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Newly elected gay Episcopal bishop: Excited about church's future

The Rev. Canon Mary D. Glasspool, newly elected bishop suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, told delegates after her election that she was excited about the future of the national church. Glasspool, 55, is the first openly lesbian priest to be elected a bishop in the Episcopal Church.

"I'm very excited about the future of the whole Episcopal Church and I see the Diocese of Los Angeles leading the way into that future. But for just for this moment, let me say again, thank you, and thanks be to our loving and supporting God, a surprising God," Glasspool told delegates to the diocese's annual convention just after they elected her on the seventh balloting for one of two open suffragan, or assistant, bishop positions.

Referring to the current church season of Advent, a time of anticipation of the birth of Christ, Glasspool said, "This is my 56th Advent and I think I finally know the meaning of the word 'wait.' " The delegates laughed. Glasspool is the church's first openly gay priest to win election to the ranks of bishops since the controversial elevation of the Rev. V. Gene Robinson in 2003.

On Friday, the convention's first day, delegates elected the Rev. Canon Diane M. Jardine Bruce, an Orange County priest, to fill the other open suffragan position in the Los Angeles diocese.

Today, as he announced the vote that gave Glasspool a majority, Los Angeles Episcopal Bishop J. Jon Bruno's voice choked with emotion. Then he joked that someone had asked whether he could work with two women as his suffragan bishops. "I have to tell you I was born from a mother’s womb and I’ve been taking orders from women ever since," he said, adding, "I can assure you I can work with two women."

After her election, Glasspool was surrounded by supporters, both gay and straight. Several wept as they embraced her.

-- Larry Stammer in Riverside
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"For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow thier own desires and look for teachers who will tell them whatever thier itching ears want to hear"

With blessings and change comes personal fear.I pray that we recognize and let into our hearts the gifts of all of God's incredible people. Mary Glasspool will be a gift to the Diocese of Los Angeles!

The episcopal church is not founded on christian doctrine. Therefore their belief's and actions are based in pagan traditions and beliefs. Not a single member of this pervertd organization has ever had any type of relationship with Jesus Christ. These pagans will burn in hell if they don't repent and beg God for forgiveness and abandon their wicked ways

Or you could, you know, spell "their" correctly, Brad.

But no, your comment is TOTALLY credible.

(Seriously, though, I'm Jewish, so if it's spelled "thier" in the bible, I stand corrected.)

"Fundamentalists are to spirituality what 'paint by numbers' is to art"
- Robin Tyler

John 18:36 :

"Jesus answered "My kingdom is not of this world.""

A small step in the right direction. Christianity teaches tolerance, acceptance, and leaves judgment to God. To bad so many "Christians" fail to learn this basic lesson.

Amen Brad. Oh Lord, come quickly.

God sees and knows what is going on. The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong and that noone who practices it will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Tell 'em Brad! thats exactly what i was thinking. We are definitely in the last days... i am fearful for America- we are headed for God's judgement. Thank God i'm on the right side!

Ms Glasspool need not be so excited about the what, church? I hardly think so. Jesus has called His people to holy living, not immorality. A life that is pure not disgusting. Any person who thinks Jesus is "ok" with homosexualism is living in a fanticy. Read Romans chapter one. He makes it very clear his distain for homosexualism. Jesus says," Those who encourage others to do the same would be better off with a mill stone tied around thier necks and thrown in the ocean."

Episcopalians you boat is skinking! Time to swim towards Rome. The doors are closing fast...

The new "bishop" is very optimistic regarding the Episcopal Church.

In 1965, there were 880,000 children in "EC" Sunday School programs. In 2001, that number had declined to 297,000. In 35 years Sunday School attendance dropped by close to 600,000 students (almost double the EC decline in communicants during that same period).

In 1965, the EC confirmed 128,000 persons. In 2001, the church confirmed 34,000 persons.

The golden era of the EC is a dim past when parish Sunday School programs had 200- 300 children (compared to the 30 - 40 children enrolled today).

In other words, over the years, the Episcopal Church has had fewer and fewer people coming into the church at the entry level.

The mid-sixties also marked the peak of the Episcopal Church’s membership. Adjusted membership (using current definitions) was around 3.2 million.

Episcopalians accounted for more than 1.5% of US citizens. Since that peak, the church has had a net loss of around a million.

With 300 million population now, the EC is at 0.55% registered Episcopalians–half of their former share.

The Episcopal Church has gone backwards in any hope to keep up with the general population growth. And think of the concept “net loss.” This includes all the gains from births and additions of people who chose an Episcopal congregation in each period.

The Episcopal Church is now out of the elite top ten of denominations, being replaced by the Assemblies of God.

It’s a church filled with “politically correct” leadership preaching to increasing empty pews.

And it pays no TAXES – like all organized religion

Turn from your wickedness Ms Glasspool and be saved. What will you profit to gain the world but be condemed for eternity. One day you will stand before the one you claim to know and He is going to find you guilty as charged and there will no longer be an opportunity to change your evil and wicked ways.

Homosexuality is against the Bible! This is a shame!

The end is near and now is the time to turn from wickedness and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Be holy and pure without spot or blimesh. Put away those things that bring death. Cry out to Jesus to forgive you and be washed by His blood.

This type of perversion and the people that condone it are the most disgusting of all humanity. I am not sure which is worse, the poor idiots committing acts of terroism in the name of Islam or homosexuals terrorizing the minds and hearts of inocent little children with thier sexual immorality and those who are so stupid to think its ok.

For a time as this has come and its time the Real True Followers of Jesus walk away from such a evil and wicked organization as the Episcopal so called church NOT! Quit giving your hard earned money to the Devil you fricking idiots.

what is wrong with the members of this organization. don't you read your bible. Jesus condemns homosexualism. Read Read your bible for God's sake and for your sake. I can not understand why christians continue to financially support such evil in the eyes of Jesus. Please Please run and dont look back, save yourself from these evil people who lie and mislead you.

This is sad and painful news. It seems that Ceasar has crept into the church. Too many photos of Shori with Obama. After we are done blaming ourselves for devaluing marriage through divorce leading to this abomination, we need to continue to split.

In 10 years the Episcopal church won't be known as the church the welcomes gays, but as the "Gay Church".

Seems a little strange that the Bible/God condemns homosexual activity as a sin perversion,blasphemy,abomination,lust,unatural,,,,,sin punishable by death and ,,,,homosexuals will NOT see Gods Kingdom! And also makes it very clear a woman is not to teach or minister over a man ! And that Man is the Head and spiritual leader! I dont know what so called God you follow but it isnt the One supreme Creator!

In the Bible, the entire chapter of Romans (chapter 1) should be read. God is the author.

there is no scripture to back up gay or lesbian people. the scriptures declare this an abomination of God. god turns them over to a repubate mind paul says "doing the things which is un Godly".

Minster, Kerry E. Marsh

Amen to Brad. The interesting thing about the election was the closeness between a candidate that could reach out to the Latinos, a sizable minority that is actually interested in church rather than using church to advance their political agenda. They selected the candidate that would further reinforce the "big tent" is only for liberal Caucasians.

One wonders what future she is looking forward to? The denomination is awash with heresies and lawsuits. It is one of the fastest declining, a decline that will surely accelerate with her election. Abandon all hope.

Amen Brad. The Episcopal Church is no longer a Christian church. It's an abomination, according to the Word of God. These people have no shame for their sins.

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