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Schwarzenegger approval rating hits new low

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval rating has dropped to a new low as Californians continue to worry about the economy and the state’s dismal finances, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.

The poll found that just 27% of Californians approve of the job the governor is doing -- a career low for Schwarzenegger in the institute's surveys. The Legislature also remains unpopular, with approval from just 17% of Californians, matching a record low in July.

More than 60% of respondents said the economy and jobs topped their list of concerns. State budget problems were the second most cited worry, with 13% calling the budget the most important issue facing the state. Answering a separate question, 88% said the state’s budget situation was a big problem.

The poll also asked about the 2010 gubernatorial race. Most people indicated that they were paying little attention to it and had scant enthusiasm for the candidates. Only 10% of likely voters were closely following the race, the survey found, and only 32% were satisfied with their choice of candidates.

The front-runner in the GOP primary is former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, with 32% of likely primary voters favoring her. Former Rep. Tom Campbell had support from 12% of likely GOP voters, and state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner had 8% support.

The front-runner on the Democratic side is state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, who has no major competition for the nomination. In a potential November match-up, Brown led Whitman among all likely voters, 43% to 37%. 

The institute surveyed 2,004 adults by telephone. The margin of error is plus or minus 2 percentage points.
-- Evan Halper in Sacramento


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So which one of you incessant complainers is going to fix it?

What I cannot understand is how the governer has any copability in the job situation or the financial situation that the state is in. The state continues to spend money it does not have on things that do not benefit the working men and women in this state. Take for example education, what would happen if the schools stuck to the 3 R's and droped the rest of it? Maybe the students would learn something. Prisoners, why do the people of the state continue to provide ammentities for criminals who should have at a maxinum, 3 healthy meals per day, a cot and roof over their heads. No television, no congical visits, no fancy meals, no accessible telephones just do their time in sparce conditions. How much money would that save the state?

Terminate the Terminator!

Yes, its time for him to go. But let's not be ignorant, our democratic legislature deserves half the blame for our woes, if not more

Well let's see...
Raised sales tax and drove even more consumers to purchase out of state which = even less sales tax revenue than before.
Mandated work furloughs for state employees who work 24/7 positions and is paying time and a half in overtime to cover those positions, thus increasing the cost....just so he can be a tough guy.
Robbing fiscally responsible governments of funds, which they will make up by taxing us more...guess it is better them than Arnold raising taxes!
A 7th grade student can tell you the math doesn't work out! Our economy has turned into a "feeding frenzy", unfortunately it is "our" money they are fighting each other with which is tantamount to subsidizing Al Qaida to wage war against us!

he needs to go back to his own trade butt thay most likly wont take him back .we need to quit electing these people just because there movie stars. we should only elect people born in our country

Most of you, of course, are missing the point. Our not-so-great state of California is controlled by a loathesome group of politcal reptiles who have an iron fisted grip on all things economic. These morally challenged individuals are intersted in only one thing: their own political skin and lining their pockets from backdoor deals and fraudulant practices (beware the growing Pension problem, it will be the straw that breaks the camels back) Contrary to their public sentiment, they care absolutely nothing for their constituants, let alone "the children" they relentlessly point to. Almost every one of you reading this is tragically partisan one way or another, but let me disabuse you of the notion that "your guy" is the good one: these elected and appointed creatures have infiltrated every shade of the political spectrum. You are all being abused and duped. The main problem with Shwarzenegger is that he lacks any resemblance of backbone to fight this horde. Gave up, rolled over, and ultimately joined their formidible forces. It is sickening. But hey, the weather is nice here!

The poll found that just 27% of Californians approve of the job the governor is doing


This so called governor is a joke! He should have stayed in Hollywood where stuipd decissions can be cut from production for no one to remember. Now he leaves behind a mess that we will all be realing in for the next 20 years.

Was this article posted on drudge? I notice all the trolls are out... anyone thats tried to breath the air in LA is for better pollution laws. so him going to climate conference makes sense.

& FYI: CA has a regressive tax system that puts a heavy burden on the poor who pay a much higher percentage of their earnings than the rich. the public was tricked into voting for "anti-tax" law that really was a tax dodge by the extremely wealthy. so the legislature has limited ability to fix the system.

schwartzenegger might have been a funny joke at first, but the guy is corrupt. he never bothered to get a drivers license until he crashed his motorcycle after 20 years in the country. he has no respect for the law. he was getting kickbacks through fitness endorsements. avoiding campaign finance law through questionable real estate dealings.

Are we surprised? An unqualified candidate with name recognition wins! And coming down the pike are more. Non voter Whitman and Poizner I will sell my soul for power.

So far the only two I would even consider are Campbell and Brown. Campbell has zero GOP support so he's out. And we don't really know what Brown is going to do.

Arnie is no Ronnie Reagan.

We need to return California back to a part-time legislature! 40+ years of filth has shown that we cannot rely on these career politicians to get anything done, or at the very least done right. We could surely use the extra money that would be saved from the lavish salaries these politicians currently enjoy. Our California "Politicians" make 20-40% more than any other state!!!

Let's have a government "FOR THE PEOPLE, RUN BY THE PEOPLE" and get some real changes made. And for God's sake, let's get the budget passed ON TIME!!! Everyone print and sign this petition so we can get it on the ballot to vote on!


Sign the petition, and let's help our schools, communities, and get our sales tax back to the way is should be!!! 9.75% OMG!!! Let's do something!!!

All of you who voted for GAS should have your voting rights taken away because you are too _____ !

how worse could it be?

could it be any worse?

Are we now aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger belongs in the movies? I think we became so fixed on the "celebrity" of Arnold, that we forgot what the position required. Do you think Arnold's wife being photographed on the telephone in California where it is illegal, his non payment of taxes, etc.....equate to the severity of the situation? Perhaps it's time Mr. Schwarzenegger return to the movies and we can return to business. We all LOVE Arnold Schwarzenegger the actor.....we LOVE his movies. The business of getting the State back on track should be a huge priority. Just a thought!

Thanks California for all the jobs you have created elsewhere as companies move out of your high cost, high taxed, high regulated state. We don't even need you for good film-making anymore. Don't blame Arnold though, California dreaming only takes you so far. Keep drinking the kool aid.

What is the legislature approval rating? Arnold has not done terribly bad given what he has to work with? We should be "b*t&^&ing about the California state legislature driving business out of California before given Arnie a bad rating!

If anyone on the legistlature has any dignity - don't take any NEA money and the people of california need to realize that the unions are corrupt and destroying education and the economy.

By the way, I am a professor at a large institution in South California supposedly represented by a union (who has done pretty much nothing for me in the last 30 years).

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