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Schwarzenegger's effort to release 40,000 prisoners put on hold by Supreme Court [Updated]

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's effort to release more than 40,000 prison inmates in California was placed on hold -- at least temporarily -- by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The high court left unclear today the status of a court order in California that calls for the release of the prisoners to relieve overcrowding.

The Republican governor wants to release the prisoners as part of an effort to reduce the state's nearly $20-billion budget deficit.

The justices said they did not have jurisdiction to hear an appeal filed by Schwarzenegger, but said the prisoner-release order had been put on hold "pending review by this court."

That suggests the justices may revisit the issue later. 

-- David G. Savage

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Releasing prisoners is a scam made by the supporters of illegal aliens (a LARGE part of the prison population).
California HAS MONEY, it just chooses to spend it ON FAKE TRIALS, like THE ROMAN POLANSKI HEARINGS, WHERE PROSECUTORS REPEATEDLY FAIL TO PRESENT EVIDENCE THAT THE MOVIE, "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired" IS FULL OF LIES, and CANNOT BE USED AS EVIDENCE! Instead the prosecutors (prostitutors) KEEP ALLOWING JUDGES TO MAKE CROOKED DECISIONS BASED ON KNOWN FALSIFIED EVIDENCE!!! (David Wells has ADMITTED TO HAVING LIED IN THE FILM, and his statements/lies are THE WHOLE BASIS FOR THESE HEARINGS. Since they are lies, no basis for hearings exist!)
Several years ago, I reported that actors were NOT PAYING TAXES ON GIFT BAGS, FOR DECADES. THe IRS let them getr away without audits/paying any back taxes. WHAT HAS THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DONE TO COLLECT MONIES ON THOSE UNPAID GIFT BAG TAXES????? NOTHING!!!!!

Why don't they let out the prisoners incarcerated for marijuana?? Seems to me they're about to legalize it anyway???

A little more info could be useful here. Like, which prisoners? I assume this has to mean people behind bars for non-violent, low-level stuff like non-violent crimes related to drugs and/or alcohol. Frankly, those kinds of prisoners are a waste of prison space anyway, so if those are the kinds of people we're letting out, fabulous, let's save some money and stop imprisoning people for not hurting anyone.

I mean, heck, I'd even be kind of okay with releasing white collar criminals too, as long as they get some stiff probationary requirements.

Of course, if it turns out I'm wrong and the plan is to release, I don't know, say, domestic abusers or petty thieves or something, then that's much more of a threat to society and should definitely be scrutinized.

((I totally agree with TheBigPicture, too many rights...and no responsabilities men that go in and come out want to come back into prison. No rent, no bills, free gym and no other expenses))

I am sure any one of these prisoners would love to change places with you.
Many of them are in prison for ridiculous 'crimes' like possession of marijuana. Or non payment of child support, etc.
We make stupid laws so the judges, prosecutors, cops, court reporters, jail guards, etc... will have a job at their insanely high wages. Which I would be willing to bet includes you and the others who are screaming about the jails being emptied.
If the gov would gets it big nose out of peoples personal lives, the jails wouldn't be so full. But then all you parasites who don't actually have to work for a living, would be out of jobs, wouldn't you?
And please no remarks about how cops risk their lives for me. Stop hasseling people in their private lives doing what they want to do, and they wouldn't have to risk their lives.. Besides, bus drivers, cab drivers, construction workers, all have more dangerous jobs than cops. And you don't hear them sniveling about their 'dangerous' jobs. lol.

There are many thousands of California prison inmates serving time for non-violent offences that could be instead put under elctronic surveilance house arrest and be allowed to go to work and pay the costs themselves instead of sit in prison on the taxpayer's tab. That being said, why does the U.S. (Federal) supereme court have ANY jurisdiction over decisions made by a sovereign state?

The amount being spent per prisoner in California prisons is close to $50000 per annum. This is more than the average annual salary. Isn't it about time we treated them like prisoners instead of royalty? They get the best medical facilities, TV, gyms and nutritious food (menus created by qualified dietitians), while there are hundreds of homeless people who do not have one square meal a day.
Moral: Under the present system, in order to get good food, clothing and shelter, if you are out of a job right now, commit a crime, go to a California prison and enjoy your stay!!

