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Suspect charged in rape, slaying of pregnant Venice woman spent time at state mental facility [Updated]


A man accused of raping and fatally stabbing a Venice woman who was four months pregnant with twins spent time at a state mental facility earlier this year, according to law enforcement sources.

[Updated at 11:26 p.m.: Boneetio Kentro Washington of Culver City was charged with capital murder and will be arraigned later today.]

LAPD detectives said they are trying to determine whether he is connected to other crimes in the area.

Eun Kang, a 38-year-old owner of a Beverly Hills dry cleaning business, was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in her apartment in the 1600 block of Electric Avenue late Tuesday night.

Police said they believe the attack was random and that Kang didn’t know Washington. Santiago Ortiz, 62, who lived in the same apartment complex as Kang, said he did not see her very often because “she worked all the time.”

He said that when she ran into him, she always said hello with a smile. Ortiz said Kang moved in several years ago and lived in the apartment by herself.

“She was quiet and friendly,” he said. “I felt very sad that something so disturbing happened to her. It’s terrible.”

Kang was the owner of P-1 Cleaners. Neighboring business owners said they brought their clothes to her store. Nancy Josephson, owner of Davida’s Gift Shop on the floor above P-1 Cleaners, said she saw Kang frequently in the business complex and that the two would exchange a few words about the remodeling in the building.

She said she hadn’t seen Kang for a few days, but didn’t think much of it.

“She was a very nice girl,” Josephson said. “We didn’t know anything had happened to her.” Josephson said Kang worked at the dry cleaners by herself.

She said Kang used to practice playing drums when she didn’t have clients and was finished with her work.

Anita Hall, an accountant at Bachrach Associates and Insurance Services, said she was supposed to pick up a piece of dry cleaning today. “That’s crazy,” she said after she learned of what happened to Kang. “I didn’t even know her first name.”

Washington had previous arrests for burglary and trespassing but nothing in his past that appeared to show a predisposition to the kind of violence he is now accused of committing, sources familiar with the case told The Times.

The sources asked not to be identified because the investigation was continuing. They stressed, however, that the case was in its preliminary stages and further information could be developed.

Court records show that Washington previously pleaded no contest to one count of residential burglary that was committed in December 2008. The case was delayed after a doctor testified that Washington was not mentally competent to stand trial. Washington was committed to Patton State Mental Hospital on July 7. On Sept. 18, Washington returned to court with a certification from the facility that he was mentally able to stand trial.

He pleaded no contest to first-degree residential burglary and was placed on formal probation before his release from custody on the basis of previous time served and credit for work and good behavior.

Neighbors on Electric Avenue -- across the way from an industrial yard and just a block off the chic Abbot Kinney neighborhood -- came by throughout the morning to see the victim's home.

Erika Martinez, 25, stood outside her office just down the street from Kang's duplex, shaken by the morning's news.

"Usually my bosses don't want me to leave after them," said Martinez, an office manager at a Venice production company. "Now it's even more so; you have to be aware of your surroundings. Its scary. "

[Updated at 3:56 p.m., Dec. 16: An earlier version of this post reported incorrectly that the victim was two months pregnant.]

-- Andrew Blankstein and My-Thuan Tran in Los Angeles, Robert Faturechi and Robert J. Lopez in Venice

Photo: A memorial with incense and fresh flowers sits outside the home of Eun Kang. Credit: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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It's "capital murder". A capitol is a building. We would expect writers at The Times to at least know that.

People are thrown into the state mental hospitals for disagreeing with the mandatory 12-Step Religious cult & forced Evangelical Christianity Insanity so pervasive in all things government and they come out HOMICIDAL MANIACS!

This has court required MANDATORY 12-Step Religious Cult AA/NA meetings written ALL OVER IT!

A productive member of society taken out by worthless scum. It's not fair.

Also I believe that Ortiz "felt very 'sad' that something so disturbing happened to her", not " felt very 'said' (sic) that something so disturbing happened to her." I need an editing/proofreading job and it looks like you're in need.
Dr. Jeffrey Strauss

Editor's note: Thanks for pointing out the sad typo, Dr. Strauss. It has been fixed.

