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Students storm UCLA building to protest expected UC system fee increase [Updated]

About 30 students stormed UCLA’s Campbell Hall and barricaded the doors with chains and bike locks early this morning to protest a student fee increase that is expected to be endorsed by the University of California’s Board of Regents today.

Me-UCfees19 [Updated at 8:39 a.m.: The UC Regents have started to meet, and hundreds of students have surrounded the building, protesting the proposed fee hike.]

Students who spent the night were sprawled outside Campbell Hall in sleeping bags. They carried posters and signs that read, “Don’t take our education away” and “Don’t privatize, democratize.” Many wore bandannas over their faces.

Dozens of other students spent the night camped out in tents on top of Parking Structure 4. Hundreds of other students are expected to join the protesters and demonstrate at the UC Regents meeting that will take place later today.

The proposed two-step student fee increase would raise UC undergraduate education costs more than $2,500, or 32%.The annual cost of a UC education, not including campus-based fees would rise to $10,302.

Kyle Tramberly, a junior at UC San Diego, said he did not sleep since arriving at UCLA late Wednesday night.

“I’m here in solidarity with people across the state of California that are being subjugated to these outrageous fee increases,” he said. “I can’t afford the fee increases, personally. I have to take out private loans in order to cover this. It’s completely unjust to put the burden on students.”

A key committee of the UC Regents backed the two-step hike Wednesday, despite appeals from students who urged the board to at least postpone a vote. About 500 student and labor-union activists demonstrated outside the meeting. Fourteen were arrested.

-- My-Thuan Tran

Photo: Students march in front of Covel Commons at UCLA, where regents will be voting on a fee increase later in the day. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

Masked250 Audio: Statement from demonstrators

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stop the whining. go out and get a second job to make up the difference. the protesters actions are indicative of the entitlement mentality that is taking over, and destroying our country.

This is what happens when students believe the government should be their mothers and fathers. This is what happens when students believe that government owes them a education.
Obama and his socialist/marxist ideas are taking away the hard working ethic of the past.

It is only getting tougher for our young adults to obtain an education. What is not right is that Convicted Felons in California get their education fees WAIVED that is not right. They receive degrees from various universities and community colleges for free THAT IS NOT RIGHT!!!!. Commit a crime go to prison receive a free education. (degrees) For $5.00 receive medical care, dental and free medication, free mental health assistance, free Prenatal for females, free deliveries. What is wrong with this picture!!!! what message is this sending.

Why don't these students take their protest to Sacremento's inept government? The University is responding to CA budget cuts and it's not The Regents fault for wanting to maintain the level of education prior to the cuts that Sacremento has made. As they say, you get what you pay for and do these students want lesser education?

It appears that UC costs are artificially low. Sooner or later, this can't continue.

Go for it! Something has to be done about this situation.

The most feckless, inept governor and legislature in the country are slowly destroying California.

WE are in a recession. The state is broke. Where is the money going to come from? Everyone is struggling, so students will have to struggle too. Work hard, get a summer job. There is still financial aid available, so why not exhaust your options (and how about yourself?!) before you "take to the streets."

Do these kids understand how much of their education is subsidized?

Bunch of whiners. Won't show their faces to support their cause because their heart really isn't in it, they just want an excuse to be morons.

Education and freedom aren't free! You aren't owed anything just because you're under 30 years of age.

Its the voters fault.
This is what happens when you vote in corrupt spending leaders like obama, pelosi and reid. tax, tax tax, spend, spend, spend. It will only get worse until you vote these spenders out!

california state college students should only feel soo lucky rutgers which is NJ's state college is nearing 15k annual tuition b4 room and board for in state students.

When I started at UCLA in 2002 the fees were around $4,000/year
When I graduated in 2006 the fees were over $6,000/year
Now they're going up to $10,000/year?!

We are letting public higher education die in CA. We need a state where it doesn't take a super majority to raise a tax. This is disgusting. Enjoy your low property taxes and watch the state crumble around you. Education in our democracy is apparently only for the rich.

JKeyes, try telling that to those students who seek an education but whose families are barely making ends meet while holding down multiple jobs. I'm sure they'll change their lazy Marxist ideals.

Jkeyes doesn't seem to understand the concept of "public education." And the students aren't being socialists, but rather, informed consumers in a capitalist society: they're being asked to pay a lot more for a lot less, and they're protesting. Sounds like democracy to me.
But yes, if we're going to strike a blow against public education and other "socialist" ideas, let's do it. I hope that Jkeyes doesn't call the police the next time he needs them, or the fire department, and avoids driving completely on paved roads, since all of those are paid for by taxes and public money.

Who is going to pay for the increase? The Students? The faculty? The Tax Payer?

As a tax payer I am tired of paying? So why not have these students protesting ask their instructors to take a pay cut?

Nah.....that would not be PC. The stupid California taxpayers will pay.

Will the last CA taxpayer turn off your large screen TV before you leave the state.


I went to UCLA. I think the article must have "forgot" to mention that Campbell Hall is where all of the "ethnic organizations" and classes are held. As a combat veteran, white student, I was not welcome in Campbell hall. I wonder why the rest of the students aren't protesting in Powell Hall or Kirchoff Hall? Maybe there is a clue here somewhere.

Does anyone else think it is funny that students are protesting fee hikes alongside workers demanding pay raises?

Maybe the students should get a refund on their tuition for a faulty education.

If you follow the news regarding the UC's, the Regents conveniently vote for a pay raise for themselves every couple years while trying to increase tuition for students. Isn't it ironic that the Regents claim the fee increase is needed to face the budget deficit, yet will not make any concessions themselves? Voting for an increase in salary is not a concession.

JKeyes, you are an idiot. I am assume you are one of those imbeciles who believes everything you hear on foxnews and frankly, you are making us educated caucasians look vapid.

Babysitting is expensive, hence fee increase. Duh...

Sorry but I will not participate in the thinking that these fee hikes and university cuts are "inevitable." Education should be a priority for California and not "sold" off to the highest bidder like LAUSD is doing with charter schools. I support these students and hope that they can continue to voice their opposition against Yudof, the Regents, and Sacramento, who consistently support and fund prison industries but not California youth.

This is a tragedy which will only grow worse. That said, to blame Obama is insane. "Leaders" of CA are the guilty parties. Blaming the President for the mismanagement of the state is a cop-out.

Cynthia, you're silly. Convicted felons, despite you claiming they get free education and other perks, aren't commensurate with people who attend UCLA. There's a huge disparity in character and achievement from these two.

And for all you who are unaware, UCLA and Cal are some of most left institutes in the country...It's not just Obama.

Tax every business to death, shut down the water to the Central Valley, and look what you get.

Well done Democrats! Smelt for dinner tonight?

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