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Socialite Betty Broderick seeks release from prison

After spending almost two decades in prison, a La Jolla socialite who killed her ex-husband and his new wife in their bed will ask a parole board to be released.

Betty Broderick, 62, was convicted of the killings in 1991 and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. She unsuccessfully argued that the crime was the result of years of emotional abuse by her husband.

Broderick didn't deny being responsible for the Nov. 5, 1989, killings of her ex-husband, Daniel T. Broderick III, and his wife, Linda Kolkena Broderick.

She admitted firing the fatal shots but claimed that she was the victim of a husband who had been emotionally abusive and manipulative. She testified that she intended to talk to her husband and to kill herself but fired at the couple when Linda Broderick yelled, "Call the police!" and Daniel Broderick lunged for the phone.

A first trial, in 1990, ended with the jury deadlocked, 10 favoring a conviction of murder charges and two holding out for manslaughter. The second trial ended with two convictions on charges of second-degree murder.

Daniel and Betty Broderick divorced in 1985 after 16 years of marriage. During their divorce, which was not final until 1989, Betty Broderick accused her husband of using his legal influence to cheat her out of her fair share of his seven-figure annual income.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Betty Broderick is led from courtroom after being sentenced in murders of her ex-husband and his wife. Credit: Associated Press


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It is apalling to read comments from all of you self righteous people, who live by such clean moral compasses, that are free of faults, and quick to judge someone. It is not anyone of our rights to claim to know that Betty has expressed no remorse. We do not know what she thinks, how she lives her life or what motivates her as a person. She has to live with herself and only she knows what she feels and what burdens she carries. Would it make you all feel better if she wore a sign that said I'm sorry for the rest of her life? It is clear that you live your lives pointing fingers and laying guilt on others instead of offering assistance to Betty so she can overcome her challenges. Have all of you claiming she has expressed no remorse prayed for her and sent her positive messages and offered her spiritual guidance? If not then shame on you. She was pushed beyond her limits, she was ridiculed and mentally abused. She was not perfect, like all of you judging her.She is human and we have frailties and from time to time we come undone... and unfortunately in the process she ended two lives. Should we end hers and then you can all sleep better at night? Then you will have done just what she did and you will have committed the same crime, but you will somehow feel justified.

Come on Betty. Get over it. You are a cold blooded and calculating murderess. Why would any of us ever want you on our streets again? Do the crime, do the time.

Even if he was an abusive husband they had been seperated for about 5 years. All she deserves for killing these 2 people in cold-blood is 2 lifetimes in jail, and I'm pretty sure that 20 years isn't equivalent to two lifetimes.

I testified at both of the trials. PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE BETTY. She is a nasty person full of lies. Betty should have comitted suicide as she claimed she wanted to do . This world would be a better place with OUT her. The world certainly would be a better place with Dan & Linda IN it.
Dan was a kind and decent man. All he wanted to do is get away from Betty. It is apparent why he wanted to get away from her now !!
Jail is the absolut best place for her.

This lady needs to rot in jail. It's a shame she got a platform to slander her victims before going to jail. It's even more of a shame that there's actually people out there who sympathise with her. Even from the outside it's patently obvious that she's a psychopathic narcissist.


They both got what they deserve!

Set that women free, her husband was a jerk. Some of us know the real story.

"She is human and we have frailties and from time to time we come undone... and unfortunately in the process she ended two lives." Oh let's get serious. "Frailties" "From time to time we come undone..." What planet do you live on? She didn't "come undone." She planned and committed a brutal double murder. Maybe your frailties include murder, but mine don't and thank goodness most people's don't. And please warn me the next time you are going to come undone so I can be sure to be nowhere in the vicinity. I guess in your world murder qualifies as an unfortunate hissy fit.

All you fools who are defending this fool are stupid. How are they responsible for their murders? Maybe they even deserved it but it's not her right to gun them down anymore than it would be for any of us. If she has "suffered" that's because she is still alive to do so; her ex and his wife are not here for his children or her family--Betty has taken all that they had, i.e. their lives so how is this an equal exchange? I need to ask, are you also as morally bankrupt as this woman?

I believe Betty should be re-tried and this time capital punishment be applied to her!
And all those who "understand her murders" should be logged as crazies that might do the same thing to others. People should be aware of these crazies and avoid them if they want to live to their normal age.

Betty and these "borderline" abusive crazies do whatever they wish to others whenever they are "angry" which they always are!

