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Schwarzenegger approval rating hits new low

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval rating has dropped to a new low as Californians continue to worry about the economy and the state’s dismal finances, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.

The poll found that just 27% of Californians approve of the job the governor is doing -- a career low for Schwarzenegger in the institute's surveys. The Legislature also remains unpopular, with approval from just 17% of Californians, matching a record low in July.

More than 60% of respondents said the economy and jobs topped their list of concerns. State budget problems were the second most cited worry, with 13% calling the budget the most important issue facing the state. Answering a separate question, 88% said the state’s budget situation was a big problem.

The poll also asked about the 2010 gubernatorial race. Most people indicated that they were paying little attention to it and had scant enthusiasm for the candidates. Only 10% of likely voters were closely following the race, the survey found, and only 32% were satisfied with their choice of candidates.

The front-runner in the GOP primary is former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, with 32% of likely primary voters favoring her. Former Rep. Tom Campbell had support from 12% of likely GOP voters, and state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner had 8% support.

The front-runner on the Democratic side is state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, who has no major competition for the nomination. In a potential November match-up, Brown led Whitman among all likely voters, 43% to 37%. 

The institute surveyed 2,004 adults by telephone. The margin of error is plus or minus 2 percentage points.
-- Evan Halper in Sacramento


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Oh give me a break! A fiscally responsible Governor will never get an even break in this Kool-Aid Drinking State. Compared to a State Assembly that can not submit a Budget on time that can be signed responsibly. I’ll take Arnold’s actions anytime compared to the finger pointing blamers in this States Liberal Assembly whos only action is to raise taxes.

Perhaps if he concentrated more on governing the state of California instead of wasting time in Copenhagen trying to prove he's the "greenest of them all", his approval rating might surge a few points.

Gray Davis, where are you?

Arnie doesn't give a damn about his governmental reputation at this point. He's not running for reelection, so voter goodwill isn't even on his radar.

He's also looking like hell, so he's going to have a hard time, methinks, finding leading man roles...unless it's a remake of Grumpy Old Men.

I voted for Mr. Schwartzenegger in 2003. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I apolgize to my fellow Californians.

This was another historical disaster for America.
It's up to the people of California to correct the problem by making an effort
to cast their vote in 2010. Because electing a Hollywood celebrity, with little to
no knowledge of politics or compassion, nearly sunk the proverbial ship.

It's time for our action figure governor to fade away. His tenure has been a decidedly "B" movie with a weak plot, lots of explosions and no real dialogue. His election was a joke when it happened, and it remains so today.

I am ashame to say that I was so excited when Arnold got elected the first time. What the hell is he doing bragging about california being "green"? California is a mess, taxes going up, illegals clogged our hospital and welfare offices and unemployment hit the ceiling. Shame on Arnold.
Neveda, here i come.....


Maybe some of it is from people like me who had the benefit of Medi-Cal paying the Medicare premium ($96.40) every month from my Social Security Disability check. I became totally disabled in 2002, and eligible for Social Security with Medi-Cal paying that premium for me so I could use the entire Soc Sec check to live on. In 2008 he announced that we were, yet again, broke, and would no longer receive help for paying Medicare premiums, dropping our fixed income. Maybe he could have found a different program to help with the budget and not leave the disabled and elderly without money to live. I voted for him, thinking he would bring a breath of fresh air to CA and, instead, got the fresh air knocked out of me...lost my apt, can't fill the car with gas, food is a little short, etc.

The Terminator and the State Legislators have terminated California. We were once the fifth largest economy in the world, and they have now relegated California to the status of a third world nation. Time to throw all the bums out of office next year.

They should all be recalled, but half of ti is our fault as well for electing them in the first place. And have you tried to talk to anyone about this under the age of 25? They are just as stupid thanks to our great CA schools. They all don't give a crap. America as we remember it is GONE, never to return. I am just going to protect my family anyway that I can. GOD help us all.

