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Swastika found carved into Calabasas High School student’s car

A swastika found carved into the hood of a Calabasas High School student's car is being investigated as a possible hate crime, L.A. County sheriff's officials said today.

A school security guard noticed the large swastika about 2:45 p.m. Monday, after it apparently had been etched into the hood of the 2009 BMW with a key, said Lt. Debra Glafkides of the Sheriff's Department's Lost Hills station. The car's side mirrors also were broken off.

Deputies interviewed the owner of the car, a 17-year-old Jewish student, who said he believed the vandalism was religiously motivated. The student told deputies that twice in the last month someone had used his or her finger to draw a swastika in the dust on his car.

Authorities have no suspects.

--Tony Barboza

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It is a hate crime, regardless of why. Pure and simple, the swastika, while it may have other origins, designates, NOW, anti-semitism.
For those questionning the car, who cares? The point is that a hate crime was committed.

HATE should never be tolerated. But it is, and that is a fact. And sometimes it is allowed by people in positions of authority to prevent it.

While I think it's deplorable to show such an act of hatred, I can't help but laugh at (and agree with) the comments regarding this 17 year old driving a brand new BMW. Rich commented so eloquently when he said if this wasn't a crime of hatred, it was one of jealousy. That's the first thing I thought of when I read the article! Regardless, no one deserves to have their property vandalized.

I understand that it is a hate crime but it might not be for the reason of race. It is easier to say that this crime was more a jealously then anything.

Another thing maybe his or her parents need to teach their 17 year old not to be such snob.

It is not a swastika, but rather a Hakenkreuz, which is the Swastika reversed. Regardless, it's a "hot" symbol and should never be used, regardless of provocation or none. This is a teachable moment and I hope the school uses it to its full advantage.

ten thousand years.

big al I have friends that have family in gaza. while i also have friends that have family in israel. both sides are like children. so big al had you ever left the U.S.A.? I had been to other countries other then mexico and canada. not gaza. but heard enough from both sides.

OMG! Why is the news making such a big deal about this?! I go to chs, we dont have a antisemitism problem here, this was obviuosly done just to anger the student, not out of true hate for jews or persians or anything, this is ridiculous, cars are keyed everday at that school, and last month my friend had his back window smashed in, so yeah vandilism is a problem, but racism at calabasas high is not, yeah there are alot of different ethnic groups (jews, persians, mexicans, asians but no blacks) but this is not a "hate crime," 10 bucks says the kids who did this were part jewish....

The beauty in this is not the fact that such a horrible event happened to a 17 year old CHILD. It is the fact that comments regarding this post are some of the most appalling ones I have seen in my life.

I am glad that what is important to you people is the fact that it is a "shame" that they use the Swatsika symbol. And who really cares what kind of car a 17 year old drives? Are you jealous because you are not as fortunate to have aquired one on your own?

What about the essence of the topic? What about the fact that an innocent child is being abused and stripped of his rights as a Jewish person in a country we like to call "democratic and free"

I find it a bit ironic that the kid's BMW ends up with a Swastika carved on it. BMW was one of various German motor car firms that used concentration camp slave labor during WWII.

Perhaps someone was making an editorial comment on the origin of the car.

I am the parent of a current Calabasas student. My two other kids went there. No we don't live in a gated community in a $4M house. It is ignorant to assume that the victim of this hate crime is spoiled and is not deserving of his car or lifestyle. I know many parents who have worked hard to give their kids the finer things in life. Most of the kids I know appreciate what they have and the lifestyle they lead. I say most, not all. There is always an exception. I also work hard to enjoy various "material" things with my kids. Obviously the most important is love and support. I am also a Jew married to a Catholic woman for the past 26 years. This is not the time for hate and intolerance. Show your support for this young man who I have heard is "good" young man. Be careful who you judge.

whats does his car have to do with anything? A lot of you are missing the point. Many young men and women happen to be fortunate and have the means to spend on a good car. I know when I was young and in high school my parents did not want me running around in something that was not safe. And realistically, my Audi was seen as nothing compared to the Range Rovers and Mercedes. THIS IS LA!!!!!!! The fact that his car surprises you actually surprises me. And many of you are generalizing about this kid when you don't know the facts.

you people care to much about the car and that it is a BMW, but you don't look at what's important. A JEWISH student got a swastika etched into the hood of his car. That's whats just wrong.

Shame on those who commented about the BMW!
Do not attempt to undermine the severity of this crime with a jealous remark about the fortune of the victim.
The type of car the student owns is irrelevant.
This was a hate crime, and cannot go unpunished.

I live in the San Fernando Valley. I love my home. It is where I was born and bred. Hate however, is nothing new around here. It exists within the building blocks of our Society (Los Angeles County to be exact). This is nothing new considering our nation is plagued with this type of history... Good night my people...and may God bless you all...

Another reason why you should not drive while on the cell phone. Or type while on the cell phone. Yes i do have some typos.

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