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Girls who killed woman then went to amusement park get lengthy sentence [Updated]

A judge has sentenced two teenage girls to 59 years to life in prison for killing a woman so they could use her car for a trip to Knott's Berry Farm.

The crime occurred in 2007, when victim Angelina Arias gave the girls a ride home. Anna Salinas and Dayana Cordova were accused of shooting Arias, pushing her out of a car and driving to the amusement park. [Updated: An earlier version of this post misspelled Salinas as Slainas and incorrectly said the crime occurred in 1997.]

Arias' 9-month-old daughter was in the car and was later found unharmed on the doorstep of a house.

The judge on Friday issued the sentence. According to the Press-Enterprise, Judge F. Paul Dickerson III called the defendants "child monsters."

-- Shelby Grad

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I think you mean "lenghty sentence" not "lenghty sentenced".

The crime took place in 2007, not 1997.

In case anyone was wondering, this is what is meant by the end of civilization. Not with a big, loud bang (at least not at first), but with the psycho-pharmaceutical establishment filling young people up with mind-altering psychotropic drugs that are labeled as "medicine", which turn their "patients" into soulless monsters capable of this kind of heinous act, and then destroying our education system so badly that the reporting of this crime is filled with errors like that it occurred in 1997 when it occurred in 2007, and writing that the crime victim "give" the assailants a ride home, rather than "gave" them a ride home. And then dulling the rest of us so that we don't know or care about any of the above.

Enjoy the Apocalypse!

What state was this in? What city? Where was the trial? When was the trial? Was there a jury? Where have the girls been since 1997? How long was it before they were arrested? How old were the girls? How old are they now? How old was the victim? Did the victim leave any other survivors? Did her family speak at the sentencing hearing? Where is the newspaper the Press-Enterprise? Who wrote the headline that says "Girls who killed woman then went to amusement park get lengthy sentenced"? How is s/he keeping a job?

Corrections: This crime occurred in 2007, not 1997. And Anna's last name is Salinas, not Slainas.

One more question: Why does the "reporter" say the crime occurred in 1997 when the linked article says 2007?

The Times is so far from the newspaper it used to be that it's unrecognizable except for the masthead.


Whoops! Two more mistakes: In the linked article, which Shelby Grad seems to have barely skimmed, it says Cordova got life without parole and Slainas got 59 years 4 months to life.

And on the front page link, it says the two got 57 years to life.

What a mess the Times has made of this tragic story. The victim and her family deserved far better. Shame on the Times and the "reporter."


Why can't these animals just be found to have "committed suicide" in their cells; thus saving the state the time, trouble and $$ of warehousing them?

Vicious cold blooded killer. Waste of taxpayer $ for 59 years in prison. Cheaper to put those two down.

What's wrong with these anchor babies. Blame the parents.

Nice short story.

I see your working hard to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

Good job.

Lock up their parents too!

What the hell's going on out there? These kids are growing wrong & fast! Too much devalument of life in cinema, video games & TV in general.

I guess you can say they brought the punishment on themselves, now they'll just have to live with what they've did for the rest of their lives. They've stolen a mother from her young child, who never really had a chance to know her mother. Now the state will take the rest of their lives from them, because they wanted so much to have fun. I really don't know how old these girls were when they did this, but, one has to wonder, Why?, and what would make them take the life of this lady?, was the fun they had worth it?, I would really hope not...

Just don't let them out after 10 years or so because these monsters will only be about 30 by then.

To me, they should get the death penalty.

The quality of writing in this newspaper continues to spiral downwards. This article is just one example.

"were accused" - no, they were "convicted". The accusation has been superseded by the conviction, thus the accusation is no longer a proper description.

"was in the car and was later found unharmed" - don't repeat "was" in the same sentence. Poor grammar.

"issued the sentence" - Sentences are not "issued", they are "pronounced".

The writers have no education and the editors are asleep at the switch.

A rag sheet.

Good call Judge. I hope they are not eligible for parole late in the sentence (or better, not at all).

Terrible for the victim's family. senseless killing. good that the girls now will spend most of their lives behind bars. no excuses for that!

No remorse from the girls will bring back the woman or the little girl's mom. They must have something wrong with them mentally to do such a evil crime.

The judge should have up the sentence to 80 yrs so the girls wouldn't leave the prison even with parole!

I wonder if there is any way to prosecute the parents or the owner of the gun. they are also responsible for the crime!


The crime is terrible and the punishment should be the noose.

I agree with the judge. At least we have one judge in America who can recognize "vicious" when they see it.

gang banging cholas,no better than the men.this is the price this country is paying for uneducated non-skilled labor.Iether way we pay for these two in our institutions or thier 5 illegitamite kids in the not so distant future.I am surprised that these women didn't do what their male counterparts do in this situation,which is utilize their much beloved dual citizenship and head home south of the border somewhere.What will happen is they will learn that they will spend a couple of years in prison then be deported with the promise not to return.Only they will return utilizing a relatives info or stolen /fake I.D. and we will pick them up after more crimes or when our lazy and inept INS dept decides to raid busines's that knowingly hire people with fraudulent social security numbers and I.D. cards.

59 years? How do judges come up with off the wall sentencing times?? Their crimes and motives are so evil that it's sad all they get is jail times...

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