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eHarmony agrees to make site "welcoming" to gays and lesbians, ending L.A. lawsuit

Putting an end to two and a half years of litigation, the online dating site eHarmony.com has reached an agreement to pay a half a million dollars and make its website more “welcoming” to seekers of same-sex matches, settling a class-action lawsuit brought by gays and lesbians in California.

The company had already launched a service for gays and lesbians, called Compatible Partners, in an unrelated settlement with New Jersey’s attorney general last year.

As a result of the settlement agreement filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court and pending approval by a judge, eHarmony will add a “gay and lesbian dating” category to their main website -- which will direct users to Compatible Partners -- and allow bisexual users to access both websites for one fee. 

The eHarmony site currently provides links for Christian, black, Jewish, Hispanic, senior and local dating. California residents who have filed written complaints with the company will receive $4,000 each from the settlement funds.

The website, founded in 2000 by clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren, an evangelical Christian, did not provide same-sex matching services until last year, contending that the company’s closely-guarded compatibility models were based on studies of married heterosexual couples. In court filings, attorneys for eHarmony also pointed to websites exclusively providing same-sex matches, such as gay.com or guys4men.com, saying the company “does not stand alone among companies that provide their relationship-matching services to a single sexual orientation.”

Neither the company nor its attorneys immediately returned a request for comment. As part of the California agreement, the Compatible Partners site will display the eHarmony logo “in a prominent position,” and will state that the service is “brought to you by eHarmony.” The site currently states that it is “powered by eHarmony.”

-- Victoria Kim

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Another reason why we should ban gays/lesbians marriage.

"...websites exclusively providing same-sex matches, such as gay.com or guys4men.com..."

Can I start a lawsuit against these sites and get $4,000 also?

Why is that Blenda?

Usually, a person goes to prison for the crime of extortion. Instead, dispite referring to homosexual EXCLUSIVE websites, Neil Clark Warren placates the agressive homosexual terrorist activists and offers to reward this folly; "California residents who have filed written complaints with the company will receive $4,000 each from the settlement funds. Oh, equal justice anyone? Yeah right!
I typically presume that most humans are not really so stupid and/or ignorant as to miss the very clear signal that the homosexual agenda WILL NOT STOP until they have their hands on the minds and bodies of your children, all children. You are reading such verification right within this very article. It wasn't enough for the homosexed agenda to force e[dis]Harmony to create the stand alone Compatible Partners site, they sought to destroy the integrity of the entire e[dis]Harmony's original business model.
As for you Mr. Warren, in due time God will take issue with your decision to choose serving mammon over His explicit instruction against pandering to abominable activities. Be noticed Mr. Warren, I have it in writing that He won't be entertaining any plea bargans or cutting you any deals.

they should allow letting HETEROS using gay sites too than!!!!!!

So when is it going to become against the law to declare a belief in traditional marriage?

Dating sites are a COMPLETE rip-off. Oh, sure, there are a verrrrrrrry few real matches made, but it is mostly women looking for a doctor/lawyer and looking for free meals before they find one. I work out regularly at the gym, have a six-figure income, and I am 47. I am looking for a woman in her 30's, but those women want men in their late 20's. I even went on a site for a few months years ago and took out a woman who worked for the site!!! It's just an online meat-market and anyone who pays for it is a sucker. As for the gay/lesbian issue - ever since they came out of the closet and have thrown it in our faces, our country has gone into the toilet. Get lost and do your own things in your own closet.

Could someone please explain to me why the absence of a gay dating service entitles someone to $4000 in damages? Where is it written anywhere in any law that gays are "entitled" to a dating service?

I have no doubt that, someday, somewhere, some indignant idiot will sue a Chinese restaurant for not offering lasagna. Worse still is that some idiot judge will make them pay it.

I'm a straight single who has been boycotting this site for years b/c they discriminate against the gay/lesbian community. It's nice to see they have are finally making the site "welcome" to this demographic. Too bad it had to take a lawsuit to bring forward a little acceptance.

