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Protesters march against Prop. 8 in Hollywood

Prop 8 March
More than 200 people are marching north on Vermont Avenue from Santa Monica Boulevard to protest Proposition 8, the measure that banned same-sex marriages in California.

The protest, which grew from about 60 people when it started about 7:30 p.m., was causing traffic jams as police cordoned off adjacent streets, authorities said.

"Traffic is kind of heavy," said Officer Gregory Baek of the Los Angeles Police Department. "Other than that, things are very peaceful."

Many of the marchers, their faces painted in makeup, were decked out in colorful costumes.

The march began at Santa Monica and Vermont. By 8:40 p.m., the protesters were approaching Sunset Boulevard.

--Robert J. Lopez

Photo: Marchers take to the streets against Proposition 8. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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No.....they're not a bunch of freaks and weirdos!!! Not at all.

And you wonder why gay marriage has failed in all 31 states in which it was on the ballot. Try looking in the mirror!!!

Here we go AGAIN??? We have ALREADY voted twice. So when will they stop?? when they get THERE way??

Hey I did not vote for Obama, maybe we shoudl remove hi even thought the majority of American casted their vote for him.

Isn't this how OUR system works??

I am not particularly for or against prop 8 but witnessed the march. I saw somethng different than Mr.Lopez.
Most of the marchers seemed like normal citizens protesting for cival rights to me. I did not notice anyone dressed in " colorful costumes". But it seems like showing normal people does not sell papers does it? Did the Times have pictures of african americans eating watermelons when they protested for their rights?

DJT, what kind of hateful person are you? I am a concerned American when civil rights, equal protection and the freedom of a minority group is put up to popular vote. Sad. Equality now for all Americans, period.


Ever been to Mardi Gras or looked out the window on Halloween? There's also the possibility that they're concerned about backlash from employers with attitudes like yours.

A little self-asessment wouldn't hurt those that supported Prop 8.

If the picture show with the article is indicative of the marchers, it's easy to see why most California voters supported Prop 8.

Who cares! Let them have what them want. Doesn't hurt me.
I think supporters of Prop 8 are just homophobes.
They just do what their churches tell them to do. Sheep.

@DJT & Kristin: I was at the march yesterday, and I would estimate that marchers wearing "makeup & costumes" were at 1% of all protesters. The march was filled with a racially diverse group of men AND women, gay AND straight, young AND old. Of course, the LA Times would never dare to highlight less "dazzling" protesters of hate legislation. Kristin, a bare majority of CA voters supported Prop 8 because, like you, they make judgments based on superficial media and religious images and not on the facts.

@A Concerned American: The better question is,: when will a belligerent majority stop harassing minorities.? This belligerent majority produced anti-American hate legislation in the form of Jim Crow laws, Prop 187, and now anti-gay laws. Our system is not supposed to work this way, but defenders of American liberty will fight this tyranny of the majority through appropriate channels: peaceful protests, education, the courts, and electoral battles. And the fighters for American justice will teach you, A Concerned American, the true meaning of "All Men are Created Equal!"

My last note - I think it is awesome that the fight for equality includes our brothers & sisters in drag. I love that they make bigots feel squeamish. That discomfort must be reminiscent of how plantation owners felt when they saw their former slaves standing up to them as equals.

Time for the freaks to go back into the closet. These people are Nature's mistake

Really, LA Times? There were about five people out of five hundred at the rally last night in costume, and THEY happen to be from a small but very positive organization that does community service work, and yes...they wear costumes. Why are they the focus of the coverage of the event? Would a quote from one of the protest organizers be relevant - about why the protest was happening? Instead, your reporter chose to focus on the more trivial aspects of the event, such as traffic and costumes. Next time, send a reporter who knows how to report news.

To "A Concerned American" and others: personally, I won't stop until I have the same rights you have. There are many cases throughout history where the tyranny of the majority withheld rights from groups they deemed "less than," and EVENTUALLY the world saw those things for the evil they were. So feel free to keep voting against us as long as you want...it's just a vote to you, but it means FREEDOM to me and eventually, we WILL have equality.

If you're easily upset by people dressing outlandishly, maybe you're living in the wrong state. If you're upset that people don't get whatever they vote for when they vote for it, maybe you're living in the wrong country.

Now, maybe the people perpetually surprised that people keep marching over Prop 8 could remedy their confusion by actually thinking about the matter. For those unfamiliar with the process, that involves more than mulling over your own opinions and deciding, "Yup, still how I feel about it." If you can't bring yourself to maybe think about how a gay person may feel, you could at least try thinking about it from how a person who values our country's founding principle of equality feels to have inequality enshrined in the state constitution. We will not stand for it, so you'd do well to quit being surprised with this can of worms you opened.

And by the way, those two costumed "freaks and weirdos" pictured appear to be members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group that does not only political activism but also routine charity work. So before you speak so disrespectfully of them, consider that they may well have done a lot more for their fellow citizens than you ever have.

What lazy reporting. Did anyone think to ask the purpose of the protest. The march was against Question 1 in Maine passing. Also I wasn't at this one but I've been to others where the vast majority of people are dressed normally including couples with children. No wonder the newspaper is dying with stories like this.

