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Fire crews trying to save dog trapped in L.A. River [Updated]

With the rains moving out of Los Angeles, attention was turning to Vernon, where fire crews were trying to save a dog trapped in a channel.

The black dog was clinging to a concrete ledge in the Los Angeles River, with water appearing to rise.

Fire officials tried to rescue the dog by throwing down a float ring, but the effort did not work.

Crews were spreading out on the banks of the river and a nearby bridge, planning another rescue attempt.

The drama was being carried live on television.

[Updated at 12:35 p.m.: A rescuer hoisted down from a chopper rescued the dog, who was taken away in an ambulance.]

--Shelby Grad

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DOG RESCUED! Who is our hero?

I'm Proud to be an Angelino! Seeing this Live feed gave me chills and Inspiration. I have 6 Dogs and Know how it is to protect them. Thanks LA Firefighters for doing a great deed! may God Bless all of you. Where will the dog be sent to? Please let me know!!!

We have hundreds of thousands homeless, do nothing, pretend they don't exist, but then we have to save a dog in a wash?

Silly old me! Is that firefighter single? I have been looking for a good old fashioned-man, who just would do anything for me! LOL I was so impressed watching this rescue-and it truly demonstrates that our firefighters are absolutely the finest! Thank you and I hope that we see you at City Hall getting your award-

Well done guys!!

It took a lot of courage to bear-hug and fly a big, terrified dog like that.

Why is the County spending all the money to rescue a dog. I get it people think of pets as family, but come on. Couldn't these resources have been better used? What would have happened if an actual human being was trapped in the river? Who would have the priority?!?!?!?

This is just one more example of why we need to immediately layoff and/or furlough all of these lazy, overpaid public employees from their cush "jobs". The mayor and city council need to find the guts to stand up to these public employee thugs and cut all of the salaries and benefits that we committed to giving them when they signed on to for perform these sorts of safe, comfortable, and trivial jobs.

What a waste of money! LA is bankrupt and theyre spending thousands of dollars on a dog!!!!!!! I will remember that the next time these guys say we need to raise tax's!

Don't you just love the LAFD! That fireman knew going in that he would probably be meeting the toothy end of that dog because he was terrified. I hope his wounds are not too bad, and I hope the dog finds his/her owner or gets a good home.

hooray ! that dog must be scared to death ....good work fire fighters !

This was great to watch this dog being rescued. As a dog lover I stood with abated breath as the dog tried to get up the side of the channel and then that very brave fireman trying to get control of the terririd dog. I hope his oweners truly appreciate what was done today to safe this great dog.

YAY! Good work!!

awesome guys! job well freakin done!


what a great story--we watched it from a restaurant in Wisconsin
Well done..

Watched it on tv, very well done! I called LAFD to commend them and they were receiving many calls critical of this "misuse of resources"!! What creepy people! Remember this: a society can be judged by how it treats it's animals!

I wasn't watching, but I heard about it on Twitter. Good job, LAFD! I'm proud to be an Angeleno.

I'm wondering where this dog came from and what will become of him(?) now. Let's hope the story has a truly happy ending with him either being reunited with a loving family or going to a loving family.


Thank you for your compassion to our animal friends and for going that extra mile when needed!

God Bless all of you!!!


It's a good thing we have so much money we can waste it on something like this.

OUTSTANDING!!! The LA Fire Department with EVERYTHING happening, still could do this! Thank you and God Bless you all, you will be in my prayers tonight.
Additional KUDO's to the person who was getting bit, and still was able to Persevere, and to all who risked their lives for this animal.
Dang, you all are GOOD!!!

I think these firerighters are heroes, and it was really brave of them to save this dog. I just wonder what that helicopter bill will be for this rescue?

For all the negative people on this story. One thing you need to remember besides saving this dog the rescue people were practicing their skills and improving chances of saving a person if the need be. One thing naysayers might do is think beyond their next big mac.


Congrats to the whole team and special kudos to the guy who was bitten by this frightened dog and didn't let go! If this was some kind of swift water test - you all passed with flying colors. My heartfelt thank you for all the work that you have been doing during these crazy storms and hopefully all the humans you have rescued are better behaved.

Really!!!! put the dog in an ambulance???? enough is enough... this city is out of control doing dumb stuff... I would be embarrassed to be one of those Fire Fighters... better yet, stand up at City Hall and get your award... Maybe Michael Jackson will adopt the dog and pay back the City ??? Right !!!! Where is Oprah during all this ??? Oh, I forgot for a second about our Countries top priority, Haiti.

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