The California Governor has changed the California Workers Compensation Laws so much that disabled people today can't get the treatments necessary to survive or get well. In an effort to curtail the cheaters of the system, which was at about 80%, he screwed the 20% who are really disabled because of his changes to the system. People die because of his uncaring changes. He is in bed with the Insurance Companies on this one. Corruption at the highest levels. You can be declared 100% disabled by the California court system and still be declined benefits. Nothing but RED tape. I ask WHY? If you declare someone 100% disabled, then why can't they be moved ahead in the system. Why do they have to wait for treatment? Governor, do you still consider them a cheat? Arnold is no different from any other crooked politician today, please bring back Gray Davis. What were California voters thinking about when they ousted him? We as a state have never been in such Chaos. California will not come out of this alive. We will be driven to move to other states with leaders who care and are driven to greatness. Our Governor is driven by the almighty buck. Nothing new!

So many were duped into thinking that Arnold was going to be tougher on issues that would lead to a better economic turn, better school funding etc....Mr Johnson don't feel so bad he made fools of a lot of us with all his girly men talk. I'm just thrilled that we're going to get rid of him. Unfortunately I doubt we'll see much in the way of betterment for a while, he's leaving too much of a mess behind. There's going to be a long road ahead for Californians.

To: Stephen D Johson

You should be very sorry. You should have never voted in a fake republican. Idiot

When this Governor is done trying to appease the majority Liberals in this state, I think we should vote in a Liberal Governor and raise our already 16 percent unemployment rate here in California, to at least 20. Let's see if we can make even more destruction! It can be a race between that screaming Liberal state, Oregon, and us!!
Let's see how many more jobs leave California, how few come in, and how much more quicker our cargo shipment/receiving industry dies.

Blame it on the Republican redirection publicity machine.

They put Arnold and other unqualified individuals in office. I.E. George W.BUSH ( The 1960,1970,1980s black sheep of the Bush Family )

Blame it on Orange County, hope those Midwest descendants finally learn to stop hating on the CA democratic party.

Would the economy still be in trouble with Gray Davis? Yes, but at least we would have someone in office that knows how to manage in a crisis in real life and not in the movie pictures.

I am surprised it is that high! What a looser for the state of California!

Most Californians may not know or remember that Jerry Brown was governor of California. He is better remembered as "Governor Moonbeam." One of his accomplishments was to nearly destroy the California citrus industry during the "med fly" infestation, but cooler heads prevailed and insecticide was used to kill the pests. Jerry survived however to run again.

whoever voted for this governor should just kill themselves. I know for a fact that was the biggest mistake of their lives

Lets see, water rates rising double digit every year,electrical rates rising every year, taxes going up, license fees for autos back up again, schools that just plain suck,unions demanding more money, infrastructure falling apart, housing prices down 40%, no budget in the foreseeable future, running small businesses out of the state and Californians keep electing the same bunch of idiots.(Pelosi and Boxer to name a few) I have lived here for 5 years and can't wait to go into remission so I can get the hell out of Dodge. This place is a train wreck !! The wheels fell off along time ago, the social experiment did not work ! But the weather is great! Weather does not pay the bills. Wake up people, Obama and his bunch are not the answer. Just look at how screwed up Chicago is!!!

I didn't vote for Swarzenegger at any point. That absurd recall election only cost California millions of dollars, and Arnold certainly didn't change anything for the better. I bet the state sure wishes they had all that recall election money right now. California is doomed unless we repeal Prop 13, but considering how much corporations and big business don't want that, I'd be shocked if it ever happened.

I don't think California is governable. With powerful unions and so many interest group only a small percentage benefit. The rest of us get to pay more taxes and scream.

If we dislike the legislature so much, and we do, then how is it that they continue to get re elected as though is was a career job? Join me people, and throw the bums out! Not by party affiliation, all of them. Let's dump the whole lot and start over. One thing is for sure, no one could do any worse than the current bunch is doing and we may get lucky with a new crew in Sacramento. So fight the "Yes syndrome" at election time and just vote against any incumbent that you can. Negative voting does have it's place. Say goodbye to all of them and do something positive for California.

Our state assembly memebers are nothing short of crooks. Everyone of them should be fired. Arnie has to deal with these bozos. It's a wonder he hasnt said his inifamouos line "Hasta La Vista Baby" and blown them all out of Sacramento. Vote these bums out now. They have raked us enough in taxes for their irresponsiblity.

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