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Newlywed convicted of throwing his bride off a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes

A 28-year-old Torrance man was convicted of throwing his bride off a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Brandon Manai, who was found guilty of first-degree murder Thursday in the death of 24-year-old Julie Rosas, faces 25 years to life in prison when he is sentenced in February, said Deputy Dist. Atty. Jodi Link.

Manai -- who was on probation because he choked his girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness as a teenager -- and Rosas had only been dating a short time when they married on June 19, 2005, in Las Vegas.The relationship had been rocky, with late-night arguments, Manai showing up at Rosas' workplace unannounced, and incessant phone calls and texts at all hours, Link said.

Within 48 hours of their wedding, Rosas was asking her friends how to seek an annulment.

On July 2 of that year, Manai picked up Rosas and was supposed to drive her to a downtown nightclub where she would meet up with girlfriends. Cellphone signals showed the pair made it to downtown, but they never made it to the club and her friends never heard from her, according to the prosecutor.

Cellphone records show the pair went to a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes. Around 2:30 a.m. on July 3, Manai threw Rosas off the cliff, 200 feet to her death, Link said. Her body was found by a beachgoer 12 hours later.

The following day, Manai confessed to a friend over lunch. That individual testified during the trial.

Manai spent the next three days covering up his crime -- destroying Rosas’ belongings, calling her home and looking for her, using her cellphone to place calls and writing a diary entry in which he wondered where his wife was, Link said. Notably, he did not send her a single text, a marked change from before July 3, when he sent her up to 55 texts per day.

Rosas' body lay at the morgue, unidentified, until July 6, when her family filed a missing persons report. Once she was identified and police questioned Manai, he denied ever being in Rancho Palos Verdes with Rosas, but his cellphone records proved he was lying, according to Link.

The jury deliberated for six hours before convicting Manai.

-- Seema Mehta

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Sad story. Looks like the voters of California should have banned heterosexuals from marrying.

Yes, a sad story. ..and to think homosexuals would ruin the sanctity of marriage.

The poor bride must have found out that he was really homosexual and that set him off.

Jeffrey1234 - Nice post. Don't forget that texting can be a gateway to crime.

Oh, Jeffrey1234, I so agree with you on your comment. I wonder just why the young lady was seeking advice for an annulment within 48 hours of her marriage. Did she, her family, her friends not see something with the groom 48 hours before the marriage? To seek an annulment within 48 hours seems to me that there must have been quite a few signs before the marriage. People do not change that drastically or dramatically in 48 hours . . .even with drugs, alcohol, brain tumors, whatever. Did no one see what was coming?

Ladies! Any man that is this obsessive is NEVER sane...this poor woman found out too late. 55 texts a day?!? What a loser and a nutcase.

Darwin was right once again. Two morons have apparently both been culled from the gene pool as nature so obviously intended.

Still, I'm sure it's sad for the families involved, who have my sympathies.

I forgot to ask...

Five hours to deliberate this case?

Was the pizza that late?

Jeffrey1234, your comment is out of line. A woman is dead. Stop whining about Prop 8 already, it's over! If we say this guy threw his "partner" over a cliff, would that be somehow better for you?


And to think that people are so shocked about gay marriage, does this makes marriage between a man a woman better... All the articles about domestic abuse between heterosexuals and very if minimal about homosexuals domestic violence cases... Glad that the murderer went to jail though...

Anybody pick up on the insidious surveillance aspect of this story? This lowlife's travels were exposed by access to "cellphone records." While catching a murderer is certainly a valid reason to request this information from our cellular providers, were you even aware that the authorities had access to this information and do you know what procedures they must follow in order to get it? We are under near constant surveillance (cell phone location, street-side cameras, conversation monitoring, etc.) while the laws that protect our privacy are slowly and inexorably being stripped away.

Sad story for the girl and her family. Somehow I get the feeling this guy was bad news all along and she knew it.

