you have to start shuffling money from one place to another, just to keep your head above water. California has been doing that for years, and it has caught up to it.
The truth is not pretty, and you can't sugar coat it to get results.
We have to stop spending money on undocumented residents, it simply does not make common sense. California just passed a bill to halt mammogram services to low income Americans under 50 years old, because it has been using the resources for years on everyone, rather or not they could afford it, and no matter their legal status. The end result, poor Americans have no ability to save their lives by finding problems early.
You cannot encourage immigrants to assimilate, if your providing everything to them in their national language. Just cutting that out, would save the state millions annually.
Cut off funds to cities that encourage them, Maywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and others, it will reduce the cost to infrastructure, create affordable housing, raise incomes, where people will pay more in taxes, and use less social services.
California's healthcare cost will go down, because services will taper off, education will flourish because of the student to teacher ratio, educational overhead will decrease, because of the limited free lunch program, the material cost will fall, and students will be better prepared to compete on a global scale.
We would not need a job stimulus, jobs would start opening up on their own, as companies compete for the best and the brightest.
Citizens will have more money to spend in retail establishments, which will boost the economy, the value of the dollar will increase, which will spark quality imports, which will encourage manufacturing ingenuity.
It will return the quality of life Americans had come to know in the middle class, that was snuffed out by corporate greed, and political selfishness, both that tossed the ball of progress back and forth, hoping the game never came to an end to find out if there was a winner or not. But, it did, and the only ones that won, was those scheming from the beginning, while 10 of millions of Americans fell through the cracks.

Its never only illegal immigrants, but the facts remain that they are a big part of it, We cant start working on the minors, when we have a bunch of majors that are in the game.

"Prince" von Anhalt is only a prince because when he was already in his 30s he convinced an elderly lady to adopt him as her son. In Germany, your title is part of your last name, so anyone can acquire such a name.

I guess he figures if one Teuton can make governor of California, why not two?

Marcy's attempt at attributing all of our problems to illegal immagrants is an exercise devoid of facts. These people take up very little in resources and in many cases pay disproportionately higher taxes. Why focus on such a small group with so little impact? How about looking at why these people are finding jobs while citizens aren't?

Marcy I totally agrees with you. The companies that hired the illegals should be responsible to pay for whatever their needs are.

The state is out of control. Cant even stop millions of illegals from crossing the border. I wonder why border states are so broke too many sanctuary cities.

Atta girl, Marcy. That's a great start! You should run for Governor!

Is this Joker for real?

What's next? Baron von Frankenstein for chief of surgery at Cedars-Sinai?

Dear Marcy, well said, except that they are not "undocumented", they are illegal criminals. Quit treating the issue with kid gloves. This is a huge problem who's time has come... to end that is.

And by the way, Cliff, your assertion is 100% false. They are a HUGE disproportionate part of the problem. Do your research.

That photo is 20 years old. Hmmm. I wonder what they look like now, they the wannabe-Gov and his wannabe-first lady. And why no photo more recent if he held a press conference?

Is he serious? This state is in bad enough shape now. Do you really think this unknown person could really run this state and fix the problems? I think not.

If you leave God out of the question, you leave of out of the answer. I think marcy is either a foreigner or she was just born yesterday.
A foreigner... one who believes whatever has been going on in other countries cannot possibly happen here!

Hey, why not? Why shouldn't Prince run for Gov? How much worse of a job could he do? California should put a want ad in the LA Times:"Wanted: Governer, no experience required, check mental sanity with the door man." Oh, Marcy, your comment was waaaaaaay toooooo loooong! Please keep your retoric to one or two lines. The rest looks like chicken scratches in the dirt.

After reading the blogs (by the way, Cliff is dead wrong), I want to use an opportunity to inform the readers that we actually do have a choice when it comes to electing a Governor. Her name is Chelene Nightingale and she will definitely clean up the mess that came from Socialist California politicians. Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman, and even Zsa Zsa's husband, won't do the job that Chelene will do. They are career politicians that will use a lot of money to buy votes. Chelene doesn't go into that direction. Want to get rid of illegals? Then stop giving them the goodies. Chelene will make sure illegals won't receive anymore goodies. Want to improve your own children's education by homeschooling them? Chelene will give you the freedom to homeschool your children, while your career politicians are trying to derail the homeschooling program. The farmers in Central California are not receiving adequate water for their crops, Chelene will make sure that they will be provided with enough water to grow their crops. Chelene will definitely follow the voters' yearning for improvements in their own state. Her website is: www.nightingaleforgovernor.com. Look it up and decide for yourself. We can either continue to complain about the career politicians being stubborn at front of our faces or we will enjoy California's prosperous and richness and we will continue to smile forever.

regarding the comment about Chelene Nightingale running for Governor...read about her associations with "the minutemen of San diego"
read about her hostile behavior toward Immigrants. Mature individuals do not harass other human beings on street corners with bullhorns. Does this woman hold any college degrees that would qualify her to understand the economics and business of running a State?
Yes it takes gall or stupidity to run for such a rank in california....you choose which one she has.

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Miss Elliette's exquisite fashion design artistry gave images of Courage to America. We need more that today.


Frederick is a fake Prince!!
(Real Name: Hans Lichtenberg)
About 30 years ago, (1980),Frederick bought his title with money.
In Germany, there was an elderly woman, Princess Marie Auguste, who was the last heir to the Kaiser.
She was destitute, because the Monarchy was abolished long ago, and the Gov't didn't support her. Therefore, Marie sold titles of nobility and adoptions as a source of financial income.
Frederick offered a sizable sum of $$$ to have her legally adopt him to be her adult son.
She needed the $$, and he needed the fake title, so she accepted the offer.
Then Frederick started calling himself a Prince, dressing in uniforms with lots of phony medals!
He has NO Blue Blood in his veins. He is a German commoner masquerading as royalty.
Frederick says he is not an Actor like Arnold, but Frederick pretends, acts like a Prince every day of his life,
even though he knows it is a total lie and deception.
And if you repeat the same lie enough, everybody thinks it must be the truth!!

Saint Chelene ? Not by a long shot!
Since the previous posts
she has been tossed out of the
leader ship of 'Save Our State'
and as a defendant in court
she LOST a fraud case.

She has gained some thing:
a partisan opponent in the
Tuesday June 8th, 2010
American Independent Party
primary: Mark Robinson!

Plz adjust your voting accordingly!



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