First of all, who cares if he's wearing make-up and in costume?? I was right next to that guy last night, he seemed like a very nice person!! and yes, there was a small group of drag queens.. about 8 or 9 of them all dressed up and i thought it was very fun. Hundreds of others were there as well.. gay, straight, all races, old and young..
It just suprises me to see that people are still so judgemental about the LGBT community... grrr!

I find your biased coverage of this event very disappointing and incredibly unprofessional. My friend and I arrived at the rally at a few minutes after 7pm and there were already over 200 people standing on the corner of Santa Monica and Vermont. The numbers grew as the protest moved closer to Silver Lake. You reported:
"The protest, which grew from about 60 people when it started about 7:30 p.m."
Either you can't count, which I doubt, or you have a bias that is affecting your reporting.

Of the crowd, which I was a part of, less than a dozen people were wearing any sort of outrageous clothing or make-up. You reported:
"Many of the marchers, their faces painted in makeup, were decked out in colorful costumes."
"Many" simply is not true and I have photos to back that up! Were you even there? Of course The LA Times decided to represent the march with a photo of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences. I have nothing against The Sisters and their drag, but when 98% of the marcher are in regular street clothes, why did you choose this picture? What if every time there was a Latino event, the The LA Times ran a photo of a guy with a shaved head and gang tattoos? That would show a deliberate bias, do you get my point?

Mr. Robert J. Lopez, I am wondering it you are letting your "religious" beliefs taint your vision, for why else would you deliberately misrepresent the truth of what you witnessed? I'm ashamed for you, that you would stoop so low. Does the LA Time support this sort of yellow journalism?

I pay my taxes and yet I am still considered a 2nd class citizen in a country that my family has been a part of building for over 250 years! There is no logic behind Prop 8, only bigotry and misunderstanding of Gay Families. Mr. Lopez, you are adding to that misunderstanding and your reporting directly affects my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Gay Californians.

I sincerely hope that the next time the LA Times sends a reporter to cover a Gay Rights rally, they can make an effort to find someone who will cover the story honestly and with out bias.

Jeffrey Gent
Los Angeles, CA

GAY is the new BLACK and this is still the 1950's. News Media is still just as biased.

Freak and wierdo, is that mentioned on the poem at the base of Statue of Liberty?

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free... But not the freaks and wierdos. Or people with too many tattoos. Or tongue piercings, those creep me out. Or people who don't talk like me. Or believe like me. Or look like me."

I understand that there are many people who are unhappy that they can't look to the back of the bus anymore to feel superior, but being put off by my appearance does not mean you can veto my citizenship. There is no dress code in the Constitution.

Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

I am the freak in the picture. Imagine my heart stopping when I was perusing the TIMES over breakfast this morning. Usually we, The Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, are photographed and videoed extensively by staffers from every media outlet then edited out because it's true, we ARE just a small piece of a bigger, diverse community. And I accept that.
Personally, I would have featured a picture of The Mora Family, two latino men who were married when it was legal and have two daughters. They already have their license and there they were supporting those who don't. They brought a selfless spirit of commitment to the table that I don't often see.
My sisters and I were there to bring a different spirit. A mortician wears black, a pastor wears robes, a ring master wears buttons and stripes. We wear makeup and drag. In my community, and hopefully, if welcomed, in others, we are among the spirit-givers. It is no mistake or aberation that I wear PINK. It is a color of whimsy and JOY. That is the spirit I intend to bring to whatever group I'm in.
I'm a freak, but it's worth it.

Thank you Sister Buffy! I always love to see you out and about with the other Sisters! You are fabulous and the haters cannot handle your joy. With gang violence, youths gang raping each other and unemployment, why are people fighting against love & commitment? Sad.

The people in the costumes are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They are a huge charity organisation in the gay community and do a lot of good word for both gays and straights. I would like to see you do a fraction of the work they do DJT. I'm sure the south would still be segregated if it were put up to a vote as well, so just because it was passed by a vote doesn't mean it's correct.

Oh, and Concerned American, you might want to check your grammar before you post. Their is the word implying ownership by a group, There refers to a place.

To "A Concerned American": you used the wrong form of their. If you are going to take away the rights of American citizens, you might want to spell check first.

There is absolutely no correlation between your plight for "gay rights" and the inequality that the blacks indured. The Blacks were NOT equal under the constitution. Gay's however ARE equal under the constitution. Gays are allowed to vote, use the same restrooms, go to the same schools, eat at the same establishments, ride on the same bus in a front seat if so desired, and drink out of the same water fountain as straight people do.

Marriage is NOT a guaranteed RIGHT. It's not even a guaranteed right for non-gays.

Just because your garuanteed "the right to pursue happiness" doesn't mean you'll catch it!!

There is absolutely no correlation between the plight for "gay rights" and the inequality that the blacks indured. The Blacks were NOT equal under the constitution. Gay's however ARE equal under the constitution. Gays are allowed to vote, use the same restrooms, go to the same schools, eat at the same establishments, ride on the same bus in a front seat if so desired, and drink out of the same water fountain as straight people do.

Marriage is NOT a guaranteed RIGHT. It's not even a
guaranteed right for non-gays. We have "the right to pursue happiness" but that doesn't mean we'll catch it!!

And Thomas, don't be snippy about grammar because you don't like what someone says. There are PLENTY of errors throughout all the posts including the gay rights supporters. Just because you can spell "organisation" as it is spelled in Europe, doesn't make you superior above anyone else.


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