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FBI file on Michael Jackson shows investigations into molestation allegations, extortion attempt

Portions of a voluminous file the FBI kept on Michael Jackson were made public today at the request of media organizations, showing the agency's investigations into molestation allegations as well as extortion attempts.

The 333 pages detail the agency’s work investigating at least two accusations of child molestation – one in 1993 and another in 2004 --- against the late pop icon.

The files alluded to a 1997 child pornography probe involving the pop star in which no charges were filed.

The papers also include casework on a 1992 extortion plot targeting the singer, according to a summary provided by the agency.

The files cover seven different investigations by the FBI between 1992 and 2005, the year a Santa Barbara County jury acquitted him of charges he molested a Los Angeles boy.

Jackson died in June at the age of 50 from what the coroner’s office determined was a lethal dose of the surgical anesthetic propofol. The death was listed as a homicide and law enforcement officials are pursuing a manslaughter investigation against the performer’s personal physician.

Dr. Conrad Murray admitted administering the drug as a sleep aid before Jackson’s death.

The FBI files released today do not include any materials about that death investigation.

-- Harriet Ryan

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Why is Dr. Murray still allowed to practice medicine? Why does the medical board indicate no complaints against Dr. Murray? You kill someone and no one complains? Why is the District Attorney wasting precious resources raiding legal marijuana dispensaries while giving Dr. Murray a pass for his lethal prescription practices. It makes no sense.

Michael Jackson was murdered, and I hope the FBI after torturing him for years will at least help bring those involved in the murder of Michael Jackson to justice.

When will the media allow MJ to rest in peace?

Why don't you media let Michael rest in peace? Why bring out past allegations of this or that? Haven't you harmed him enough? The 2 previous posts are correct. Why is the doctor not charged already?

"The files alluded to a 1997 child pornography probe involving the pop star in which no charges were filed. "

The ONLY involvement Michael Jackson had with this investigation is someone wrote his name on a VHS tape that was seized by US Customs. It wasn't found on Michael Jackson or his property, and had nothing to do with him at all. Just some sick person's idea of a joke to label the tape with Michael Jackson in the title.

Of course, the insinuation by the LA Times is clear: "Jackson was involved in child porn." You guys really ought to stop jumping to quick (and false) conclusions.

WanttoKnow: Nothing makes sense these days, especially where celebrities are concerned. We live in an inverted society, especially in the Los Angeles area.

I see now that saying:'what goes around comes around"
is true to form. I read in recent times, right after Michael's death one of his accusers father committed
suicide shortly after. You just don't do people wrong and expect to get away with it. Now that Judas Iscariot lost his life, I hope that the others that were behind his trying to make something so beautiful seem so filthy, get the point!!! His mother is the one suffering and I know that in God's eyes he sees that " touching one of mine is like touching my eyeball." His mother (Katherine) is one of God's child and her being hurt by her child being falsely accused touches God's eyeball. Get it Latoya?
And to the rest of you money hungry, greedy, extorshniners get a life.

"Portions of a voluminous file the FBI kept on Michael Jackson were made public today at the request of media organizations...." - Why is this? That's really what struck me the most. Why would the media make such a request, and whose business is it to get inside a deceased person's FBI file anyway? Of course, he's not here to defend himself, and if he did anything wrong, he is not here to be called to justice. So, what is this REALLY about? Morbid curiosity or just being morbid.

Enought with MJ. He made some goods songs, but that is it. He was a freak. Not a saint. And all you hardcore fans, you all are a bunch of nuts.

Okay, my first post wasn't approved. Let me try this. Michael Jackson was an entertainer, not a humanitarian. Enough with this dude. Have you all forgotted about our sons and daughters in the military? Or the economy? I feel so sorry for you if your world revolves around this clown. I feel bad for your kids. Come the anniversary of his passing, I will be celebrating Conrad Murray day with a six pack.

Finally Michaels name is being vindicated in regards to those false accusations of molestations, its a shame it took his death for everyone to see it.

As time goes by there will be more clarifications in regards to Michael, and hopefully now all those MJ haters can swallow there tongues and keep there mouth shut from spreading lies about him.

Love you Michael and I cant wait see you soon in paradise earth, when the world becomes a better place with no hate and crime. And we will finally have life with out end at last. Salms 37:29 Rev 21:4.


So he died in like June and we're still talking about him..... wow thats kind of sad.... thousands of people die every day and we still talk about the guy who died like almost half a year ago..... sorry people but thats really sad

Justice for Michael. Media leave Michael alone in death, you have done enough damage by not allowing him to live.

