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Police search for driver who fatally struck jaywalking woman in South Adams

Police are searching for a driver who struck and killed a 62-year-old woman as she crossed a South Adams street.

The driver who hit the jaywalking woman fled the scene, authorities said.

The victim, Annette Marie Carter, was known to have multiple addresses and authorities were checking whether she may have been homeless. Carter was crossing Normandie Avenue, just south of Adams Boulevard, at 11 p.m. Sunday when a dark-colored car heading north hit her.

Carter, who was not crossing at a crosswalk, was pronounced dead at a downtown hospital, authorities said.

The driver will likely face felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter charges, said Lt. Brian Whitten of the Los Angeles Police Department's South Traffic Division. Had the driver stopped, he said, criminal charges would have been unlikely because Carter was jaywalking.

“If they don’t stop, then it becomes a crime,” Whitten said. “This happens way too often.”

Detectives this morning responded to a call in the LAPD’s Southwest Division about a car with a matching description and front-end damage. Police initially believed the driver may have been the person who struck Carter. But by 9 a.m., they began to rule out that possibility, Whitten said.

Authorities said the car that struck Carter was likely a Toyota Corolla, or a car with similar features. Anyone with information is asked to call LAPD South Traffic Division detectives at (323) 290-6063.

-- Robert Faturechi

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May GOD rest her soul.

So unfortunate. And so unfortunate that she was jay-walking. A pity that following rules (walking in crosswalk) could have saved this woman's life. I have driven in this area (and many others) in which jay-walking is a norm. It's dangerous for the drivers as well due to pedestrians crossing out of nowhere. I have seen adults with their CHILDREN doing this. So unsafe! It seems as if sometimes pedestrians just cross street at their own discretion because pedestrians have the right of way and they may feel that this means they can cross the street at any place no matter how many cars are present.

May this woman rest in peace. And I pray that her death is not in vain.

End result is tragic, but pedestrians in Los Angeles have a false belief that they ALWAYS have the right of way, which they don't. They are protected in crosswalks and at intersections, but not on the open road. Their false belief leads a lot of pedestrians to do truly stupid things when trying to cross the road, because they think every car has to stop for them.

REF: "Had the driver stopped, he said, criminal charges would have been unlikely because Carter was jaywalking."

You mean "WEST ADAMS" not "South Adams."

I am very saddend by the news of the death of Mrs. Annette Carter.
I have known her and her family for over 24 yrs and attended school with her daughter Murphette. Annette was a very loving and kind woman who always had a smile on her face. She loved her family and was very proud of them. She was a lovng mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. My heartfelt condolences goes out to her entire family during this diffult time. The person that commited this terrible crime will be caught and brought to justice. Annette may you rest in peace.

Even if the driver wasn't to blame, lawyers have created an environment where the driver would've been sued by the family anyways for a monetary windfall.

More people are killed while in crosswalks, they guard being down because they think they are 'safer' there.

And, to be sure, pedestrians, in California, ALWAYS have the right of way - whether they be in a crosswalk or not. Cars must ALWAYS attempt to stop for pedestrians, though many pedestrians think this is some sort of magic spell that will keep them safe.

But perhaps Keyboard Quarterback Xian knows more about traffic laws than the LAPD lieutenant from where the information in the article came from, but I'll go with the lieutenant.

You mean "WEST ADAMS" not "South Adams."

Posted by: West Adams local | January 04, 2010 at 12:40 PM

I beleive the story said she was crossing Normandie just South of Adams.

It is truly sad that this happened. But I have had to slam on my brakes numerous times while driving in that are because of jay walkers. Hopefully people will realize that even though pedestrians have the right of way in some situations, it's probably best to not test that theory while a 3000lbs car chugging along at 35 mph.

This almost happened to me last week. I was driving down Woodman Ave, which is very dark at night. At the last minute, I saw a man running across the street in front of me. Luckily, I was able to slam on the brakes and stop before hitting him.

I was so angry. Angry at his stupidity. Angry that I could have killed someone. What has happened to common sense? Don't jaywalkers realize that by the time the driver can see them, it might be too late?

Even if no criminal charges are filed, you would have the guilt of that person's death on your conscious for the rest of your life. And for what? Because they were too lazy to walk a few extra steps to a crosswalk or traffic light?

It is very tragic this poor lady was killed and the driver should have stopped. Her jaywalking led to her demise. I see it to so much when I'm driving, people of all ages running or walking across busy streets out of the cross walks. Some act as if they don't care if they get hit. I have seen people crossing the streets against green lights at marked intersections.

I would like to tell the driver of te hit and run on normandie and adams to come forward and surrender themselves this person was well loved and will be remembered just toi saythat if noone saw you JEHOVAH GOD did and if you have any conscience at all you will do the right thing it couldnhave been you or one of your loved ones think about it

we love you Buddah that was here nickname

"REF: "Had the driver stopped, he said, criminal charges would have been unlikely because Carter was jaywalking.""

That's doesn't matter. The problem is that the driver was likely driving without insurance, registration, a license, or a combination of all three. He/she was less likely to be driving with a warrant out for his or her arrest, but that is a real possibility. Even less likely, though certainly possible, was that the car was involved in some type of criminal activity and the driver believed that stopping to render aid or talk to the police would get him or her caught in the act.

Regardless of her jay walking....we as drivers need to be paying more attention to pedestrians. Every one is so busy rushing to their destinations that they aren't paying attention to those crossing the street. There have been many times that I've damn near gotten hit because people aren't looking both ways before turning, and this is WHILE at the CROSSWALK! I'd much rather a pedestrian hit my car than my car hitting a pedestrian! I have lived in the West Adams district my entire life, and have always seen Annette in the neighborhood. My condolences to her family and may her soul be at peace.


Darwin's Law of Natural Selection works its wonderful magic again. This stiff won't pass on her gene for jaywalking although at her age she has probably already done so - unfortunately. The old cop canard that "criminal charges would have been unlikely because Carter was jaywalking" sounds comforting in the absence of a suspect but you can bet your last donut that if they had actually caught the dude, that they would have made every effort to prosecute him and take his money. Plus even if he/she were to avoid criminal charges, the injured party or her estate would automatically sue and recover an award thanks to our jewish corrupt tort system and the motorist's insurance would be cancelled or go through the roof. Even though it WASN'T HIS/HER FAULT. So run my good friend, run. Run and hide. I wish you godspeed.


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