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L.A. Councilwoman Janice Hahn to run for lieutenant governor

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn announced Tuesday that she is entering the race for California lieutenant governor.

The Democrat, daughter of the late Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn and sister of former L.A. Mayor James K. Hahn, said she has hired veteran Democratic consultant Garry South as her chief strategist.

Hahn, whose City Council district stretches from Watts to the harbor, joins a growing field of likely candidates for the seat in the 2010 election.

State Sen. Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) was appointed to the post after Democrat John Garamendi was elected to Congress this year. Maldonado has said he intends to run for the seat in the June primary, regardless of whether the Legislature approves his appointment in the interim.

Republican state Sen. Sam Aanestad of Grass Valley has also expressed interested in the job, as has Democratic state Sen. Dean Florez of Shafter.

-- Jean Merl

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Good for her, and I hope she does as great job as her father. Kenny Hahn, was always there for his people. His office as been a Big Fat Joke, since he left.

It's a do-nothing ceremonial job so a do-nothing -- but plan to raise our property taxes for some indeterminate gang prevention program she wants to run -- windbag councilwoman like Janice Hahn might be OK, she can't do much harm. She's doing MORE harm where she is in the city, having helped run up the city's budget deficit by pandering to unions, and pushing for "living wage" salaries for airport area hotel workers just to pander to the SEIU.

BUT she'd use the job for statewide name recognition in hopes she could run for something where she'd have a chance to raise even more taxes, so I say no Hahn.

Maldonado will have 6 months on the job if he's confirmed, and if he's not, it will look bad for the Democrats who are using the excuse that his current seat would cost money to fill in a special election. Funny, that's never a concern when it's another Democrat.

Although I AM Democrat and think Republicans at our local level are dangerous when it comes to issues like defying the public will and vote on Prop 215 Medical Marijuana, and the level we have locally are total hacks who are phony-pious grandstanding clowns, I think this excuse to keep Maldonado out of the job is lame. Either way he'll have more public support and name ID than she does, and unless he's caught with a live boy or dead girl Hahn hopefully won't have a chance.

With her lack of policy smarts, mediocre education, self-serving and attention-hogging, pandering-to-the-galleries, contrived and clever but shallow style of politics, with claiming she found Reggie the Alligator at significant cost her biggest claim to fame, Hahn is of no benefit to the public or the state.

Janice Hahn will make a wonderful Lieutenant Governor, but she is badly needed here in city hall! City hall needs another Hahn as Mayor of L.A. Voters are tired of the broken promises of Mayor Antonio (aka Banderas)Villa(raigosa). The city is in serious financial problem with budget deficits and reduce pay due to work furlough. City hall needs another outstanding Hahn in office that will make the late Kenneth Hahn proud of his daughter and son.

And she is using her wonderful job as an L.A. City Clowncil Member as her platform?

Oh great! Another overspending, can not come up with a budget, unless the working class are taxed more Democrat. I would not vote for a single City of Los Angeles Council member from this City's Corrupt Political Machine.

A do-nothing useful city councilwoman might seem a good fit for a do-nothing job as Lt. Gov, but she's already reached her highest level of incompetence and should not be rewarded just for having the same name as her father.

She wants to raise our property taxes to fund some gang prevention program she wants to run, in addition to the programs that already exist under the Mayor's office, private programs like Homeboy, etc.

Her biggest accomplishment to date was allegedly finding "Reggie the Alligator" after spending lots of money on alligrator wranglers and a video to promote herself, and putting him in the zoo. She also forced the LAX-area hotels to pay 'living wage' to hotel workers and we're being sued over it, with the hotels claiming they're being unfairly singled out, but she wanted the support of union SEIU to run for this office.

She makes motions and is a windbag in the Council playing to the grandstands, is an obsolete old-school tax-and-spend leftie, instead of doing what's best for the city. Although I'm a Democrat we don't need her kind at the state level. Maldonado can't do any more harm.

We are in trouble if J.H. gets elected as Lt. Gov. SHE IS NOT THE SOLUTION!! She rarely if at all came to my neighborhood in the Harbor Gateway...instead focusing her time putting out fires and mixing it up with San Pedro political donors where I believe she resides. Never once did she "walk" my neighborhood or did I see her at my door or cul-de-sac. Also, under her watch an ill-planned retail center on 190th/Normandie w/o any new housing (apts. or for-sale) was not demanded by her predecessor (another San Pedro politico) or her admin.

Now, we have a Walmart (oh, great its not a Super Walmart which she claims victory for), fast food stores, Office Depot, and a value hotel..the center has attracted crime and more traffic to the area. The area needs new housing and she blew a chance to force the developers to redesign the project.Even if her admin. claims it was too late to do anything, another area on the former Defense plant site should have been rezoned to housing..instead more retail added to that area...A major missed opportunity for the Harbor Gateway and for the neighborhoods in the 200th-Torrance Blvd. areas. ..All in all, a typical reactionary politician. I have not seen anything creative under her watch. A good example would be that we didn't get beefed up LAPD presence in the 200th-Carson Ave. areas until the shooting of a young African-Am girl that sparked outraged in the community. Whether democrat or republican, we need someone who can think out of the box, brings an entrepreneurial track record, proactive, and has a smart urban planning vision. That defense site on 190th/Western/Normandie could have been more properly designed to incorporate mixed-use elements that could have been the crown jewel of the Harbor Gateway for new smart development. Instead, another addition of an O.C. type of retail center: low density and added sprawl.

I know my neighborhood has got worse under her watch. No on J.H.!!! And, stop picking on Mayor V...he made mistakes but now showing he is focused to his job. Mayor V. lets get the Feds to pony up transpo.$$s and help build the future L.A. with smart infill developments near major transit stations for the Wstside/So. Bay/Central L.A. !!!

I tend to agree with "Voter". Ms. Hahn would be a very good Lt. Gov., but she's needed more in Los Angeles as mayor. I would love to see her run for mayor and unseat the prancing rooster who currently holds that job.

Yes, she is so wonderful. She hired Thomas "T-Bone" Quinn, a wanted parolee, to be alligator wrangler. Then her office pays known gangsters and criminals to report on LAPD officers who they think may be bad cops. She is a corrupt liar. She, along with the mayor and a few other councilmembers are too wonderful for State politics. Stay in Los Angeles.

Why are comments being censored? Is Janice Hahn another one, like Cooley and Trutanich, or Essel, that this paper the L A Times works FOR as PR agent?

WHY is one not allowed to say that she's an out-of-date, out-of-touch tax-spender who's running on no accomplishments, just a family name, and who's an opportunistic windbag? She's pushed and pushed for another property "parcel" tax on already angry and over-taxed homeowners to create some additional gang programs she would administer, to create a "cause" to run on.

No, no, no!! The same people who are responsible for the utter Third World that Los Angeles has become keep ascending higher and higher into government! Please, Angelenos, stop voting these people into office based on name recognition! They are career politicians and seem to be only interested in serving the needs of big business, their own well-heeled friends and contractors, the labor unions and illegal immigrants...

No thank you, enough is enough! Clean house at the ballot boxes so that we have some modicum of hope for change in this state! If we keep electing the same ilk, we will keep getting the same results.

Wow, we are at the point of determining who can do the least harm to the state as opposed to who is best for it! Man, we are in trouble!


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