Ah America - the land of the FREE - what a joke. Just look at the slime running America in Washington DC.

There is nothing really new - if anything, it shows that Santa Barbara's prosecutor called in the FBI and STILL couldn't make charges stick.

Instead of wasting time on probing the unfounded child molestation charges against Michael Jackson, the FBI should have spent their time on something more important. I have always had a great deal of respect for the FBI, but seeing how stupid they are, ie. using tabloid as their source, I am beginning to lose respect. I certainly hope the FBI is currently working on the Michael Jackson's death case, instead of pursuing some other celebrities. If after 10 years of investigation by the FBI, no evidence was found against Michael Jackson, I believe from now, no one should not be allowed to even hint at the possibility that he has molested anyone. His name is cleared.


thw fbi people are totally dumb they need to let michael jackson rest in peace and leave him alone he went home to god will someone shout the fbi people

I agree with Eleanor, we live in an inverted society: the media rather than inform misinform; justice rather than pursue the culprits pursues the innocent, the victim instead of being defended is victimized! It makes no sense. MICHAEL is THE PUREST PERSON in this world! He deserves LOVE, RESPECT AND JUSTICE! Why are the media organizations INTERESTED in publishing these files? And instead of publishing all this false stuff, WHY IS NOT FBI INVESTIGATING THE MURDER OF MICHAEL JACKSON?

Ex-District Attorney Tom Sneddon has been painstakingly removing from all public forums the upload of his press conference on November 19th 2003, where he announced that Michael Jackson was to be multiply charged. This clip, once widely available has been removed and needs to be tracked down. It shows, more clearly than my words ever could - the unprecedented level of vested interest and state collusion that had been mobilized against Mr Jackson. To say, he didn't stand a chance is an understatement. What people fail to realize is this: win or lose, the state won the 2005 case. Only the most imperceptive still believe that an anaesthetic killed Michael Jackson. What killed him, was being put through a baseless, protracted trial that depleted his spirit and dignity on a daily basis in front of the relentless glare of the world's lens. Even when acquitted, the media continued to vilify Michael whilst choosing to simply ignore a verdict they found economically inconvienient. Find the Sneddon clip, all you clever little journalists - and show the world the 'integrity' of Mr Jackson's 15 year adversary. What do the FBI files show? That when it comes to wasting taxpayer's money - Tom Sneddon is the best in the business.

Michael Jackson absolutely was one of America's greatest humanitarians. it doesn't take much to look it up. donating an estimated $300mill - $500mill of his own money to charity was not the whole of his contributions to the betterment of the human condition. yes, he found a poor young child a liver so to help give her an opportunity at life when she was expected to die. yes, he visited many many orphanages, donating beds and other much needed supplies for children in dire need of support. yes, he had medical supplies air lifted to a war torn Serbia and Croatia. yes, he gave people reason to hope... these are only a few acts from the heart that this man took the time to do as a HUMANITARIAN. when will he be recognized for this by the main stream media, as so much of it is wholey unknown by the general public (in part, because MJ didn't do any of it for media attention)?
i so completely agree with what Gandalf had written regarding pornography not linked to MJ, and DebraFfrench's comments including Sneddon. in addition i say, STOP the injustice that the media forever inflicts upon Michael Jackson. you can no longer make anything out of nothing...not even the FBI, certain law enforcement, numerous extortionists, or Sneddon could. and hell, they tried EVERYTHING. all their attempts proved was that Michael was nothing less than INNOCENT, all along having to endure countless attacks against his character. STOP the attacks, and feeding hateful attacks, on this good man's character.

the fbi and the lapd dogged this man for ten years and came up with nothing because he was INNOCENT..jordan chandler threaten legal action if they tried to get him to testify in 2005.once again points to their extortion job on mj..that family then lied to the media and said they were thinking of testifing allthe while blocking it..how sad this mans life was ruined by tablaoid lies and innuendo..ten years of tabloid stories tracked down by the fbi....all lies..sixteen computers checked for porn by fbi on behalf of lapd..none.that was ten months before the 2005 trial..if the boy said he was shown porn and tom snedddon knew that could not be the case because they were checked already by the fbi then he went ahead with this trial knowing mr jackson was innocent..just a personal vendetta because mj made fun of him in song.pathetic..what about mr jacksons civil rights being violated ..would anyone care to look into that??



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