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Socialite Betty Broderick seeks release from prison

After spending almost two decades in prison, a La Jolla socialite who killed her ex-husband and his new wife in their bed will ask a parole board to be released.

Betty Broderick, 62, was convicted of the killings in 1991 and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. She unsuccessfully argued that the crime was the result of years of emotional abuse by her husband.

Broderick didn't deny being responsible for the Nov. 5, 1989, killings of her ex-husband, Daniel T. Broderick III, and his wife, Linda Kolkena Broderick.

She admitted firing the fatal shots but claimed that she was the victim of a husband who had been emotionally abusive and manipulative. She testified that she intended to talk to her husband and to kill herself but fired at the couple when Linda Broderick yelled, "Call the police!" and Daniel Broderick lunged for the phone.

A first trial, in 1990, ended with the jury deadlocked, 10 favoring a conviction of murder charges and two holding out for manslaughter. The second trial ended with two convictions on charges of second-degree murder.

Daniel and Betty Broderick divorced in 1985 after 16 years of marriage. During their divorce, which was not final until 1989, Betty Broderick accused her husband of using his legal influence to cheat her out of her fair share of his seven-figure annual income.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Betty Broderick is led from courtroom after being sentenced in murders of her ex-husband and his wife. Credit: Associated Press


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Twenty years is enough considering what she had to put up with. No one really knows for sure ( except for Betty) how traumatized she felt by the disdain that was dumped on her by her unfortunate victims. Her snapping effect is similar to what is experienced by school shooters who feel bullied and tortured throughout their school years. Bette may not have been a school girl when she killed, but she was a sheltered and naive housewife who could not understand the sudden, selfish acts of her husband and the lack of justice and sympathy from the courts and community throughout the divorce. She just refused to take it lying down. Since the one person who made her miserable and persecuted her is gone, it is unlikely that she will re-offend.

If they find that Betty is no longer a danger to any one else they
should free her, from what I see she was push over the edge and
who to say what we would had done if we were in her shoes she should
had been put to death or free, but I think it is cruel keeping her lock
up. Let her be free to some one who cares about her.
Jerome D Logsdon

Dan commited adultry,,linda took a man from his family, any woman who would date a married man is crazy,,those 2 are not innocent victims

I always wondered what kind of a woman would date a married man,,

ShawnaS, stop lying. Betty does NOT have the full support of her children, as you wrote. They testified in the divorce trial that she was abusive. That is a matter of public record. Also, during the parole trial in January, two of her kids stated she should stay behind bars.

And... She murdered the husband of her four children. How could someone do that to her own kids? How cruel.

Betty asked that Dan take custody of the kids. She thought he'd refuse and she would get the pleasure of harassing him but NO! He shocked her by taking the kids. Then she whined that he took custody from her!

Betty still sounds nuts and there is a reason why people say she shows no remorse. After her parole trial in January 2010, the Huffington Post reported on January 21:

Board of Prison Terms Commissioner Robert Doyle, who delivered the decision to Broderick, told her he had never seen an inmate who had made so little progress in acknowledging what she had done.

"Your heart is still bitter, and you are still angry," he said. "You show no significant progress in evolving. You are still back 20 years ago in that same mode. You've got to move on."

I have been fascinated with this case for some years...i have read as much material on this as i can.....it appears to me that Betty was convinced that she had emtional control over Dan during their marrigae...i beleive she used emotional threats during the marriage to keep the marriage going...she did not how ever expect Dan to leave and walk away from her....her behaviour as in threats and harrassment continued after the seperation and divorce as this was the excepted behaviour she had always used,,,i think the murders of Dan and Linda resulted because the controlling behaviour that she used while married simply did not work any more.....i dont think for mintue that she loved Dan or carried out this aweful crime because she loved him....Betty in my opinion murdered them because they were happy and had their lives a head of them...happiness comes within and i dont think that Betty is or has ever been a happy person...with or now with out Dan....she beleives that her needs are more important than anyone elses even her own children whom she cliams to adore......she comes across to me that she is a spiteful and vindictive person and that will never change...This women needs to spend the rest of her living days where she is behind bars,,,she took 2 lives and now she should pay with her own life..Betty you should stay in prison for the rest of your living days..buried on your own...unlike Dan and Linda where they are buried together...and will always be together...where ever they are i expect they are happy together.something you will never be able to destroy again.