How this woman escaped 1st degree murder charges I'll never know. She offered an explanation on why she killed Dan, but what about Linda? If she were anything other than a white socialite - she would rot behind bars. I'm not surprised though... remember Dan White got off for murder by the "twinkie defense," and served only 2 years of a 5 year sentence for the murder of the Mayor (George Moscone) and Supervisor (Harvey Milk). Question: Who was jail made for? Do Rich white socialites really belong behind bars? Look for the Betty Broderick reality show coming to an Orange County near you... :-)!

Double timers deserves what they got!

I wonder what Betty Broderick thought when Meredith Baxter, who played her in two TV movies, came out as a lesbian recently. (I hope she isn't going to use that as a reason for her release.)

Keep her in jail until she dies a natural death.

Folks, as a divorced man who was cheated on and all of my kids were trying to be ripped out of my hands. I won the battle with the kids during my divorce. This man took everything she had away from her. RIP cheater.

Om, get over yourself. She carries no burden because she doesn't care that she killed them. She just lost her liberty, and it should stay that way.


Anne makes a very good point. You need to walk in this woman's shoes. Her ex husband took everything away from her -- a spouse, the children, her social circle and financial support. He put her back up against the wall.

I only watched the movie which was most likely sensationalized. I hope others aren't making judgments based on the facts as presented in a TV movie.

If you believe that Betty Broderick got a fair trial in San Diego then you would have to ask why there would be a bronze caste of Dan Broderick in front of the county courthouse.
In Betty's defense, there was a lot that the public did not hear because the media kept it from them because of Dan. How about the fact that Betty supported him all through school and early in his career, or that she was a good mother that with Dan's influence he received custody of the children. He left Betty completely broke and alone.. that is just the outside issues. The mental abuse was substantially worse.
I am not saying what she did was right or that she should not have been punished. She has paid her debt, and that price has been extremely high. We also need to know that she has the complete support of her children, and needs the chance to live the rest of her life trying to make up to them for the past.
She has completed her sentence and now it is time for her to be released!

When someone is on trial for a murder or murders which they admit committing, a standard defense tactic is to attack the victims, who obviously can't defend themselves. That's exactly what's going on here and it must be reassuring to criminal defense attorneys to read some of these comments.

I remember this story and watched both trials on Court-TV. I never understood why Betty just couldn't let go. Getting what $16,000 a month in child-support, VERY GENEROUS! That was the least Dan could do, but Betty was greedy and wanted more. ALL she had to do was let them live THEIR NEW LIFE TOGETHER and that isn't asking for much! I've had 2 failed marriages and I am lucky to be a live after the 2nd one. Why stay with an abusive man and/or a man that no longer loves you? Today, it still baffles my mind. I hope and pray that Dan & Linda are resting in peace. Their headstone is absolutely beautiful, like Linda was. Neither one of them deserved this and I am still outraged that they could not sleep in peace and the safety in their own home. I truly believe Betty will die in prison. At 62 yrs. old now and now not up for parole for 15 more years, that would make her 77 yrs. old. Cincinnati, Ohio

Well, murder is never justified, however, under the circumstances she has served plenty of time.

The husband was a jerk, she put him through school and supported him through the years of establishing himself and then he dumps her for a home wrecking hooch.

I totally understand the rage she felt and I really believe she snapped. I think she spent far too long in prison. You treat people like dirt, you never know what karma will serve up in the middle of the night.

I agree with the Post by MJ. I know a lot of women out there in this so called BeaUtiful World have been treated differently but it all adds up to this big circle, a circle I call LOVE! for WHY the majority of women will all agree that's why we as women stand up for each or one another. Let Betty go now, let her spread her wings now......She did her time now is that what you call JUSTICE? much love.

I am 43 years old. I have watched this movie at least 10 times.. If the movie is correct, I belive Betty was emotionally abused - - to a severe amount, almost no one could withstand what she went through, if you think about it.. I understand she murdered two people, but she has done her time and then some - she needs freedom now - and I have to say I completely understand her behavior, even though I would not have pulled the trigger.. I can understand.. Hey, look at most men in the world, all I can say is OINK!! to all of them!!!

I sympathize with Betty Broderick. I believe she's gotten a raw deal from the beginning. Infidelity is an ugly thing. I hope the Parole Board will show mercy next time and release her - she's spent enough time behind bars.

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