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Gloria Allred cancels L.A. news conference involving Rachel Uchitel, woman linked to Tiger Woods

Attorney Gloria Allred had abruptly canceled a news conference in which she was planning to make a statement on behalf of a woman whom the tabloids have said was involved in an affair with golf star Tiger Woods.

No reason was given for the cancellation.

Alllred's office had said her client, Rachel Uchitel, would attend the 11:30 a.m. news conference but would not speak.

The controversy surrounding Woods' private life stemmed from an early-morning car accident outside his Florida home. He was issued a traffic citation by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Allred is no stranger to such tabloid fodder. Last year, she made headlines for her efforts to help octuplets mother Nadya Suleman get child care for her children. Later, Allred expressed public concerns about the children's welfare, which led to a legal battle with Suleman.

More details about the various allegations involving Woods and reader reaction can be found at The Times' sports blog.

-- Shelby Grad

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I lost all respect for Allred when she took this lying bimbo as a client. Shame on both of them.

Dang, must be serious: Allred never misses a chance to mouth off in front of a mic. Uchitel has no possible civil or criminal exposure that I can see. Maybe she signed an exclusive media deal with some other outlet, so the news conference is out?

...before Gloria Allred was a hack? I remember back in the 80's she really had some credibility. What happened to turn her into a celebutard-chasing attention whore?

shes just as much of fame whore as these women...

It's gotta suck when you call for a press conference and nobody shows up. What a publicity hound. Woof.

Allred....shut up already!!!!!

Hmmmm... Last night there was breaking news on every local network that Gloria Allred's client HAD been involved with Tiger after all so maybe the news conference was cancelled so that she could learn MORE about her client. It would have been embarrassing to come out with a defamation claim only to learn later...the truth.

A lot of posters on another news site are suggesting that Tiger paid Uchitel off to keep quiet. I doubt it, but it's possible. I guess we'll find out if Uchitel speaks up at some point.

Just as well it's cancelled. Whole thing is stupid to begin with. Let Tiger and his wife work this out on their own, and all the other extraneous people need to just stay the hell out!

Ms. Uchitel appears to be a fame seeking so-and-so. Why on EARTH does she need an attorney? If you're not a homewrecker and the allegations against you are false, can't you just say that? And move on?

Gloria Allred never met a camera she didn't like...shameless! I wonder if she, Jesse Jackson and Antonio Villaraigosa meet up periodically to compare notes?

If this was an Allred publicity stunt to make people wonder WHAT she and Uchitel WOULD HAVE SAID if she'd showed "but not spoken," it's working. Peter Tindel talked about it on his show a LOT, and made a point of trying to remember all 3 women claiming an affair with Woods. Is THAT why Allred is doing this, to make sure HER client's name stands out among the 3?

Tindel added the alleged information that Woods' wife wouldn't let the cops in because there was extensive damage to the home that night, after she found the messages to/ from a mistress, before he tried to escape with her smashing up his rear window.

Also speculation about why all 3 mistresses are dark-haired with olive skin, the opposite of his wife's looks. Is she a "cold Nordic b**" like some say, or did he just want to be with someone who looks more like him and his kids?
That's the interesting part, if you think about it - the world's highest paid and most famous star having a self-image problem with the "perfect Nordic goddess" everyone says he's so lucky with. On the other hand, not exactly a yearning for "normalcy" when you choose a girlfriend fresh off a reality show about her poor choices in men.


I was thinking the same thing, back in the day she was aggressive but advanced women's issues, and issues of those who may be otherwise powerless to fight back. But lately she's become the female Harvey Levin, only without a TV show. Sad. And it would be funny if she cancelled because no one was going to attend.

Thank goodness it was cancelled. What is so news worthy of a hoe/stess. There is a God!

Thats the best news of the day to here that ambulance-chasing media whore tramp will not be talking or in front of the cameras!

What kind of person publicly discusses affairs they've had with married people? What kind of lawyer seeks to represent such people?

I believe this whole situation with Tiger Woods is very unnecessary. The press is all over celebrities and will use anything against them to write a good story. Tiger was a respectable man, and he was adorded by many. This reputation set upon him will remain there, with now way to be removed. Let him fiz his own mistakes, no conference needs to be held. He's a big man, im sure he can handle this situation on his own.

maybe now tiger will be a little more understanding in his profession. no more angry expletives and no more angry club throwing.

I wonder how much Tiger payed her and her lawyer not to speak.

I would never, ever 'blame' a victim, but the only victim here is Elin, and perhaps Tigers kids one day. I don't condone what Tiger is alleged to have done in any way.

Having said the above, I'll go out on a limb and say it: What do call someone that sells themselves ( or their story ) for money? Hint: starts with a 'w' and ends in an 'e'.

Golf trivia question of the day... What Wood can drive a ball 100's of yards straight however, Woodn't be "trusted" to drive an SUV at least 10 feet straight?
And to think golf courses were change to "Tiger Proof" them. He's human after all....
Hope his family survives the media circus and lawyers (Allred)clamoring to get a payday from all this.

So when did Gloria Allred become the self appointed morality princess. I hope the California State Bar throws her out along with Orly Taitz.

I'm sure Allred would have started a custody action against JFK if she could have done so.

Hey Tiger, Phil Hartman.

Maybe Gloria realized a bit too late she hooked up with the wrong client...looks like Grubbs has the most "evidence." Most "evidence" = biggest bucks. Ooops! Sorry, Gloria.....

Has there ever been a camera Allred hasn't loved? She is just shameless and is worse than ambulance chasers yet Nancy Grace and ilk always want her opinion. It's a sad day when people think it's okay to advertise their affair with a married man and the MSM doesn't help by giving them their 15 mins of fame. This is disgusting and Uchitel and others who had an affair with him should be hiding not gloating. Tiger..this is what making a mockery out of your marriage produces and you need to do some real soul searching and ask yourself that question Tyler Perry's movie did..Why did I get married"..

This press conference is just as irrelevant as the women "involved" wth Tiger and just as irrelevant as Gloria Allred. What happened to punishing lawyers for ambulance chasing. She obviously seeked out this lady like a used car salesman. Nobody cares about you anymore Gloria. Thank you for sparing us your drivel.

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