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Polanski to be released on bail Friday for return to his Alpine chalet, Swiss officials say

After a week of speculation, Swiss justice officials announced today that Roman Polanski will be released on bail Friday and return to his chalet in an Alpine resort.

The announcement comes a week after a Swiss court agreed to allow the famed director to leave prison on $4.5-million bail. SInce then, his release has been delayed as Swiss authorities awaited payment of the bond.

That snag appears to have been resolved, and officials said Polanski was to leave prison at 1 p.m. Friday, Zurich time. Arrangements for an electronic security system to monitor Polanski's movements were completed Tuesday, according to Swiss media reports.

The media have converged on the chalet, awaiting Polanski's arrival.

Shoveling snow at Polanski chalet
Swiss justice officials were quoted by AFP and Swiss news media as saying Polanski would be allowed to make unlimited phone calls and have full access to the Internet. Although he cannot leave his home, he can invite friends over and throw parties at the tony chalet in the ski resort of Gstaad.

"He will have no prison regime," Justice Ministry spokesman Falco Galli told AFP. "He is completely free to determine his daily schedule. It's also up to him to get in food and other supplies."

Fg-Polanski-Chalet Police in Gstaad said they might block traffic and restrict access into Polanski's neighborhood if the media proved disruptive.

A court will eventually rule whether Polanski should be extradited to Los Angeles to face sentencing for having illegal sex with a 13-year-old more than three decades ago. Swiss justice officials repeatedly had denied his bail requests, saying he was a flight risk.

Under the terms of the bail, Polanski, 76, will have his phone calls monitored as well. Gstaad, a village of 2,500 with mountain views, has long been known as a celebrity hangout, having been home to Elizabeth Taylor, Roger Moore and David Niven, among others.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: A man shovels snow at the entrance to film director Roman Polanski's chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. Credit: Michel Euler / Associated Press

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The only voice of reason on this site so far is, yeah, the ‘voice of reason', krup and my own. Astonishing how people can say, he played games with the legal system. And there I was thinking the ‘legal’ system in fact played him big time. As for someone wishing his death needs a serious lobotomy. And, ‘Euro trash loser’? I thought he was quite successful in his life despite foul voices calling him that. The man factually never abused anyone, how nice to live in such deluded fantasy world to think otherwise. You should listen to yourselves, sanctimonious witch hunters, utterly ignorant to show one ounce of reason. Go and find a real rapist or paedophile you can bring to justice.

Where's the medical evidence of "rape" ...only testimonies. Contact the mother of this then trained "child"...Get the facts of this case right first and also read more about yr justice process and the judge concerned and probably u'll also notice it was a sham...everyone talking about a child being raped and blah blah blah are just polarised by the catholic church scandal hence the lynch mob. The early seventies had a hippie culture too and sexual activity of young girls during that time wasn't something unheard of. Please judge the crime based on when it was committed.
This is not a black & white case for your judgement to be all against polanski and what the hell are the Swiss doing arresting a French national for a case of the 70's ? and for all you "better late than never " folks Why isn't anyone questionin the timing of his arrest and your American tax fraudsters using swiss banks as tax havens and then the financial crisis takes place and your govt needs names...this was the best the swiss could do to safeguard their banking secrecy....and so much for pardoning a convicted fellon serving a LIFE sentence in prison for rape and other crimes and then he shoots cops...what a joke yr justice system is sometimes...Can't you'll pardon Roman in yr minds atleast ? cause there's nothing else you'll could do and by you'll I mean the US public....There is no right way to do the wrong thing but there is a wrong way to do the right thing.....

Marshal, charles krup, & voice of reason

Child rape is very serious and damages a person for a lifetime. Please look up the DICTIONARY description of Statutory Rape. It is SEX WITH A MINOR. She was 13. He admitted having sodomized her. I fail to see your confusion or understand your comments saying it wasn't rape, other than these are the standard excuses pedofiles use. Please will all of you stay away from children. Seriously, all kidding aside. Thank you.

Jeb Bush - accusing us doesn't really help your reasoning. But of course, that's the usual overreaction. I for one don't believe most of what she said in court – why? Because too much doesn't corroborate medical findings and other statements, and had she been cross-examined, would have cracked. Plus, if she had really been 'scared', she’d tried her best to get away from him at all costs. She wasn't restrained or imprisoned and had plenty of time and chances, not in fact, let him return after Huston had interrupted them during sex, and then have more sex. And don't argue that she wasn't compos mentis or physically capable to resist him, run away, call for help, do anything but let her leave, and him come back to have more sex. Huston witnessed them having sex.

She consented alright, the only problem was that the law didn't allow her to. That’s why they pressed for a plea bargain after no case of rape could be substantiated, and that’s what he pleaded guilty to, unlawful sex, nothing else. But if you think it’s immoral for an older man to sleep with a teenager, or in fact, vice versa, or because she was so young automatically is the ‘innocent victim’ and he the perpetrator not giving him the benefit of a doubt to have told the truth rather than her, or for being so much older, that’s your problem entirely. And if you think anal sex is depraved, welcome to the real world of all kinds of sex between all ages and genders. I’m done with this, and a Merry Christmas to all. Including Polanski and Geimer.

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