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Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman says she's lost 150 pounds

http://i.usatoday.net/communitymanager/_photos/lifeline-live/2010/01/20/NadyaSulemanx-large.jpgNadya Suleman has much to celebrate as she marks the first birthday of her octuplets, who were born to international fanfare at a Bellflower hospital.

She's been filming a reality TV show centering on her life in La Habra with her brood. Earlier this month, a California appeals court rejected an attempt by a former child actor to create an independent guardian to look after her children's financial affairs. The court called the proposal an "unprecedented, meritless effort by a stranger."

Now, Suleman is on the cover of Star magazine posing in a bikini, saying she's lost 150 pounds since her pregnancy.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it on my own, naturally,” Suleman told the Star, saying she did not require any plastic surgery to attain her new look.

“My friends call me Rubber Band because I always snapped back so quickly after my other kids!”

--Shelby Grad

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There's an argument to been made that a class-action suit can be pursued against Star magazine for putting up articles like this setting out with an intention to defraud the public.

If Star knows this claim of no plastic surgery to be untrue and promotes it as the truth, then Star is participating in deliberately lying to defraud the public. Yes, just about every celebrity is chop shopped in some way .But none of them are promoting not doing it as the central lie of bogus bodywork claims.

It looks as though Nadya Suleman is setting up to peddle some bogus diet plan or promotion based on specious eating claims.
Oatmeal and sushi do not reshape your belly button into a slot, move it up about 4 inches and erase your c-section scars. Eating egg whites will not give you the very obviously photoshopped visuals. (you can see the boxed sectional reflections and mismatched coloring in the pixels). This is the result of complete facial and neck reconstruction , yet another breast augmentation, tummy tuck, leg and butt lipo, batwing arm work and vein stripping Nadya Suleman had and Star probably just paid for. Unless Kaiser did it it at the cost of Kaiser's paying patients.
So if she tries to profit from her "diet" success, let's hope the state of California will finally hav the grounds to put this creature tha has made millions from medical fraud, some of it illegal -- all of it morally reprehensible-- during the past decade.

Hey Tangledweb-
Why target Ms. Suleman?
Why not ANY of the HUNDREDS of other celebs that claim to have dieted their way slim, but actually had help via some sort of surgery?

Your diatribe reads like you have a specific ax to grind with Ms. Suleman.
What gives?
She turn you down on a date?
Or are you the "out of work actor" who tried to get a guardian appointed?
Either way, you sound sad and bitter.

this woman is disgusting!, please don't publish any more articles about her, truly, no one cares about her, pity her children!

Has she paid the tax payers back for her, and her babies stay at Kaiser? The person that wrote the article left out these facts. Paying back the tax payers is more important than her losing 150 pounds.

This is complete fraud and I agree with tangled webs. You can also tell it is photo shopped by looking at the light between her legs. The pic of her at about 6 months clearly shows her stomach laden with large stripes called stretch marks. There is no way they just disappear, especially as large as hers were. I also agree that she is probably hoping to sell or endorse some sort of diet/exercise plan claiming she did it "naturally", just as her lips are natural, etc. I am very disappointed in Star magazine for this outright frauding of the public. They just lost me as a customer as I will no longer subscribe.

Are her 15 minutes of fame not up yet?! Who gives a rat's a** about this pathetic psychotic person? Instead of showing off her weight loss why don't the rags discuss her children's medical issues and their medical problems? Guess that's not sexy enough?

I had twins and lost all my baby weight in less than three weeks without any kind of diet plan. For some (very lucky) people, babyweight comes off really easily. I think it's definitely possible that she lost the vast majority of her baby weight by dieting and exercise. She probably lost 50 pounds just by giving birth.
That said, there's no freaking way that woman got a flat stomach back after having 8 kids packed inside her!
High-order multiple pregnancies usually cause diastasis (separation of the stomach muscles). The only way to fully correct it is a tummy tuck in which they stitch the abdominal muscles back together in the middle to remove the gap and remove excess skin. It's not really a weight-loss procedure in this case. It's actual corrective surgery that I firmly believe would be covered by medical insurance if it were men that had babies. Diastasis can be debilitating. It can make it hard to pick up your kids, it can cause back pain, and it can make it VERY hard to fit into clothes...plus people always think you're pregnant. No fun. I can't imagine she got as big as she did and managed to avoid getting diastasis. So, I can't fault her for having a tummy tuck.
...or a boob job for that matter. No one wants to have saggy old lady boobs in their thirties.
HOWEVER, I think she should've just come out and admitted that her body was an absolute disaster after having that many babies. I really don't know why people are so secretive about what is really just reconstructive surgery.
True. She CHOSE to have that many babies. You could say I CHOSE to have twins. I had 12 pounds of babies in me when I delivered and I breastfed them, so it affected my body. I took corrective measures afterward and I really don't think there's anything wrong with that. What's wrong is when you LIE about it. Sheesh. If you're gonna lie, at least lie about something important.

