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Actor Charlie Sheen arrested in Aspen


Actor Charlie Sheen was arrested Christmas morning in an alleged domestic violence incident in Aspen, Colorado, authorities said.

Sheen, whose real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief and was being held with no bond, according to a news release from the Aspen Police Department.

Police said they were called to 320 West Hallam Street in Aspen at 8:34 a.m. because of “a domestic violence situation,” according to the release. The alleged victim was not identified.

An ambulance arrived at the scene, but the alleged victim did not need to be transported to the hospital, authorities said. Sheen, 44, of Encino, is being held at the Pitkin County Jail.

Sheen was also arrested in an alleged domestic violence incident in 1996 when a 24-year-old woman told authorities that he pushed her to the floor during an argument at his Agoura home.

--   Ari B. Bloomekatz

Sheen booking photo (Aspen Police Department)

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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree though.

Sheen young wife was smart hurry and have babies by the highest paid t.v. star..It amaze me how the old men get hooked by the young hotties who only want their money and a baby before their clock run out.Denice was right!!

Back to rehab?????????????

Typical Hollywood THUG where all will be forgiven. Maybe he should keep his relationships limited to the Heidi Fleiss types.

A little too much eggnog and not the right gift. not a good combo.

Another liberal Democrap enjoying the holidays with his family.

When you are political,which he is,trying to awaken the mindless masses in this country.You fill the need in your soul to do the right thing.But the flip side of the coin is you have marked youself to the system,and trust me,they will try to slam him!He does have an ace up his sleeve in that he's got some money and connections.I am a fan only of his political activism.

Fred, what does your comment mean? I do not recall Sheen's father, Martin being involved in a domestic violence dispute.

You have to understand that Colorado is a neo-fascist state with the strictest and most ludicrous "domestic violence" laws in the universe. You can be arrested for "domestic violence" in CO if you glare at a person with whom you have had a relationship.....50 years ago!!!

did he throw apples at a lady?

Just put the toys together, BEFORE you start drinking Charlie !

I believe this to be a psyop by the American Govt. as Charlie Sheen has been exposing the 911 eevents of 2001 to a high degree, so the political powers that be are out to discredit his name and credibility! It certainly looks like a petty arrest Re:An ambulance arrived at the scene, but the alleged victim did not need to be transported to the hospital, authorities said.
Anything to hide the tyranny that has been going on in our Governments for all the years since 911!

Carlos or Charlie is back in the news again. He has been a good guy the last 5 or 6 years. I thought he stopped hanging out with strippers.

Obviously a big loser! I'm tired of hearing about him and his inability to have a relationship with any woman other than a hooker!

Guess what? --turns out SHE was drunk when she made the 911 call --and later recanted her allegation --whole thing was made up


Just wanted to say, Daveozone and Btok are very intuitive, smart individuals. keep up the good work. I'm sure Charlie approves of it and would want to thank you

Apparently Charlie was pissed off because Santa didn't give him a back of coke for christmas. He just got a sweater from grandma.

In allot of states they have to arrest someone in domestic disputes. Literally as long as she called the cops Charlie was getting arrested. Even if all he did was bang on the door and yell at her. Domestic Dispute laws are so on the side of the women regardless of the situation.
Lets hold off on judgement until both sides are heard.
And since when is someone Charlie's age an old man?

Charlie Sheen has recently begun to speak out about 9/11 truth trying to get a response from the President for a new investigation because of all the things that were hidden.

9/11 was clearly an inside job of some sort and the ruling class of the USA doesn't want the public to know...I bet this is a clear attempt to send ol' Charlie a message to quit bringing up a subject the mainstream media doesn't want to be brought up.

Don't believe me? Search 'Charlie Sheen 20 minutes with the president'

And why is that Sheen going to jail is big news, but him wanting to ask the President questions isn't? Just more propaganda brainwashing by the mainstream media.

He is so mis-understood!!!!

911 was an inside job. How many Mossad and how long did it take them to set all the nano thermate explosives in the World Trade Towers and Building 7? Charlie will use his celebrity to continue exposing government criminality? I sure hope so. This domestic violence industry ruins many lives. Money to pay the lawyers to deal with the criminal complaint, lawyers to deal with the family court matters, monitors to see one's kids, lawyers to fight to keep your professional job, guns taken, money and time to attend anger management classes... By the time the average guy is close to done, he's lost his house, can't see his kids, can't make the child support payments and gets another case, is barred from his own house, loses the job and if he didn't touch the ms. is oftentimes labeled a terrorist. With the goal being to impoverish Americans, the dv industry is a most useful tool. The real crazies whack the gals regardless of restraining orders, in essence the system serves its' purpose to ruin the lives of countless men. Good going Illuminati planners.

What a shame!! This was his kids first Christmas He should of been home with them and the new wife. He looks so wasted.!!!!! I will pray for you charlie.

I don´t know much about appletrees but I know that apples can fall even very far from the tree.

Its no surprise. Charlie Sheen has a history of beating up his ladies. He's just a well-paid (for now, umm, lets see how long his sitcom or "acting" career lasts) LOSER and BEATER and nothing special.

Charlie wake up. Charlie could have avoided the whole situation.

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