Betty Broderick should stay were she is;she had no right 2 do what she did; i she do 2 other peopledon;t care what theex did; you don;t take dad or stepmom from kids; what will she do to the people that she put away; or her kids; no no no she should stay were you put her; LINDA DAN have 2 stay were they are; think about it. Thank YOU; PAT

I have been cheated on and treated the same way Betty was. If my children had no been returned to me I don't know how I could have lived with that? I don't condone killing, I'm just saying I know some of what she felt......I saw her youngest son on Oprah and it wasclear he wanted her out. He said he lost his father and wanted to get to know his mother. He was shipped off to boarding school!!! He broke my heart. Let him speak, at least. As for Linda?? I don't agree with cheating with amarried man with children and ruining his family. I just wished Betty could have watched her clean him out and not ruined her children with this.....although they are really good kids,,well adults now. I think she has done her time and should spend her golden years with her kids and grandkids.....I think her time is over...I understand what she did,,but cannot condone murder of 2 ppl...esp. the childrens father,,,she has to understand what this did to them???

I feel Ms.Broderick should have not serve a day in prison.She has mental problem and it seem as if she suffer from bioplar disorder.Listen to her own children on her behavior it clear she always behave loke this,I feel Dan was wrong ...he know for years that she was unstable continue to be with her so to me he liked it and continue to have children with her so stay.The problem was a home invader Linda who saw a opporunity to become a wealth and soceity lady didn't care who she hurt climbing the ladder.Ms.Broderick need to release and join her family.

After reading these comments I became even angrier. I understand releasing a person with remorse. I believe in forgiveness, but you can't forgive a person who is not sorry for what they have done! After all this time she still has no remorse. She should stay in there the rest of her life. She is not NOT the victim! She is a horrible person. She only cares about herself. Whatever it is that will benefit BETTY!! As for the comments from people saying negative things about Linda, SHAME ON YOU! How dare you attack her. What do you know? Has your life really been black and white. There are many gray areas when you follow your heart.. I can't believe you would harass this woman. That part of the story is none of your business. You don't know the details or what was in her heart. You people knocking down Linda are judgemental toward a woman you don't know. She (thanks to victim Betty is Dead) cannot explain herself and she shouldn't have to. She didn't deserve to be murdered.

Every one seem to forget that this woman worked several jobs while pregnant to support Dan and her children while he went to medical school. after recieving his degree in medical school he changed his mind about that and decided to attend school for a degree in law. Betty did all of this, she was the only person working all of those years. Betty put her life on hold to raise all his children and hod down all these jobs; not to count the babies she lost behind supporting him ans his children. In my oppinion Dan desserted her along with her so called friends who turned their backs on her also. Linda step in and took over her life, the life that she help this man to gain. the life that i believe he should have shared with her. i don't condon taking any ones life but Betty was pushed over the edge and no one bothered to reach out to her. Everyone wants her to show remorse. no one showed her any. I believe that she should be released.

im sure she has suffered long enough, every body deserves a second chance to life. if any of u would have done the same thing im pretty sure you would want to still be free right ok so she been in prison for years and years. keeping her in there not going to make things right for the simple fact you still have to answer to the one above.

"She was totally not remorseful, didn't even try," said Richard Sachs, a San Diego prosecutor who handles so-called "lifer hearings." Broderick won't be eligible for another parole hearing for 15 years -- the maximum time the law allows.

Just the above fact alone, her having no remorse, says it all. Leave her in prison!!!

i agree with anne.before anyone should cast judgement and say she should rot in a jail cell you should have tried being that woman for the time she was married to dan broderick.the movie that was on lifetime was dan brodericks side of the story...remember there are 2 sides to every story!just the fact the everyone is judging her by a movie that dans family gave the details for proves he still has power over her life and even if she will ever be paroled.i hope betty gets paroled and is given another chance.

she isnt a threat to anyone and should be released she did her time and stop wasting taxpayers money how dumb can they be

anyone on betty's side write to gov jerry brown suite 1173 capt bldg. sacramento, ca 95814 she could use r help i write to her and she feels bad that this is just dragging on and wants to move on with her life and repair her relationship with her children before its to late THANK YOU on behalf of betty broderick

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