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Schwarzenegger approval rating hits new low

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval rating has dropped to a new low as Californians continue to worry about the economy and the state’s dismal finances, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.

The poll found that just 27% of Californians approve of the job the governor is doing -- a career low for Schwarzenegger in the institute's surveys. The Legislature also remains unpopular, with approval from just 17% of Californians, matching a record low in July.

More than 60% of respondents said the economy and jobs topped their list of concerns. State budget problems were the second most cited worry, with 13% calling the budget the most important issue facing the state. Answering a separate question, 88% said the state’s budget situation was a big problem.

The poll also asked about the 2010 gubernatorial race. Most people indicated that they were paying little attention to it and had scant enthusiasm for the candidates. Only 10% of likely voters were closely following the race, the survey found, and only 32% were satisfied with their choice of candidates.

The front-runner in the GOP primary is former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, with 32% of likely primary voters favoring her. Former Rep. Tom Campbell had support from 12% of likely GOP voters, and state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner had 8% support.

The front-runner on the Democratic side is state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, who has no major competition for the nomination. In a potential November match-up, Brown led Whitman among all likely voters, 43% to 37%. 

The institute surveyed 2,004 adults by telephone. The margin of error is plus or minus 2 percentage points.
-- Evan Halper in Sacramento


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Arnold is an actor, and not a politician. I still wonder why people voted for him; just because he was a good actor. Sorry people his not Regan. Can't wait till he's out of office so Cali can hopefully rebound.

I think he is far better than his predecessors, he got the state moving again when he was elected, and blocked gay marriage. The problem is the state assembly with more loose screws than a hardware store.

Time to terminate the "Terminator"

biggest mistake he made is to run for governor...he thinks he can do it...but like his predecessors, he failed...california got worst...

This guy is an idiot. The state has all the wrong priorities.

Going after grey market sports vehicles instead of busting illegal immigrants.

That's what we get for voting to a celebrity , they're only good in movie camera not in real life.

When you Sleep with a Kenedy what do you expect.
he sold us down the road when he fell to his knees against the Unions.
state should not have any unions so they can't hold a gun to our heads for sub standard employees.
watch a group of 6 workers and 5 are watching the one work

I can't say that im not surprised. A cigarette smoking monkey could do a better job. Infact, if that same monkey was a movie star or sports player I bet people would vote for him.

"I voted for Mr. Schwartzenegger in 2003. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I apolgize to my fellow Californians."

Posted by: Stephen D. Johson | December 17, 2009 at 07:27 AM

"I am surprised it is that high! What a looser for the state of California!"

Posted by: JackFlash | December 17, 2009 at 08:45 AM

First of all, it's "Schwarzenegger," "apologize," and "loser"...perhaps this poll would be different if Californians were smarter, and knew how to spell. Why should governor Schwarzenegger care about this state when a majority of its citizens are ignorant?

The problems in this state are at least, and probably more, the fault of the Legislature than the Governor The Gov's come and go but the Legislature still remains. Is Arnie quality? Hardly. But do you people remember Davis? His ratings were in the teens when he got booted. Now that guy was a joke. Just rubber stamping the Legislature's every desire. It's the Legislature that needs to get booted. They overspend and then tax up the rear when they run short on money. Can someone please put 'these' people on term limits?

The Terminator is not a politician and it shows. Blame his handlers who gives him wrong information or data on everything. He orders furlough for all state employees to help balance the budget but didn't his great thinkers ever think that, it does not work for 24/7/365 departments? These facilities has to run 24 hours, 7 days a week for 365 days a year. If one employee is off because he is on furlough, somebody is working overtime to cover this one employee. Sometimes employees are mandated to stay overtime to make sure the facility has proper coverage. Now tell me how the state is saving money on that!

Arnold has done nothing for California except put us deeper in debt. How much longer do we have before he goes away forever???? Voters: PLEASE think when you vote next time. No more "Hollywood" types....no matter how much you like their horrible movies. Wake up!

time to terminate the terminator!!!

What the heck, let's recall him!

Why should governor Schwarzenegger care about this state when a majority of its citizens are ignorant?
Posted by: Kevin | December 17, 2009 at 09:35 AM
Kevin, the "ignorant" ones are the people that voted for him to begin with. Don't point fingers.

Like many posting here, I too am counting the days when this egocentric bully of a bad actor leaves office. This state voted him into office--twice. Now, with Whitman pulling in respectable poll numbers, we once again run the risk of a non-politico leading our state, but this time without the muscles. At least Arnuld had a track record of B-movies--Whitman never bothered to vote to offer a track record.

