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LAUSD budget proposal foresees up to 8,000 layoffs by next fall

School officials Tuesday unveiled a worst-case budget plan that could, if enacted, result in up to 8,000 layoffs by next fall. The tentative budget proposal, which responds to next year's projected deficit of $470 million, is an early salvo in a process that will play out over the next six months in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Teachers fired a return volley with an afternoon rally outside district headquarters that attracted more than 700. Participants said they opposed all cuts affecting teachers and classrooms.

The district had to approve a projected budget covering the next three years to comply with state law.

The district also would pursue revenue increases, including a parcel tax on property owners, said L.A. schools Supt. Ramon C. Cortines. That tax, if approved by the school board and then by voters, would work out to $2 to $4 a week for property owners and raise about $150 million a year over a four- to six-year period.

-- Howard Blume

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The Daily News says perhaps 5000 layoffs over two years. The LA Times says 8000 now. That's a big difference. Which is it?

Who cares what the number is? Time to pop the bloated bubble!

How DARE these buffoons talk about including a new property tax. They would just waste the money as they've been doing for decades! Do away with ESL classes, free breakfasts and lunches, stop all construction projects, fire all "consultants" and you'll find most of the money which then can be used IN THE CLASSROOMS for supplies, books AND NOT FOR PAY RAISES FOR ANYONE!

Its fun to say 'lets stop the bureaucracy at LAUSD by laying people off', just remember that the kids and the teachers are the ones who will pay the toll for your 'fun ride'.


LAUSD has been "proposing" mass layoffs ever since this financial crisis and big recession began to adversely affect California's budget process in 2007-2008. For the most part, State, County, City, and Public School Districts have dodged the budget cut bullet in the hopes Obama would bail them out. They are delaying the inevitable, hoping the recession will end and revenue will pick up sufficiently to prevent any significant layoffs at all.

Let's bail out more fat cat rich corrupt bankers, hedge fund managers and all the other wall street scum so that our financial system doesn't go under and can keep feeding our appetites. Forget about educating our kids, because the future is abstract for Americans who live for the pleasures of shopping (see all the junk in everyone's garage and the booming storage industry) and eating (see the ballooning elephantine bodies lumbering around our malls) TODAY. Good Luck to the next Lost Generation. America! Numero Uno! in failure.

Well it looks like this city, state and nation has reached critical mass with regard to how many tax receivers there are in relation to tax payers. We can't afford all the illegal aliens that we already have yet there are still many politicians screaming for more. The insanity of holding open the border for people who quickly jump on the welfare gravy-train upon arrival is beginning to buckle under its own weight.

The drop-out and illiteracy rate at the LAUSD is appalling. How many $65,000 per 9 month work year baby-sitters do we need? Of course, with regard to the lay-offs the last hired should be the first fired.

In resposone to Jim Q. Citizen Re: Of course, with regard to the lay-offs the last hired should be the first fired.

It's funny how ignorant and short sighted some people are. Hey Jim Q! Do you realize there's a shortage in teachers. Do you also realize that a new teacher makes only $40K while a teacher thats been with the district is pulling in close to $85K. We need to start running the school district like business. Take a cue from West Valley Dave, we need to cut all the freebies. Push for early retirement on older teachers. Labor has to be one of the highest operating costs for the school district.

Why should I pay any more taxes when my salary has already taken a BIG hit! I don't see Cortines parting with any of his 3 figure salary. Maybe it's time to cut the group at the top off!

LetTheHeadsRoll... What bubble are you referring too? The problem is Laud is dumping all of the good new teachers. The ones who are educated to date. Not the old teachers who do not even know what computers or even emails are. Its too bad education is not first California. This is why so many other countries are ahead of the US. If we keep taking away from the kids the US will keep falling. Why don’t we take some perks and benefits away from convicts, illegal aliens, welfare abusers?

westvalleydave you RRE 100% RIGHT! Free lunches, free ESL classes, free transportation bussing, all of that should be cut before you take away from our American children. I am not racist but where do we draw the line? Why can a kid who just came to America (illegally) get to choose a school 25 miles away from their home and then get free transportation, free ESL classes, free breakfast, and free lunch and then go home and eat a free dinner with their family on welfare? Meanwhile the average child where both parents work and pay taxes has to get stuffed in a classroom with 40 other first graders.

Sounds like time to do what they are doing in europe and have student clean classroom and school as well starting from grade 5. Yes i know janitors don't make much but every little bit help and it will also teach students how to clean while keeping school clean. I don't think a kid would want to make a mess only to have to clean it up at the end of the day. A 10 year old can easil sweep and mop floor. A 15 year old casn easily do all that and clean a toilet, they should be doing it at home either way so school will just teach how to do it better if they never done it before.