Fear is our biggest enemy. SAD SAD SAD.

oh god some of the things that people do to get money these days.

This is just more of the gay and lesbian community shoving their lifestyle choice down our throats. I feel sorry for e-Harymony that they have been victimized like this.

I dont get it, people want equality while demanding to be put front and center....

Ridiculous ruling/settlement. Why can't gays go to same-sex matches instead of attacking eHarmony.com. Here's what I think, and you'll probably not hear it spoken anywhere because of this damn political correctness. All this gay agenda is an attack on religious institution, specifically Christianity, and not about discrimination. It is masquerading as supposedly a 'civil issue' when the reality is they are systematically besmirching and attacking traditional values of Christianity. I believe they singled out eHarmony because they know its founder is an evangelical Christian. Similar cases are happening in the Prop 8 ruling. Its not about civil libery that they're after...its about the meaning of marriage that is defined as a union between a man and a woman and they are trying to attack that because that is what the Christian religion practices and support. Settlements like this only empowers the gay agenda of wiping out religion here in America. Wake up people!

I don't know what the hubbub is. I've been on different dating sites to meet women outside my profession and social circle. I think that eHarmony is probably the worst. I'm sure that there are good reasons that others like the service but I've yet to find any despite it being one of the more expensive.

I think we all know jerks like this - totally agenda-driven to the point that they have no regard for others and think the rest of the world has to agree with them.... or else!

Well, this group is going to get THEIR way come what may. No matter what the voters of California vote on, no matter a company's standing ... no matter what! They appeal everything over and over and over until they get their way. They are going to make sure they force the world to accept them. No matter what. A sad insecure group for sure. I would not have any dealings with a company that cow ties to them.

All this moral slop about marriage, etc., is based on that beast of a book called the Bible. Its time we used bibles for fuel and tax all these idiotic religions!


While your answer is enigmatic, likely ignorant, and possibly hateful, it is also sadly predictable for the average commenter. Do you read for meaning, or just react to the word GAY?

Regardless of your sexual orientation or willingness to accept those who are different from you, the real outrage is that this lawsuit was frivolous and a symptom of the self-righteousness, manufactured indignation, and opportunistic greed that is dragging our country into the sewer. The issue of gay rights, and wrongs, is secondary.

Since when is a business not allowed to turn away customers in America? If eHarmony doesn't want to take the money of gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals, then so be it. From the way the article is written it isn't evident that eHarmony took a side in the Prop 8 conflict either. Nor, did eHarmony speak out against gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals living their lives in peace.

An irony of the case, is that there are MANY other, more targeted ways for people of ALL persuasions and backgrounds to hook up with a potential love interest.

I'm not clear what the problem is and why the courts saw fit to award a bunch of opportunistic cry-babies a half million dollar judgment. Shame on them all for wasting our collective time. (Yes, I do realize that by contributing to the melee I am part of the problem...)

What a crock of crap//how much more Compromisisng do Christian web sites need to be?? It is crap...stand on the Truth not the garbage this world sues.! Jesus is Lord..Romans 1..read it..No Compromise!!

This just prooves what a lawsuit happy town LA is! The government should keep their hands out of FREE private enterprise.

The lawyers just corrupt everything, including healthcare with their insane lawsuits that just drive up the costs of providing care. If this one issue is addressed, it would save billions in healthcare costs.

When are the gays/lesbians going to realize that God is bringing judgment against this nations because of them!!

I am sorry, is this not America? Business owners no longer get to determine what kind of services they offer? Ridiculous. I am sure that the homosexual community does not even intend to support e-Harmony with their business anyway. They just want to criminalize anyone who does not support their lifestyle.

Ms. M.,

Not only can God be used as a blunt instrument to menace others, God can also be used to calm fear. I suggest you pray for inner peace, and leave the war-making to the experts.

I'm all for gay marriage, being bisexual myself, but this lawsuit is completely outrageous! Not everything has to have a gay part to it. There already are many, many websites that already do the exact same thing for JUST gay people. They are just out to get money for something they knew they would win.

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