I think It's a good idea..I mean I'm sick and tired of the state sucking me up to pay for jail cells, cops, fireman, people collecting money and not working when they are 100% fined....enough is enough

OK, Has anyone thought about the ACTUAL cost of supporting ILLEGAL aliens in this state. There are a ton of statistics out there to support some very scary numbers re this expense to our state. (ie. the taxpayers) Our dear (clueless) Arnie ought to start by loading up everyone of those illegals in prison and shipping them back to wherever they're from. Then he should start rounding them up from the streets and do the same with them. This alone would considerably lighten the load on the taxpayer funded state welfare roles. If this would have been done YEARS ago we probably wouldn't be in this situation.
Releasing low risk non-violent offenders would help as well but as other posters have noted, where are ANY of them going to find a job with their criminal record when people with no record can't even find one?
This is AMERICA people! What ever happened to defending our boarders to protect AMERICANS from ANY foreign threats?
These Illegals and the idiotic concepts supported by the ACLU and "politically correct" ideals are going to cost all of us our inherent freedoms and in the end
they (foreigners) will ultimately take over our country without firing a shot.
WE WILL become a third world country ! Don't think it can happen? THINK AGAIN It already is happening!

I think we let people get away with too much and they get a slap on the wrist. Cut down the prison population with death penity for 3 strikes etc. Lets not support the criminals we give them food place to live at our cost. homeless people get less then. Get rid of the trash. Do the crime and you might die. see how that works for those punks and gangs.

Why not drop them all in Afgahnistan and let them fight there way out

This is a bad decision. Releasing prisoners to save money. Why don't we start retrenching state workers instead. I believe there are deadbeats in plenty of offices.. It is time to retrench them. Get our state workers to be more productive instead. If the productivity of the public sector could increase two fold during this recession.. it is time for the state workers to do the same.

While I dislike the governors plans, do you really think they are going to release any random prisoner? There are too many in prison for victim less crimes that could be working and paying taxes instead of costing the state money.

WOW. You don't have to WIG OUT. The state is not about to release dangerous gang-bangers. There is a possibility that low-level, NON-violent offenders will be released six-weeks earlier than their original sentence indicated. (40,000 over 2 years.) This is being considered as a means to save YOU money. (I'm assuming you're a taxpayer in this state.) However, it is not a SERIOUS consideration because the "policy-makers" aren't really interested in "cutting this cost" to the taxpayer. They've been bought by the CCPOA/prison guard union/special interest group with DEEP POCKETS. This group makes a lot of noise about "public safety," trying to convince you that they're "the good guys." What they don't want you to hear is this: 70% of the CDCr's 10 BILLION dollar ANNUAL budget goes to salaries and benefits packages. That's right. Prison guards with GED's are earning 6 figure incomes and retiring at 50 years old with FULL benefits. Meanwhile, the inmates are living under conditions that have been deemed "inhumane and unconstitutional." (Hence, the court order to release as a means to reduce the overcrowding.) The stories you've heard about inmates living "the good life" is BS the CCPOA feeds you this C*#P in order to keep your anger directed at the inmates and away from the REAL THIEVES in this state. So, relax. The inmates aren't getting out. All is safe and sound, except your tax dollar.

Chaos rules. Keep digging for china. I would be for it if all the prisoners released were just non-violent offenders who were caught with some pot or something. How many prisoners are in for traffic violations?

By far the worst job he's ever done. I think he thought being Govenor was a "role" he could play - what was he thinking? CA is is such a complete state of disrepair and now he wants to relase 40,000 prisioners? Are you kidding me? So no one has to pay for their crimes? I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. All I can say is I'm glad I didn't vote for him...

We cannot put prisoners to work, since there are not even enough jobs left for law-abiding citizens. I think the governator should modify his plan in this way: Release the prisoners as planned, but bus them to the white house in D.C. where they will be released. Oh - I misunderstood - I thought Obama said "The BUS Stops here" (buck)!!!!! That will get some "bail out" money to California!!!

Why would u release prisoners, very dumb & going to cost more money so stop being stupid and use your brain

its costly to house an inmate, instead of releasing them,why not send them to war? more money is going to prisons than to schools, money should go to education, we are an in a economical crisis and the government still gives more to prisons

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