It's interesting that the LAUSD is proposing another property tax increase again. All I remember is that every time there is a statewide election there has been a proposition for increasing property taxes for local schools most of the time it's for LAUSD. Bureaucrats have been chipping away at prop. 13 every election with more and more tax increases for homeowners.

Bureaucrats know that the majority of the electorate who vote for these measures are rarely impacted and if so marginally. Many of the these voters are on assistance and usually are protected under Rent Control or section 8 which limits their housing costs. The landlords and homeowners are stuck with the bills. I don't want to say, but it's Socialism disquised behind a democratic system.

Jim Q - you are right about tax receivers vs tax payers. The top 4% pay 65% of all the taxes. The bottom 50% only pays 1% of taxes collected.. so tax receivers are close to outnumbering tax payers.

Also, there are 688,000 students in LAUSD. Approx 2/3 receive lunch subsidies. If each lunch costs about $2 and there are approx 140 school days a year, then the lunch program is costing LAUSD roughly $127 million each year. That's alot of teachers, I mean burgers.. I mean teachers.

for those teachers with liberal arts degrees, and the like, i wish you would have minored in economics. you just don't seem to understand the basic principles of economics and the way this state (and many others) have historically allocated monies, and why. it has been said many a time that l.a. and l.a. county, not to mention the state of california, has a greater gdp than many countries. i assure you this, the inept beaurocrats would be lost without the rest of the nation. as for teachers, i'm sorry, but caveat emptor. i don't even have a job. my business degree is worthless. i went to lausd schools, i went to college, i'm fairly intelligent - and i've been out of a regularly-paying job for over one year. who is out there protesting for me?

Educators are education's biggest enemy. They promise to do great things, but the key determinants of success are parents and pupils. Spending more on education over the last three decades has accomplished little or nothing, and reduced the motivation of parents and their children to instead succeed by doing more on their own. Bottom Line: Spend less, and achieve more.

Why not take the raise that DWP is slated to get, with this new union contract, and apply it to keep the jobs at LAUSD? Or does LAUSD really not need those jobs and DWP needs the raise?

Last Sunday's "60 Minutes" on CBS News showed a guy making huge progress at a charter school in New York City. LA should do that. The way they improve the school is by firing the incompetent teachers, staff and reward, yes, reward the good ones. Always reward the good teachers.

I know some people who have commented believe teachers are glorified babysitters, but do not understand what kids are dealing with and what they bring to school with them. Instead of cutting the desperately needed positions, let’s do away with the unnecessary consultants and all the mini districts!

shutup about the 'kids'

Education expense in California is 35 billion a year if I recall. If we can't educated them with that amount then the 'kids' need to drop out and work in factories so that we can bring production of goods back.

For the 'kids' is getting old. Use the money more efficiently. Where is live within our means. How is it that the worlds 8th largest economy cannot spend its' money properly over 6o-70% of our budget goes to health care, education and prisons.

I really enjoy reading the ignorant rants of ill-informed people. These people are un-American. They don't want to pay ANY taxes and use the excuse of "government waste and fraud." They SAY they want America to be leaders in military defense, education, R&D, manufacturing . . . . you name it. But they're not willing to give their fair share to make America strong.

Now they don't want to make sure that kids today get a solid education like generations before them. They blame "illegal immigrants" and the boogie man. The fact is they don't have the strength of character or commitment to America that the WW II and Korean War generations displayed. Those generations made America great.

They didn't make excuses about why they shouldn't have to give of themselves or pay more taxes. They sucked it up for their families and the nation. This new generation are a bunch of crybabies who wave the flag but don't really stand up for what it means to be an American.

Well, if you want our kid to end up in prison or fighting beneath our heroic drones on the front lines in PakiAfghanIranistan then there is nothing to worry about.

Yea, I can see the city laying off more teachers. They need to make up the raise that the DWP got yesterday.


My 2 children were languishing in LAUSD hell - consistently under educated, creepy lunch food, no physical education, outdated books, incompetent principal, and much, much more. Thankfully after months of trolling for alternatives, waiting lists and begging, we found a Charter School where our 7 year old is thriving, I mean, actually thriving and loving the learning. Sadly, our 10 year old continues to wait for the phone call that will set her free from the Los Angeles Unqualified School District.

If my property taxes get raised one more time to pay for this sham, this blunder of an education system, I will sell my house, uproot my professional life, my children's lives and leave California. It is a matter of principle.

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