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Coptic Christians in West L.A. protest killings in Egypt

Hundreds of Coptic Christians gathered in West Los Angeles this afternoon to protest violence that erupted in Egypt between Muslims and Christians over the Coptic Christmas holiday earlier this week. LAPD officers estimated the crowd grew to about 1,000 people.

Protesters expressed anger about suspected Muslim gunmen who shot six Coptic Christians in the town of Nag Hamadi as they left midnight Mass on Thursday, the holiest day of the Coptic calendar.

Egyptian officials said the attack, which sparked riots by both Muslims and Christians, was in apparent retaliation for an alleged rape of a Muslim girl by a Coptic man last year.

“There is no protection for Christians in Egypt,” said a man who attended the protest, who declined to be named because he feared retaliation. “The Egyptian government isn’t doing anything for them. It’s happened too many times before and it will keep happening again and again.”

Christians, mostly Orthodox Copts, account for about 10% of Egypt’s predominantly Muslim population.

The protests appeared to be spontaneous, said LAPD Officer Karen Rayner. The demonstration was peaceful, and no one was arrested, she said.

--My-Thuan Tran

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Please visit this website for videos of what happened to the Christian people in egypt: www.christian-dogma.com

The Egyptian government is not going to admit that these attacks were inspired by hate, but will instead make up a FALSE story to try to give reason for these heinous crimes.

Help spread awareness of such treachery that is going on!

Persecution of Coptic Christians by Egyptians Muslims has increased and become extremely violent in recent months, to the point where it has reached epidemic proportions. Murders of Coptic Christians and firebombings of both Coptic churches and their Christian-owned businesses happen often enough that a word search on jihadwatch.org yields literally hundreds of articles, including over 20 on the first page alone that have appeared just since late July 2009.

I'm not Coptic but I am Christian and sincerely support the demonstrations and find it encouraging to see so many taking to the streets of America peacefully to draw attention to the increasingly brutal slaughter of their brethren by Muslims in Egypt, Somalia and elsewhere.

Hopefully their protests will be heeded and the U.S. will address this tragic issue in the near future with Egyptian leaders, before even more innocent lives are senselessly destroyed in the Middle East.

I am Coptic Orthodox Christian and part of the Coptic community in LA. Today's protest was not spontaneous but was planned in order to raise awareness about the discrimination and persecution against Christians in Egypt. This has been going on since Muslims invaded Egypt and forced natives to convert to Islam in the 7th century. Many Egyptians remained in the Christian faith despite the persecution by the invading Muslims. These Christians are our ancestors and the reason why the Coptic Orthodox Christian Church still exists today. The persecution continues today and the Egyptian media never reports accurate stories and the government refuses to hold these Muslim anti-Christian terrorists accountable. Our church in Egypt is very peaceful in its dealings with the Muslims, but they repeatedly attack us and inflict heinous crimes and try to destroy our spirit. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt that God gives them strength, peace and safety. We the Copts in America hope that our fellow Americans become aware of the persecution of Christians in Egypt by Muslims. We also hope that our American government understands the conditions in Egypt as it gives Egypt aid and is surely in a position to influence Egyptian leadership and demand accountability.

The police has been terrorizing the Copts in Egypt for decades. They support all kind of violence against them. I appreciate what the Copts in LA have done, I just don't know what the USA can possibly do to help few million Christians in Egypt.

It hurts to see the pictures of the innocent young people (ages 16-19) who got killed on their Christmas Eve. However, what hurts more is when the free world does not make a difference between the victims and the attackers.

Mentioning that the killing was a reaction to an earlier rape case by a Muslim is the Egyptian Government side of the story to make the issue look like a reasonable revenge. The victims were not relevant, neighbors, friends, of the accused Christian person. Actually they were not even from the same town!. The attack was only part of a systematic violence supported by the Egyptian government and a fundamental and racist juridical system that releases killers or sentence them to one or two years in prison for killing a Christian.

In New Year's eve of year 2000, 21 Christian Egyptians got brutally killed or burned at the streets of a village named Kosheh south of Cairo during a three-day massacre under the eyes of the police. Only two people were accused of illegal possession of weapon. Actually, the judge ordered the families of the victims to hug the released killers as an indication of National Unity.

This Persecution must be stopped,i need to know just one reason to make human-beings behave like this,killing people just because they're not muslims (most of the victims are young adults) when and i repeat when is this going to end?? I'm writing from Cairo Eypt, and i have faith that all people all over the world know about what happened ,we need a solution for this,Human Rights for God sake,no human rights ,no care,poeple get killed for no reason,Thanks alot Egypt for your care of your own people,
-George Leeuwaredn

Dear Auther.....

concerning this event it was just a normal crime and not related to a religious issue
the shotter (Hamam Elkammony) is just a normal criminal and was in good relation with the priest of nage hamady church Kerollos and the case went fast to the supreme cort
but egyptian christians always pretend to act as innocent and pretent to show the workd that they r opressed under muslims and this is a big lie and u can investigate by urself personaly
so dont believe anything that egytpians christians say they always lie
last i say egyptian christians are living in a conditions much better than muslims and most of them rich and have big buisness so how come they cry and claim to be opressed and being killed?

i forgot to mention something very important
that the criminal who shotted the victims had a big deal with the priest of the Nage Hammady church and they were best friends and have business together
so it was a personal regenge not a religious issue


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