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Swiss court agrees to grant Polanski bail, but he remains behind bars for now [Updated]

 Polanski2004epacaetanobarreiraA court in Zurich, Switzerland, has accepted Roman Polanski's request for bail, but he will remain in prison for now.

A Swiss Justice Ministry spokesman told the Associated Press that the court today approved a $4.5-million bail for the famed director, who faces extradition to Los Angeles to be sentenced for unlawful intercourse with a 13-year-old girl more than three decades ago.

Under the bail plan, Polanski would be under electronic monitoring at his Swiss chalet until the justice system decides whether he should be sent to Los Angeles, Justice Ministry spokesman Folco Galli told the AP. But Polanski will remain behind bars until the ministry decides whether to appeal the court's decision for bail.

Polanski has vowed to fight extradition, and the process could take months or more.

The director was arrested in Zurich as he came to the city to attend a film festival. He is considered a fugitive ever since he fled L.A. just before being sentenced in 1978.

Swiss authorities have said Polanski would face as many as two years in prison if he is returned to Los Angeles.

[Updated at 8:24 a.m.: The Los Angeles County district attorney's office declined to comment on the Swiss court's decision to grant bail.

Swiss officials have in the past rejected Polanski's request for bail, saying he was a flight risk.]

-- Shelby Grad and Andrew Blankstein

Photo: L.A. Times file

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Ten minutes after Roman Polanski post bail.

RP: So long suckers!! See you in France.

The bail, the house arrest, and the monitoring won't impede him at all from returning to France as soon as he possibly can. He's a coward.

Please, someone stop this out of control DA office from wasting any more of our money (which we don't have) on this case and the stupid medical marijuana fiasco. Put an end to the insanity!

If Polanski jumps bail . . . who gets the bail? The Swiss government, most likely. It is a bonus for all they have gone through dealing with Polanski but it is truly a slap in the face of justice, of the United States and of the victim. What a disappointment that the Swiss court could be bought . . . they sold out the U.S. Shame on them. Four and a half million dollars might be small change to Polanski unless one knows his true wealth. If he is only worth $5 million, total, than $4.5 million is considerable. But, as believed, he is worth more than fifty million it is less than 10% of his wealth. I am guessing he will be back in France for Christmas . . . a bracelet only works when you have officials close-by to stop him fleeing. How many officials are at the ready near his Swiss chalet in a resort area? Bad decision, for sure. The Swiss disappoint.

After he escapes, who gets to keep the $4.5 million? Switzerland or LA?

If they let him out on bail, I'll bet France will send a special ops team to extract him from his chalet in the dead of night.

It's time we all acknowledge that the man is a coward and will never atone for what he did that day. I say forget it, it's Chinatown.

Yet another example of how there is one special system of justice for the rich and famous, and another for the rest of us. Polanski is the Poster Child for Fugitives, and his release - funded no doubt in large part by his fellow Hollywood Elitists - will be quickly followed by his abrupt return to the safe haven of his native France. Frankly, the whole thing reeks of abject cowardice wafting up from everyone involved.

Suprised that gov't allowed that man to sit in that jail for as they did.Afterall,the cultural phenomenon that surrounds this type of behavior has gripped the world.Why have laws which protect children from these type of people?There is always enough money to buy their way out of,inflict fear in these children,allow for children to build their own networks or forms of justice to inflict harm or burden on ohters while these lawmakers enable people without conscious or care to continue these abuses.

He'll be back in France once he out of jail.

Bail! Why is a fugitive even considered for bail?

And WHO put up that bail...his "Hollywood" friends?

Polanski has already proven that he is a runner.

He should stay locked up and the extradtion process should take it's course.

This time I really, really , really promise with sugar on top that I won't jump bail. Roman.

Well, now Roman has the option of waiting in luxury as his appeal goes down, then if he doesn't like it, cut the monitor, and hang out in the south of France.

I tell ya, with a good lawyer and a little cash, you can do anything. OJ and Roman two personal heros of the 20th century

Brilliant. Grant bail to a man who has already proved that he is a flight risk and has been a fugitive from justice for decades.

On the plus side, it'll be a quick 4.5 M for the Swiss - I guess they needed a new source of revenue now that they can't shelter billionaire tax evaders anymore.

I believe all the comments listed below reflect what will really happen with Polanski. He ran before and he;'ll run again. The Swiss Government showed their true colors by allowing this to happen again. THis is just one more case to PROVE that there is Inequality under the law. If you have enough money and Political pull, you can do anything and not face the same consequences as those who do not.
Look at California with Schwartzeneger, he and his wife park in Red Zones, Drive Mororcycles and get in crashes with not ticketing and whats the worst that happens? They get warnings? Go figure. Go ahead and check. The CHP's did not ticket him when he was driving a motorcycle a few years ago and got in a wreck even though he didn't have a license to drive it. About a month ago his wife was caught talking on a cell phone without a handless set attached. No ticket. Recently both were seen parking in Red parking zones with no tickets. No wonder the CHP retirement is TOTALLY paid for by the taxpayers of California without them contributing one penney. People like Schwartzeneger and his wife will take care of them and vica versa.
As far as POlanski, why don't you ask Schwartzeneger his thoughts on Polanski. I think most of you can already guess what they are.

Take it like MAN Polanski, or at least a 13 year old girl.

This is ridiculous!Quit wasteing tax payers money on this 30 year old case.Let it go people.California is broke but the have money to waste on this loser.INCREDIBLE!

Jake Gittes: He's rich! Do you understand? He thinks he can get away with anything. ("Chinatown", 1974)

Of course he's going to flee - who's in charge over there?

This is pathetic-he is a child molester!! In the United States if you miss traffic court you are given a no bail warrent, what is wrong with the Swiss? He is facing two years in prison (but most likely will get probation) not the death penalty..EXTRODITE HIM!

Sorry, there is a lady in Swiss Covernement, she thought beeing great to arrest Polanski. Switzerland as world police bringing people back to LA (after 31 years), what a dream and help to forgeth other stories happend bedween Switzerland and USA and the daily criminals in the own country (Switzerland).

The only reason the Swiss disappoint is because they are detaining a fugitive of the United States. Totally ridiculous. So what part of Los Angeles is Switzerland in anyways? Hope he makes bail, then jumps it. It's a win/ win situation. At least for Roman, and the Swiss government.

this crime is thirty years old. people today don't really know the facts. it's been boiled down to raping a child and that makes people go insane (as it should.) the trial was almost as shameful as the bad judgment polanski exercised when having sex with such a young girl. there are a few good books and documentaries on the trial. the judge on the case was ridiculous. just because a case goes to court does not mean justice was served. what i want to know is what is going to happen if he makes it back to this country. a new trial? with the way people are talking about him they might just lynch him. good grief people. stop the knee jerking and get the facts.

Roman did the U.S. a huge favor when he self-deported 32 years ago. We should be sending him a fruit basket and thanking him.

Stay tuned!


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