I work in the same building as Ms. Kang.
I had heard the story about a murder early this morning and I was sad, but when my boss came in today and told me that the lady from P1 cleaners was murdered I was so shaken up.
Ms. Kang had recently dry cleaned a coat for me and she was so pleasant to do business with. I feel so sad and our building is just shocked that we lost a member of our community in such a horrific way.

August sounds like you have a problem? A.A. is not a religous cult and has helped millions of people including myself for the last twenty years and I'm not a religous cult member.

I think "capitol" murder is murder committed by a member of Congress.

Venice. Once a nice town but then came the invasion of the druggies in the 70's. Out moved the respectable people, in moved the bums. The rest is history.

Hey, Dr. Jeffrey! You pedantic millapede! ( did I spell that right?) Way to miss the point!

May this piece of scum rott in a cell for what he has done... His day will come!

another genetic mistake destroys a good life.

August, you have no clue what you are talking about. This government is anything but Christian. If Christians are to blame for HOMOCIDAL MANIACS, then how can you explain the horrible behaviour in Africa and other countries where rape and murder are the norm? Who said this freak went through a 12- step program? From what I gather it is the doctor who said he was sane, not some 12-step group.

hey, Joe....Amway per chance?

I find it "sad" that half of these postings are focused on typos when the content of story itself should be where we place our focus. I feel sad for the family this woman left behind and for the man who was a father to be; I know that even if this guy does pull the NGRI defense, his day will come. I really hope it is by way of the law though.

And yet again Psychiatry will escape without taking any blame or responsibility for their "treatment" of this guy! No doubt he was drugged and obviously only became capable of committing this horrific act after their "help"../

Why do people think mental hospitals improve people's behavior? The Greek root for psyche is "soul." How can rejecting that aspect of a person be helpful? If psychiatrists took a chemical test and found a biological disease, that would be different than locking a person up based on their opinion that the state of his interconnected mind and heart is unworthy to co-exist with the rest of society. Could there be a deeper way to isolate people?

'There is not a shred of scientific evidence that locking people up against their will or otherwise "treating" them reduces violence. As we'll see, quite the opposite is true,' according to 'The Real "Mental Health Lessons" from Virginia Tech' by Dr. Peter Breggin, The Huffington Post, April 19, 2007.

More references on psychiatry can be found via my comments on "'Monk': A New Look At An American Original" by NPR, Dec. 8, 2009, regarding the hospitalization of jazz artist Thelonious Monk.

What kinds of tests did psychiatrists give this man? What kinds of treatment? Who can help psychiatrists help themselves to do a job that would be worth the taxpayer's money and security?

Time for national 10 day waiting periods before purchasing (or mabye just to hold) a knife

No husband or boyfriend?

It's amazing how cold/numb our society has become when you read comments about the typos/grammatical errors, state mental hospital issues, etc....when a pregnant woman was raped and then stabbed....
Raped and then fatally stabbed...

Dr. Suess, if you're a medical Dr. please get out of the profession because God forbid you need to work on me and I forgot to dot my i or cross my t and you decide to spend time correcting my grammar instead of working on me, and if you're not a medical doctor, please don't call yourself Dr.whatever your real name is


yes awake,

Sounds like you are a member of L Ron's army. Are you a health care professional or a scientist? I didn't think so. People who are released from mental health facilities in California usually don't remain compliant with their medications because they don't believe that anything is indeed wrong with them. There are not nearly enough people available to monitor a guy convicted of Burglary, let alone murder. Maybe Xenu could have helped both him and the victim.

Why the editor's (or is that Editor's) note for a typo and not recognition for the capital vs. capitol which was a good catch? Counsel: I think you meant Capitol murder (with a capital) for members of...wait for it...Congress.

Why the editor's (or is that Editor's) note for a typo and not recognition for the capital vs. capitol which was a good catch? Counsel: I think you meant Capitol murder (with a capital) for members of...wait for it...Congress.

Editor's note: To the person who noticed the capitol error, thanks. It had already been fixed by the time this editor checked into it.

Wow. This is some hard hitting journalism. "Anita Hall, an accountant at Bachrach Associates and Insurance Services, said she was supposed to pick up a piece of dry cleaning today. “That’s crazy,” she said after she learned of what happened to Kang. “I didn’t even know her first name.”

What did this add to the story??

Is this another hate crime that has been committed by an African-American against a Korean?

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