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Reputed paparazzo on bike hits Anne Hathaway's car

Lanow.hathaway Some people will do anything for a photograph.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a man believed to be a paparazzo did exactly that when he smashed his bicycle into the side of a car owned by actress Anne Hathaway.

The Oscar-nominated actress was in an Audi driven by boyfriend Adam Shulman when the collision occurred shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday near Westbourne Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

The accident occurred as Hathaway's car was making a turn. Neither Hathaway, who starred in "The Princess Diaries," nor Shulman was injured.

The reputed paparazzo, who was not identified, refused medical treatment and left. His road bike was a Viola 24-speed, authorities said.

Witnesses told sheriff's investigators that the cyclist was moving "way too fast and could have avoided an accident," Whitmore said. No arrest was made, however.

Asked how he knew that the man was, in fact, a paparazzo, Whitmore said he had a large, telephoto lens on "a high-end still camera."

"If' he's not a paparazzo, he's an avid bird watcher," Whitmore said.

—Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Anne Hathaway

Credit: Associated Press

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He was on a fixed gear bicycle. He is well known through the cycling community aswell. He is definatekt not a papparazzi.

Did you guys lay off all the fact-checkers today? I don't think there was a single detail that sounds correct on this post.


Wouldn't that count as hit-and-run by the paparazzo? Hathaway and her bf should be able to collect for the dent in their Audi

Who cares?

Great taste in cars!!! The 2.0t A5 is awesome.


In all the pictures there is no camera.
Are not motor vehicles in california required to give the right away to peds and bikes when making right or left turns.
Then to do not forget the altercation a few months back Adam had with another alleged camera carrier.

Where in all the pictures is this what should be large camera. In his back pack, where it's convient for picture taking?
Then there is Adam, this could be his second altercation with a camera carrier, Last time was just a while back in NYC.
Then there is the laws of Calif in regards to right away. Adam making a right turn should have given it to the bike, whoes line of travel he was crossing. That is if he bother to check.

Are you guys making stuff up? Wth is a Viola 24 speed? As Anon says, he was on a fixed gear (1 gear, not 24) bicycle. Freaking cars cut off bicyclists and buses ALL the time when they're making a right turn, of course they're going to make it seem like his fault because he was going straight, and the car wasn't. In fact, it happens so often it has its own term: 'right hook'.

Do you fact check?
What is a Viola 24-Speed?
Its clear from the photos that the bike was a "fixed gear" bicycle.

If you don't even know the basic facts that are available to anybody who see the photos of the accident scene.

If you do a google for Viola 24-Speed bicycle all the searches refer back to this story.

Are there any facts in this story that have been checked against what the police have said?

Or do you just ...

The Cops Said it
We wrote it
That settles it.

No question about it, the LA Times has gone to crap. No fact checking or real journalism to speak of. Soon the corrections column will fill an entire page.

What the hell is going on here?!? Talk about poor reporting and shoddy investigative work.

Of course he's a paparazzo, he had a high end camera in his bag!! DUH! Really, Mr. Whitmore?? Really, AP?? Obviously Whitmore didn't know what he was talking about and you still published it. He made some illogical statement about being a paparazzo or an avid birdwatcher...and you actually chose to print that line!!?? WOW.

Did anybody fact check this alleged "Viola 24-speed" road bike according to the "authorities" ? I couldn't find such a bike anywhere. Abici makes a purple bike called a Viola that happens to be purple, but it's a single speed. I dunno about you, but the picture from TMZ looks like it only has one fixed gear and aside from the color looks nothing like the Abici bike.

These are the same people that concluded the collision was the cyclist's fault????

Andrew Blankstein, please learn to cover your own stories and not just copy off someone else's crappy work.

Thanks for the misinformation though.

Another obvious case of the authorities not having the slightest clue what they're talking about. For one thing, that is a fixed gear bike. That means it is a one-speed. There is no equipment on the front or rear of the bike for switching gears. How on God's green Earth did a police officer look at such a bike and come to the conclusion that, not only are there more than one speed on the bike, but that there are 24 of them?

+1 to comments regarding mysterious lack of telephoto lens in any pictures taken of the cyclist at the scene.

Vehicle damage (busted-off side-view mirror) is consistent with a car cutting off a cyclist, not with a cyclist T-boning (or "slamming into") a car.

CA CVC 21202 gives cyclists every right and responsibility that motor vehicles have on the roadway. This includes the right to occupy a lane. Why was the car turning right through the space in which a cyclist was riding straight ahead? CVC 21202 also includes, incidentally, speed limit restrictions. So unless you honestly believe that the cyclist was riding over the posted speed limit, how can you give any credence to witness accounts that *the cyclist* was going too fast? Furthermore, how can you have the gall to ever imply that a cyclist could ever be going too fast in comparison to the speed of a two-ton motor vehicle?

I find it sad that the LA Times would publish an article like this without any investigation into the incident at all. A quick call to the Sheriffs, a couple of one-sided, undereducated witness accounts, and voila... it's no wonder readership is down. The kind of people who are looking for news in their newspapers won't put up with this kind of journalism for long. LA Times going the way of the tabloid?

What kind of idiot rides a fix in a city?
A fix is intended for short track racing, not the street! They can't coast & if you're also using toe clips, you're in deep doo-doo if there's a problem.
I don't care if he was a pap or not, he's a moron!

Los Angeles has a over 16,000 bicyclists commuting to work everyday.
Most of us either know each other or knows someone who knows someone who rides a bike.
On the LosAngelesCM twitter, which announces the monthly critical mass ride along with other local bike news, there has been a lot of chatter regarding this cyclist who was involved in the accident with Anne Hathaway's boyfriend.
He had a camera, most LA bicyclists carry cameras to document police harassment or abuse by LA drivers, but he was NOT paparazzo. We believe that the LA County Sheriff's department has erred in their assertions and they need to retract the statement before this story spirals out of control. Did the LA Times lay-off all its fact checkers?

yeah, this is all wrong. so if owning a high end camera makes you a paparazzo, does simply owning a gun make you a murderer?

so if this person has a recreational interest in photography and bikes, i highly doubt this person even saw the princess diaries and he might not even know who anne hathaway is.


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