The problem with California is that it's full of Californians.

A spoiled, self-centered, egotistical, megalomaniac population who doesn't only want to have and eat their cake, but have someone else wash the dish and fork afterwards.

Over the years, as a native Californian, I have seen proposition after proposition- year after year- being passed at the ballot without so much of an afterthought. But when the time comes to pay for these initiatives, everyone in this state loves to complain, and quickly pass the blame around.

You voted him in because he promised not to raise car registration fees, and for a brief moment, he kept his promise. But now that the bottom has finally fallen out, and what needed to be done then has to be absolutely and immediately implemented now...well...here you are, complaining.

You people LOVE perfect smiles, and catchy slogans. So this wont be the last time you hire a dimwitted supermodel to work on your expensive car.

And it wont be the last time I have to hear you complain afterwards.


Slamming Sarah Palin is not helping Arnoild's image!

Most of California voted for him, so STOP YOUR WHINING! What qualifications did he have to run for such an important office with absolutely no experience? He was voted in due to his popularity AS A MOVIE STAR and nothing else.

Is it any wonder that our society/country is in such decline?!!

Mull over that one!

Uncle Arnie continues to blame the state employees of Kalifornia for the economic crisis. He feels they are
overpaid, and underworked. If 3/4 of the state employees were turned out into the streets among the homeless he would vow to balance the budget including a surplus. Word is that the state of Kalifornia is a self-suporting entity and can do without the multitute of employees to drain the states coffers.

Everyone can play the blame game, and beleive me, I think Arnold played a huge roll in the position that Ca is in. But remember Ca was not in the best shape when he was elected. The steady decline of this state I beleive is the court rulings, not only by the state, but on the federal level. This state would rather divert funds for medical, vocational, educational, and rehabilitation courses for convicted felons than the education and well being of its tax paying law biding citizens. Have the people of this great nation forgotten that the United States citizen is the highest ranking position in government? We have the authority to throw these idiots out of office, but I see no one coming together to rid the political offices of these elected officials. Officials that lied to and betrayed the voters of their designated cities, counties, states and country. I hate to say it, but the way of thinking is not and has not worked for some time. The documents authored by the founders of this country state that if the people do not agree with the government, that we regain control and make it right. Will that happen? Maybe when we cant afford to drive to work because of the cost of gas, insurance, registration, taxation without representation, we will finally have enough and excersize our rights as citizens.

Why do people blame the governor for all of California's problems like they did not exist prior to him becoming governor? The governor is only PARTof the state legislature but people here purport him to be a dictator. California has a decades old democratic legislature that gets their election money from the unions, as they always have. The unions control California and thus the legislature and the governor got bent over when he tried to break union control of the state goverment. I am no fan of the governor and he has made some bad mistakes but hindsight is always 20/20. He has however continually warned Californians and our legistature about their overspending and our budget deficit for the last 3 years. Yet the legistature continues to borrow money to fund union controlled goverment programs. If people don't like what is happening then do the following:

don't vote for the current legislators
veto any tax increases
get people off the goverment money nipple
elect people who are pro-business, its good for state and its people
give another party a chance whether it be the republicans or independents
reduce union influence in goverment

If you don't want to do that then shut up. Californians got what they voted for.

I retired from employment with the state at the end of 2008. The job was no longer viable. That went from a fairly good job to @#$%! in 4 yrs. All the time he tried to blame the state's problems on the rank and file state employees who have no say in the decision making processes that made the state go in the tank. E.B.

I wonder if any of you remember that our governor ran on the premise that he would fix the state. He brought up ways to fix our economy in the form of putting it up for votes and the UNIONS and the special interests talked you all into voting ALL of the fixes down...So don't just blame Arnie, you didn't hold up your end of the bargain and went for the liberal/power elite drivel. So, here we are.
Vote for Meg Whitman. She's our only hope. Jerry Brown started this state on its downward spiral and he will simply finish it off because of the liberal base here. I also agree that all of our legislators have completely failed us. They should all be thrown out and then let them try to find a REAL job like the rest of us have to, out of the ashes they've left behind them.

The terminator terminated our state. All this guy did was "act" like a governor.
I personally don't plan on spending my time and wasting away my money in this state. I could live at the fraction of the cost in some other state like OR. Rents/mortgages are low, OR has no sales tax, tuition is cheaper, vehicle registration much lower, gasoline, food, less traffic etc... You can keep your weather, I'll sacrifice the warmth but rather have my money in the bank and not into the pockets of these thieves. Heck, I wouldn't even have to work full time and still get by fine up there.

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