Now if only we could bring back the death penalty in California!

Isn't there old saying about this?
I think it goes something like this

"If you truly love someone, set them free
If they comes back to you, their yours.
If you push them off a cliff, they die."

this has nothing to do with gay marriage you idiots. Some nutcase killed his wife. gays are killing each other by spreading aids to there spouses i suppose that's better yea. not being able to conceive a child from your spouse oh yea so much better. Get use to it gays will never be legally allowed to marry in this state stop crying about it and making it an issue everytime something like this happens.

What the heck was she doing marrying him in the first place? Grant it she did not deserve to die but he choked her to unconsciouness before they were married. He's violent and needs help too.

You Lost, Okay?-

I believe it is safe to say that you are the one with the comment out of line. And such a shame it is that you feel the need to hide behind such a "Name" for someone who apparently is strong in their convictions. So, its hard to take you seriously. Not the point...

Yes, its very sad that a woman has died in this tragic incident. This guy has a violent past, he choked out his girlfriend as a teenager. This is something his new 'bride' should have known, that goes hand and hand with the 55+ text messages a day and showing up unannounced at her place of employment. She knew this guy was a nutcase, and decided to marry him anyway. No one deserves to die at the hand of another person, and this is a VERY tragic loss for both families involved. I say that to say this...

Prop. 8 is also a VERY tragic loss. No it would not have made any difference had it been a homosexual couple involved in this situation it is a tragic ending either way, however its safe to say that if it were a homosexual couple it wouldn't have made mention in the LA TIMES. Also, its not about "winning" or "losing, okay?" Prop 8 passing affects a lot of people and its not something any of those people, myself included, will take lightly. Its people like you that give us more reason, and more steam to trudge forward and continue fighting. It wasn't too long ago that women couldn't vote. That black people had no rights, nor could a white person marry a person of color. Everyone was against all of those things changing, but alas they did. As will the rights for homosexual people to marry the people that complete them. So, no its not "Okay?" that we lost, but it will not keep us quiet either. Thank you though for showcasing your ignorance in such a public forum and giving me something to rant about so early in the morning.

Crescent City, Ca

I had a boyfriend that used to text me, at the minimum, 30 times a day. He would always want to come to my work on my lunch, and if I said no, that I wanted to walking with coworker, he would accuse me of going out to troll for other men with her! I got out very quickly from that relationship, mostly because I didn't want my daughter (not his child) to think that was how a realtionship worked. When you love someone, you trust them. There is a big difference between obsession and love, and I fear that young women do not know this, and then tragedies like this happen.

God bless her family.

Look at all of the trolls. I'm sure glad the LAT moderates these comments. The fact that these off-topic comments are making it through reveal something, don't they?

interesting comments, not sure how the whole Gay thing fits into this story, but I guess people feel the need to be heard. And Ted is giving us all some food for thought with his comment, I am about the only person I know not on facebook, and who does not own a cellphone. These things that are apparently neccessary to our survival. As for the comments on the gays and how they are more peaceful, people are people, does not matter if you are straight or gay, if you are a murderer. I love how people use these comments for there own personal agenda, and to push their ideas, you gotta do it somewhere I suppose.

Depressing to read first thing in the morning. People are too
obessesed with getting married (guys and gals). Almost as if
they won some kind of contest, i.e., congratulations! Girls and
boys, go easy. Sometimes, it's the single person who wins by
default (divorce, criminal kids, endless strife,etc.). That poor
young bride, just 24 years old (just a kid).

This is not the time to play political games, or trash talking when a young woman lost her life senselessly. Geez folks, cant we get past our biases for one moment for compassion sake.

So...it not longer matters whether you're present at the scene of a crime...just whether or not your cell phone was. Interesting plot for a book about framing people.

25 years to life??!!

Execute this maggot NOW!!

Unless some liberals would like to pay with their own money to keep this scumbag alive for the rest of his life!

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