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Brittany Murphy was ill before her death, husband says; coroner still investigating

Brittany Murphy was feeling ill before she died Sunday at her Hollywood Hills home, but officials said it could take weeks before they establish a cause of death.

Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, told "Access Hollywood" that the actor had recently seen a doctor about what they thought was a minor illness.

“She had laryngitis,” he said. “She had been tired at the end of the year. She had made a couple movies.”

The medical examiner has completed Murphy's autopsy, but an official cause of death will be deferred until tests determine what substances, if any, were in her system that might have contributed to her death, said Ed Winter, a spokesman for the coroner's office.

Murphy, 32, died of a sudden cardiac arrest. A law enforcement source, who declined to be named because of the ongoing investigation, said Murphy suffered internal bleeding before her death.

It was unclear if an underlying medical condition might have caused or contributed to her death, officials said. Murphy, who appeared in "Clueless" and "8 Mile," was taking prescription drugs for medical ailments, authorities said.

LAPD officials said today that they have finished their initial investigation into Murphy's death and concluded there were no signs that a crime occurred.

--Andrew Blankstein

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My condolances go to the family of Brittany Murphy may she rest in peace.This star will always shine.

Just keep on living in denial about drug abuse in Bollywood.. liberals with their anything goes attitude and never taking any responsibility have blood on their hands..

why does EVERYTHING have to be a democrat/republican issue? Give me a SMALL break! A young lady lost her life- it has nothing to do with politics!

Get over yourself, Dave, and come back to earth when you've done so.

Also, what's with the Bollywood comment? Are the evil liberals ruining Indian cinema too?

Dave: Don't you mean Hollywood? Bollywood is India's version....

@ Dave...
dude..really? c'mon. This post has NOTHING to do with conservative or liberal views. Oh and I hope "Bollywood" was a typo, because otherwise your post went from ridiculous to flat out stupid.
FYI, if drug use (and that is an IF until toxicology says otherwise) was an issue, then she wouldn't be the first or last to succumb to it... and not to burst your bubble, but there are PLENTY of so-called conservative people who abuse drugs as well. So please, for your own sake if you must share your opinion, at least have it be an educated one.

Now, about the actual topic.
My heart goes out to her family. Especially her mother and husband. Whatever the cause of death was, we must remember that this woman was a daughter, a wife, sister and friend.. and that her loss has been devastating to those who actually knew and loved her.

Dave: You poor ignorant little "man". Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict. He is no liberal.
Drug abuse (and addiction) is a serious problem, and it has nothing to do with what political ideals you subscribe to.
Damn I wish people (yeah like you Dave) would think a little bit before posting meaninless political diatribe.
You seem to be way too misinformed to be using the internet anyway. Go educate yourself on drug abuse and addiction, then come comment on it. Idiot.

I directed Brittany Murphy in one of her early films, "Freeway," and remember her as a very young actress who was wonderful to work with and who just thinking about over the years always brought a smile to my face. Being in her presence was a joy and everyone I've known who ever worked with her felt the same.

I cannot begin to imagine the terrible pain her loved ones must be going through. My condolences go out to all of them, especially her mother, Sharon, whom I also fondly remember. I am so sorry that this tragedy has descended on them.

She seemed to be a sweet person. Something stinks, however, with her husband being so sick just last month. The toxicology reports will probably not put either one of them in the best light now, unfortunately.

I did hear years ago from a very reliable source that she was bulimic, and she certainly did not appear to be healthy in recent months. Let's hope this is a wake-up call for everyone, celebrity or not. Very sad.

Just another day in Hollywood. Another star dies of an overdose.

"There is nothing new under the sun."

I am personally saddened by the death of this actress. She was a shining star who tried too hard to live by the edict that Hollywood sets as standards for female stars...be ridiculously thin or be rejected. If this applied to actors there wouldn't be a majority of them on the screen (right Alec, right John T.?) My heart goes out to her family and close friends. She was wonderful.

Dave, get a life!

I was a fan and find this very sad. It seems from this end that her mother was an enabler. How could you not see this coming? Another good one gone.

Dave; You come off like an ignorant reactionary who parrots what he hears on Rush Windbag's show. This story is in no way related to the "Hollywood" culture. People of all political persuations die from heart attacks and drug overdoses (if that played a role in Ms. Murphy's death -- I'm not advocating that is the case).

Geeze ! How many famous folks have died mysteriously and prematurely due to "cardiac arrest" this year? Hmmm... We all know from experience what the real culprit probably is. This is yet another example of how big of a problem prescription drug abuse is in Hollywood. They sure arent the only ones but it seems that they have far easier accessibility. Those doctors who are involved this misuse should have their licenses revoked. I think this situation also speaks to the more widespread issue of people's tendency to try and medicate their problems away. Whatever happened to exercising and taking up a hobby to help ease the downs associated with life- oh, wait a minute, theyre are lots of quick fixes for those too (i.e. weight loss pills and twitter).

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy...

Matthew Bright: I used your film "Freeway" as an example to a friend of the kind of amazing character work this woman did before she drifted into the romantic lead zone. I remember being blow away by her.
May she rest in peace.

What Dave is trying to say is when a Hollywood celebrity has a substance abuse problem, the media says "this actor had demons which they were fighting". But when a conservative Republican like Limbaugh does, they gloat about "a pill popping hypocrite with a major character flaw". See the difference? It's your moral relativism showing liberals. You judge people based on their views, not their actions.

Death, a metabolic affliction causing total shutdown of all life functions, has long been considered humanity's number one health concern. Responsible for 100 percent of all recorded fatalities worldwide, the condition has no cure.

It seems she should have went to a doctor earlier if she was experiencing shortness of breath and bad abdominal pain for a week. People are jumping the gun and saying overdose. Let's wait until all the facts are in until we place blame.


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