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Octuplets mother's Beverly Hills fertility doctor accused of gross negligence by state [Updated]

The Beverly Hills fertility doctor who helped Nadya Suleman give birth to 14 children, including octuplets, has been accused by the California Medical Board of repeated gross negligence.

Both Suleman and Dr. Michael Kamrava made international headlines last January, after the Southern California woman gave birth to only the second set of octuplets ever delivered in the United States.

[Update: The story originally said the babies were born on Jan. 28. They were born on Jan. 26.] Her babies, who will turn 1 on Jan. 28, are the longest-surviving set. Suleman is a single mother who was unemployed and living with her parents. All her children were conceived through in vitro fertilization. At the time, Suleman said she continued having babies because she couldn’t face destroying her frozen embryos.

But, according to the accusation filed Dec. 22 by the Medical Board, Kamrava continued administering fertility medication to increase egg production and retrieving eggs to create fresh embryos even though Suleman still had frozen embryos from previous cycles.

In addition to accusations of gross negligence, the board said Kamrava also failed to refer Suleman to a mental health professional and negligently administered high doses of fertility medication – which could lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Kamrava could not be reached for comment at his Beverly Hills clinic, which remains open.

-- Kimi Yoshino

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Here's a modest proposal: If the doctor is found guilty of gross negligence, then perhaps his punishment should be the legal paternity of all 14 children. Have fun paying for college!

Finally! What took the medical board so long to determine that this heartless individual was complicit in this whole case? Suleman wouldn't have become pregnent with all these babies without this guy's meddling with her reproductive system. And for what purpose? So that the taxpayers could take care of the babies?

Seriously, what was he thinking when he made the decision to go ahead with the procedures?

The whole thing is repulsive.

If I never have to see one more gossip magazine while waiting in line in a supermarket with the title "SHE'S PREGNANT!" again it will be too long.

Our society is celebrating pregnancy but doesn't celebrate motherhood. As a result, we have all these women getting pregnant and keeping their children and then end up being absolutely irresponsible parents.

It just utterly disgusts me.

Having children for the "status symbol" effect of it is beyond reprehensible.

how dare the ca attorney general insult ms suleman re mental health allegation.ca is stuffed full of nutters,daily in the media amongst celebs alone and thats excluding hte rest fo the state and its reputation worldwide. this woman does not remotely match much of that. it seems some acts though nuts are acceptable whilst others, having babies in a large family, a perfectly aceptable and moral choice is considered a sign of madness.whilst she has not looked after her finances before having a family but was working towards professional & financial independence for the 7 children she anticipated.this is a prejudiced witchhunt at a woman who is no different to millions of single moms in the usa and the rest of the world who have many children, usually with many fathers, in her case, the father is not being cited for mental illness for donations to a woman he is not married to.utterly sexist to tarnish this womans reptuation.it is horrific to witness the institutional bullying of one woman using mental health, the usual way women have been historically targeted and undermined.i see no evidence of mental illhealth but remarkable mental stamina, robustness and endurance that would have sent any one of the men and women persecuting her into a straitjacket if they had experienced even one hour of this unmerited campaign against her at every level.i would question the mental sanity fo the attorney, and all hounding her from their places of privledge and power.jealousy and resentment seem to underpin many of these hostile attacks, usually by very unpleasant women who dont look too child friendly. shes one cool mom, stable, well intentioned and individual.irresponsible dreamer at worst who has done tremendous amount to surmount her life situation.she is not a medic and did not make the decision, the doctor did.however the message that is being sent to these 8 children as legislators and others attack the grounds for their miraculous existence is horrific and grossly irresponsible.

This doctor should be made financially responsible for these children since he "fathered" them.

Hang 'em high I say! This should have happened sooner !

who cares if shes taking care of her kids leave her alone.

Unless he's going to be held financially responsible for the 14 children's medical and educational needs, what's the point? It's decidedly too late for those children. Now the rest of us are on the hook for their wellbeing.

Gee, reeallly?

Let's sue this guy and get a judgement for child support equivalent financial responsibility for the Suleman children he got paid for.

Oh... I can hear it now - the "chilling" effect that this could have on women's reproductive choices. The regressive and represeive message that implies a woman choosing to have a child should have a stable partner.

The Doc and the Patient are both out of their minds. No job, on medi-cal, welfare, and any other taxpayer paid program, and the doc thinks its ok to have as many kids as she wants. Has the Doc been smokin the Medical Weed?

At the least unethical, probably mal practice and negligent, at worst criminally liable for stealing money from the taxpayers

Make the good Dr. pay for the litter he caused after they permanently take away his medical license.


• So the good doctor is accused of 1) violating fantasy Medical Board of California guidelines about reproductive medicine that do not exist, 2) NOT practicing psychiatry when he is not a psychiatrist, and 3) imperfect medical record keeping compared to arbitrary MBC standards. The only reason these accusations were filed was the numerous media reports that questioned the capability and professionalism of the Medical Board members and their bureaucratic staff. If Octomom was financially self sufficient and not on Medi-cal, this story would have ended a year ago. But the MBC practices politics not medicine. They are all ethically challenged and this is the most recent example. Over the next two years, the MBC will revise the accusations half a dozen times as these embecillic charges morph as the news coverage waxes and wanes. Those eight beautiful living children would not consider themselves "a disaster." Where are the charges against the MD of Jon and Kate's Septuplets?

Kamrava used one of the lamest excuses ever invented about only wanting to please his patient! That's where we separate the men from the boys!
Any doctor with an ounce of ethics would not allow the patient to dictate treatment period. If the patient doesn't like to be told what is the best course of treatment the doctor has the option to refer them to another doctor (who unless unethical himself/herself will say the same thing).
Many people doctor shop when they don't like what they hear. This is how so many people wind up being addicted to pain medication. So if a drug addict comes in trying to get prescription drugs, the doctor needs to be able to discern and at times deny. Doctors are not a catering service that you order up whatever you wish to have and they just dish it out. As far a record keeping that goes with the territory. If a doctor has hospital priveledges and doesn't keep up with record keeping ie dictation etc, the hospital will eventually deny priveledges. That's the real world and there needs to be standards to enforce. If a doctor doesn't like it they can just go practice in "Buttheadistan".

To LiarLiar-
When Doctors become members of the medical community in America, there are standards that are overseen by peers. The Medical Board is in place to PROTECT the public from unscrupulous and sub-standard practices. It prevents medicine from becoming a free for all where anything goes and each doctor can "do their own thing" and decide what is "acceptable".
Is sounds like you may have an ax to grind about the MBC yourself for whatever counter agenda you have.
Kamrava wasn't required to treat NS as a psychiatrist but to refer her to one. He is not qualified to treat but should have recognized obvious problems.
Comparing her case to J&K is not appropriate since they are in another state although there are similar standards. That situation does not seem to be going so well either and there were big failures. All these children are going to be paying the price for their parents irresponsibilities.

doctors are responble of patient death.
because they treat a patient not in proper way


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