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Socialite Betty Broderick seeks release from prison

After spending almost two decades in prison, a La Jolla socialite who killed her ex-husband and his new wife in their bed will ask a parole board to be released.

Betty Broderick, 62, was convicted of the killings in 1991 and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. She unsuccessfully argued that the crime was the result of years of emotional abuse by her husband.

Broderick didn't deny being responsible for the Nov. 5, 1989, killings of her ex-husband, Daniel T. Broderick III, and his wife, Linda Kolkena Broderick.

She admitted firing the fatal shots but claimed that she was the victim of a husband who had been emotionally abusive and manipulative. She testified that she intended to talk to her husband and to kill herself but fired at the couple when Linda Broderick yelled, "Call the police!" and Daniel Broderick lunged for the phone.

A first trial, in 1990, ended with the jury deadlocked, 10 favoring a conviction of murder charges and two holding out for manslaughter. The second trial ended with two convictions on charges of second-degree murder.

Daniel and Betty Broderick divorced in 1985 after 16 years of marriage. During their divorce, which was not final until 1989, Betty Broderick accused her husband of using his legal influence to cheat her out of her fair share of his seven-figure annual income.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Betty Broderick is led from courtroom after being sentenced in murders of her ex-husband and his wife. Credit: Associated Press


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I grew up knowing Dan Broderick, and I remember hearing about Betty's craziness before she finally completely stepped off the edge and killed Dan and Linda.

This woman needs to stay right where she is now. Parole should NOT be an option for her.

she's wicked. keep her in a few more years. no remorse has ever been expressed by her.

Socialite? No. Convicted crazy murderess? CHECK! Keep her behind bars where she belongs. Do not let the gender fool ya'.

I remember this case. The article fails to mention the stalking,middle of the night calls and generally abusive behavior Betty indulged in after the divorce.
As I recall after she shoot them she pulled the phone out of the wall.
Given how her life was driven by obsessive, revenge and hate,It would make sense to let her out if she expressed remorse, an emotion she has as yet been incapable of.

Broderick was one of the pioneers of the "I should get away with murder because one of the victims was mean to me" defense. She was most definitely NOT the victim here, in spite of attempts to portray her that way. 32 to life sounds good, and it hasn't been 32 years, yet. That the list of victims of this crime include her own children make it even more reprehensible. She should serve her entire sentence.

This is a case I have followed since it happened in 1989. Betty B. is correct she never did have a fair trail in San Diego. By all accounts the husband and new wife were mentally abusive and made her crazy. Any person who has lived with that kind of abuse could have pulled the trigger or at least wished the abusers dead.
I and many others totally related to her.
My understanding is that she has been a perfect prisoner and in my opinion should have been released long ago. She is not a threat to anyone.


She should rot there for the remainder of her natural life.

I believe that she was unjustly convicted. Being that her ex-husband manipulated the system and was given preferential treatmeant by his bias influential friends and family.
He pushed her over the edge, which made her snap mentally. She should be released.

Let her rot in prison. She deliberately murdered both her ex-husband and his wife as they slept, then tried to use the "I was abused" defense to get off the hook. While it may be every defense attorney's first approach to defending a client, "I was abused" has lost any meaning for me. She can stay in prison forever - no remorse - no rehabilitation = no parole.

Hmm... My ex-husband was emotionally abusive & has harassed me relentlessly for 5 years. It is not a justification for any sort of violence. This nutjob Betty has never expressed any remorse, never mind the destroying the lives of her children. For gods sake he was remarried & she shot them in cold blood. She should rot in prison for the rest of her life. I am so tired of nutjobs who justify their vile actions in court and have no remorse. One word - sociopaths.

I say let her out. They treated her wrong and drove her to do things she would not have normally done. If these two people would have thought about her before starting thier affair may be they would both be alive today. The time spent behind bars is enough. So she has not remorse...who cares Linda certainly didn't show no remorse for Betty.

This woman needs to stay in prison. And no MJ she did not have a fair trail but she did have a fair trial. I don't care what kind of prisoner she has been. NO ONE has the right to take another persons life. You do the crime you do the time!

MJ, something is wrong with you. No one can make another person crazy, at least not crazy enough to murder two people in their own bed. Betty should be kept behind bars until death. She murdered two people and has never shown any remorse and you think that she is not a threat to anyone? You sound as if you like playing the "victim", just like her. Let her rot in prison.

I've researched this and other cases over the years, Betty can be VERY convicing to others when she talks about the alledged abuse she suffered. Fact of the matter is, she was merely a 'woman scorned', she murdered two INNOCENT people (at that moment, they were doing NOTHING TO HER). She is where she belongs, and I truely believe that if she is released, she could easily kill again if she feels she is being 'wronged'.

Anybody who accepted this woman's characterization of what happened toward the end of her marriage to Dan Broderick needs to wake up and smell the coffee. This was pre-meditated murder motivated by rage over a bruised ego and money. If she's been a model prisoner, it is only because the objects of her rage have been dead for nearly 20 years. Let her out and she'll find a new one.

I remember this case too. It was cold blooded, premeditated murder. No remorse. She was n=mad because her status depended on being Mrs. Dr. Broderick. she thinks she was justified. Stold and copied her key's key.

This person took two lives without her own life being threatened. Her sanity, or lack thereor is her own responsibility. The lives she ended did not belong to her,but she evidently believes differently. She is a murderer and does not deserve to walk the earth as a human being.

She murdered TWO people in cold blood. She is a murderer period. She pulled the phone off the wall so Dan could not call for help. She is a calculating psychopath!!! She is still living... Dan and Linda are dead. Keep where she belongs, behind bars, serving life!!!

socialite or not? murder is murder. this high profile case and the defense that was presented to the courts, upset me quite a bit when this story first broke. countless women who suffer abuse by there husbands everyday have been set back years, by this animals attempt to be a victim. the role she attempted to hi-jack from the women who really need our courts help, was a pathetic attempt to protect her own interest. i am quite sure that money above jealousy was the true motive. i weep for the women who had the courage and the strength to rebuild there lifes after such abuse, and for those still living that nightmare.

Very soon, Ms. Broderick will reclaim her throne as queen of La Jolla. She will shine now that the abuse from her ex has stopped.

She should do all 32 and then some. She killed two people, he did not want her she shouls have goen on with her life

I believe she did it deliberately; that's why she was so calm and well behaved when she went to prison. She knew the cost she was likely to pay if convicted, and she was willing to take that risk. I don't buy the claims of abuse "driving" her to it. Lots of women are emotionally abused and get divorced without killing their ex-husbands.

Why? Even if her hubs "emotionally abused" her, his lover sure didn't. Keep her there forever.

Before anyone can comment on this womans life, you need to have walked in her shoes. Do some research and see how her hands were tied by her high powered, rich, attorney huband. He abused her mentally and emotionally, he drove her to what she did, a person could only take so much and then they snap. As for the "new" wife, she should have had a better moral compass then to have an affair with a married man with four children. There are also stories of her past before she met Betty's husband, if she had made better choices in her life she might be alive today.

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