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University of California student fees could increase by more than $2,500

A UC Board of Regents committee is expected to recommend a series of highly controversial increases in student fees today that would raise undergraduate education costs by more than $2,500, or 32%, in two steps by next fall.

The first will be a $585 rise in undergraduate fees for the rest of the current academic year. Then for next fall, students will see another $1,344 on top of that. It will bring the basic UC education fees to about $10,300, along with about $1,000 in campus-based fees.

That does not include room, board and books, which can add another $16,000.

The Regents' committee action was expected to be met by large protests inside and outside the UCLA meeting hall, where the finance committee was to vote.

The full board is expected to give final approval Thursday.

-- Larry Gordon at UCLA

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UC might consider cutting some of the $400K + positions before it raises fees. Lately it seems like it's run more for the benefit of the administrators than the students.

Here is a solution instead of Increasing the fees on these students why not close a number of the campuses and fire some of the professors.

I think that might work. What do you think?

Another dangerous sign of the widening gap between rich and poor. Ubiquitous access - based on merit - to higher education is one of several waning variables preventing this country from deteriorating into complete breakdown. Without a middle class we are lost, affluent economy or not; read a little history if you don't agree with me.

Noooooooooo! What are they going to take next, my shoes?

And STILL UC gives 1400 ILLEGALS, FREE kidney transplants and life-long dialysis!!! YOU read it in the L.A. Times, earlier this year!!! Don't forget to thank your Democratic Party which has CONTROLLED CA for 50 years!!! You should RE-ELECT ALL of them in Nov 2010 and 2012, as your way of saying 'THANK YOU, DEMOCRATS for bankrupting us, to provide for ILLEGALS and all those FORMER WELFARE RECIPIENTS NOW ON GOVERNMENT PAYROLLS, doing nothing, still." Any wonder why we FLED L.A. in 2004? We saw the proverbial 'writing on the wall.' YOU MUST READ (and COMPREHEND) the L.A. Times.... it's ENLIGHTENMENT!!!

That's okay, as long as their majesties the state workers continue being treated like royalty.

it has to be done.

This is silly. If you spend too much you have to make cuts. Don't pass off the debt to a generation of students that is going to have the most difficult finding a job once they graduate.

Given the fact that it only cost around $16,000 for a quality education, it is still a bargain. Just think about the money you will make with your degree! You can start around $50,000 your first year, and it only gets better as time passes.

What the hell, only the well off can afford to send their children to college these days, unless you qualify for a athletic scholarship.

It's fair that people getting most of the benefit from an investment pay for most of the cost. We don't want to deny people an education because of finances, but they can pay for their education with loans that are paid off when they're making professional wages. That's what I did at a private college in Boston.

Why do the students have to pay for the poor managment of State funds? All the State has to do is stop giving illegals free money. That would save our students from having to pay more for the right to an education. Also, stop funding illegal students so that legal students can get a fair share of their parents hard earn tax money.

I know it must be frustrating for these students to see yet another increase in their tuition/fees, but because the UC's are public universities, the State of California is still subsidizing the majority of the cost for their education. I happen to work at a private university where the cost of attendance is more than double what the UC's are proposing, and many of our students are forced to take out student loans to cover the costs. The UC students will just have to do the same. They are still getting their quality education at a bargain price, even at 32% more in tuition/fees.

The entire state is hurting right now and everyone, everywhere is seeing an increase in the costs for just about everything. Do I like having to pay nearly 10% in sales tax while still having to drive over poorly paved roads in Los Angeles? Of course not, but there is not enough money to go around and so the costs for things like education must increase to make up the difference. These students are still getting a first-rate education at great public universities at a reasonable price.

Join the military and let the gov. pay your tutions. That's what coming to anyway when you need a higher education in the future.

Would people stop complaining? That is a bargain already. A UC education for that price is already a good deal. The UC system has to go with the times -- i.e. inflation and other education challange expenses.

Why do we insist as a state to fund prison after prison instead of schools. A weel educated populace will not only vote more but not commit crime due to having a good paying job. Shut the prisons down and release the funds back to the school system. You think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Politicians won't raise taxes so they can run for re-election as the NO TAX INCREASE candidate, but they have no problems fee-ing and service charging you to death.

NO money for EDUCATION, but BILLION for Karzai and his cronies, the degenerate religious whackos in Iraq, how about more WAR TOYS from our war-mongering firms, and more EXTRAORDINARILY EXPENSIVE ($250 million a 'pop') C17s, that the Pentagon DOESN'T WANT, NOR NEED?

Sure Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer LOVE war when it generates jobs at home for campaign contributors.....YOUR choice people; keep RE-electing the same tired rich mega millionaires in Congress, and YOU foot their bills. Did you see how Rumsfeld (Bush's chief Iraq architect) who is the major shareholder of Gilead - maker of those questionable flu shots, is getting even richer from having his Party cronies DEMAND you buy his flu shots?

Most of the UC students are probably attending their institutions on borrowed money. Even 8 years ago when I was freshman,a student paying everything out of his own pocket was relatively rare. So if you took out 50 thou plus in loans (depending on the majors), a fee increase of 2,500 is really a drop in the bucket. The regents understand this.

Congratulations - the UC Regents have now made it almost impossible for both of my children (ages 20 and 22) to transfer as juniors to a UC school. There goes their chances at receiving the "guaranteed" available higher education for California residents (both were born here). I have no idea where we will come up with $10,302 x 2 (not counting books, room/board, etc.), especially when I had no idea how we could come up with the original amount. Both my children have been attending a Community College in hopes to transfer. I am also, as I was hoping to transfer to finally obtain my bachelor's degree, but I guess that's put off again in light of these increases. Gee, maybe if they decreased what they pay their football coaches and those high up in the universities' administration, they wouldn't have to raise the student fees. But no, GREED is the big factor - no one wants to give up the style of living they have become accustomed to. My husband had to take a pay cut, I haven't had an increase, and we've had to adjust. However, now our costs for a higher education are sky rocketing (by leaps and bounds) and there is no hope or end in sight, because apparently the UC Regents don't care. I'd like to see some of them live on our combined salaries and put 3 people through college. I guess as long as they have theirs ...

During the bubble the preceded this recession, prudent people paid off their debts, stocked money away for the future, and resisted the temptation to spend right up to or even beyond their current income. Why is it impossible for California state government and Los Angeles city government to do the same? Why do they insist on increasing their obligations right up to the limits of transient increases in revenue? In addition, this is an expensive state. Not everyone can afford to live here. Yet, our generous welfare benefits amount to paying poor people to live in California. You most always get more of whatever you subsidize and less of whatever you punish. If we continue to subsidize poverty, and if tax rates on the wealthy become punitive, California will attract more and more people who can't support themselves, while the self-sufficient will flee the state. This is unsustainable.


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