I'm very disconcerted by the horrid behavior of this woman/mom. I believe (from the info on the news etc...) that she's ONLY focused on herself...how pathetic. I believe she should to RE-PAY the State of Calif. all the money she's used in the birth/care of her children...in other words the money she and her children have collected (from selling the rights to be filmed etc...) and any monies paid for photos etc. I truly believe she knew that she'd benefit financially from this and I believe her physician knew this as well> hence a conspiracy to defraud the citizens of California ...since WE end up paying (and pyaing and paying and paying...) the bill RIGHT?!
When I read articles such as her "getting into shape" and losing #150lbs!..well that really irritates the hell out of me! Why focus on HER and NOT her children??? DOH! Figure it out people...kids don't sell magazines like a woman losing 150lbs.! Gosh Star magazine were you so hard up you had a woman with 14 kids pose? Now that's DUMB! She really does NOT appeal to me at all!

Bad enough the LAT is wasting journalist time writing this non-news. I hope it's only appearing online at least, and not also wasting ink and paper in the print edition.

Reply to Bob--
Not surprising that I sound sad and bitter. Why aren't you?
The ax I have to grind is that there are 14 children involved in this. And they will be for the next 18 years.

Toxomom is no career meat-on-a-stick starlet out to find her next role, is she? She is a MOTHER of 14 who deliberately implanted into her body more kids than are on my entire block without any means to support them. She has no other skills or career description. Being a mother is her only job. So, in what way does strutting the beaches naked have anything remotely to do with being a mother of 14?

I am targeting her because what she did is unspeakably wrong. It is just beyond evil to do that to children. And worse, to keep doing it every day.
She turned the experience of motherhood into an ATM venture. And she still has more left.
She has dozens and dozens of frozen unused eggs still available to her to sell off. It's like Alien. Except with human babies.

Why you think that shouldn't be targeted, I don't understand.

Some are special needs and their entire life will be impacted by the neglect of this psychotic creature, and have spent the first and most important developmental year of their life in the care of minimally paid untrained strangers. And without any of what you and I undoubtedly had by a child's normal connection to knowing it's own mother. But she has had no interest in them, only in her getting herself more cosmetic surgery.
If you've seen the few photos of her with these babies, it's obvious that she doesn't even know how to hold them, let alone do it very often. And she can't even tell some of them apart. Think your mom would spend your first year stuffing herself into a bikini and not know who you were?

She knocked herself up deliberately 14 times over as means to achieving celebrity. Not as the goal to being a mother to any of these kids. The kids are now just beside the point puppymill props.

Now think of what that means instead of ragging on me being a guy, which I'm not, wanting to hit on this monster. All I can think of any guy who ever would hit that, is it must be the clearest indication ever that you might have some serious mental health issues checked out..

And you don't have to be an actor to want better for such a large flock of lost children.

Every hair on her head has been paid for by a dozen years of ripping off California taxpayers for millions of dollars. The birthing costs for her six pregnancies alone are upwards of 3 million. That's money other mothers and children won't be getting.

When I lived in California part of my taxes -- and yours paid for that. And yours will keep doing so, while other kids do without.
Actually I am not bitter. But for thsoe kids, who wouldn't be very sad?

If you all do not care to hear about her so much then quit paying attention and stop feeding the fire! Furthermore didn't your mothers ever teach you to be have compassion and be nice? As far as the whole welfare thing goes it's either her or some crackhead scamming you so take your pick, oh wait i forgot about illegal aliens that somehow manage to get access to welfare my bad!


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