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Polanski remains in prison as Swiss officials await conditions of bail to be met

Roman Polanski chalet

Roman Polanski remained in a Swiss prison this morning, with officials sayng the terms of his $4.5 million remain unmet.

Officials would not elborate, but reporters outside Polanski's Alpine chalet -- where he will go to live under house arrest -- said workers were plowing snow from the area.

"If the conditions were met, he would be in Gstaad," a Swiss Justice spokesman told the Associated Press

Shoveling snow at Polanski chalet

If Roman Polanski is released on bail,  he will have much more freedom than he did at his Zurich-area jail cell.

A Swiss justice officials was quoted by AFP and Swiss news media as saying Polanski would be allowed to make unlimited phone calls and have full access to e-mail and the Internet. Although he cannot leave his house, he can invite friends over and throw parties at the tony chalet in the ski resort of Gstaad.

"He will have no prison regime," Justice Ministry spokesman Falco Galli told AFP. "He is completely free to determine his daily schedule. It's also up to him to get in food and other supplies."

Police in Gstaad said they might block traffic and restrict access into Polanski's neighborhood if reporters proved disruptive.

A Swiss court ruled last week that Polanski can be set free on $4.5-million bail.

A court will eventually rule whether Polanski should be extradited to Los Angeles to face sentencing for having illegal sex with a 13-year-old more than three decades ago. Swiss justice officials repeatedly had denied his bail requests, saying he is a flight risk.

Under the terms of the bail, Polanski, 76, will be electronically monitored and have his phone calls monitored as well. Gstaad, a village of 2,500 with mountain views, has long been known as a celebrity hangout, having been home to Elizabeth Taylor, Roger Moore and David Niven, among others.

-- Shelby Grad

Photos: A man showel snow at the chalet entrance of film director Roman Polanski, in Gstaad, Switzerland, Monday, Nov. 30, 2009. Polanski is expected to trade the confines of a Swiss jail this week for house arrest in a luxury chalet with a view of the Alps, where he will await a Swiss decision whether to extradite him to the United States. Credit: Michel Euler / Associated Press.

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Polanski is an idol of the far left. It is only right that he be allowed full freedom.
Molesting children is not a crime in Hollywood, as we all know.

Gee, waiting for extradition to the U.S. while hanging out in your luxurious Swiss Chalet - how awful! Polanski you are scum of the lowest order. You sodomized a drunk and drugged 13 year old and called it consensual sex. Your fans and supporters are people we should all note as well.

mr. putanski should be allowed to go free and come back to hollywood. then, he could have consensual sex with his supporte's minor daughters.see how they would support him then.

"Elborate"? hmmm, Is that anything like "elaborate"?

People are underestimating certain 13 year old girls.

What if it was consensual sex by a sexy and lusty teenager and Roman Polanski.

After all the actress Anjelica Huston walked in and out of their performance- and sex continued uninhibited after Huston's exit.

Was the teenage girl mesmerized and in a trance, or was she suffering from learned helplessness, or was she simply enjoying it.

More importantly why didn't she attempt to escape? What person who is being sexually molested doesn't try to escape from their molester? Unless he was holding a knife or gun at her head- why didn't she try to escape or scream for Angelica Huston's help?

The mother should have supervised her "child" in a photo shoot, or not let it happen at all

Has anyone in Los Angeles heard of temptation?

Lead me not into temptation, deliver me from evil.

It is very human to succumb to temptation

It is also very human to be unjust and take advantage of another's weakness.

But in this case who was taking advantage of who? Wasn't the mother by not supervising her underage daughter at work laying a trap for Polanski, and when he acted as men do - she blew the whistle.

It is possible - that Polanski did not intend to take advantage at all and the sex was consensual sex, and even if unlawful, it was still consensual sex.

I hope this case is dismissed soon by Los Angeles. It reeks of injustice and discrimination

I doubt if RP has 4.5M cash lying around, so if friends & supporters are supplying the money it could be that some are now thinking better of their pledge and how they might not want to take such a high risk of forfeiting their money to the Swiss government.

Celebrity Justice, eh....

I don't think the issue is the bail money. They've been negotiating the release for weeks. I think the Swiss are having trouble finding a girl's boarding school that will agree to take Polansky.

Brian Kelly - It doesn't matter one wit if the girl was "lusty", "willing", "play acting", or anything else. What matters is that she was 13 and Polanski was 43. What "man" gives a child - willing or otherwise - a Quaalude and alcohol and then sodomizes her and calls it consenual sex? Do we allow this with adult women and call it consenual sex? No. CLUE: It's never consenual sex when a man has to give the female drugs and alcohol in order to put his penis in her - no matter what the age. And, it's never consenual sex when the man is 43 years old and the female is 13. When the female is 13 and is also drugged and drunk, "consenual" has nothing to do with it. Then, the man is nothing more than a pedophilic predator.

I'm always amazed and saddened by Polanski supporters - they just don't get it. You don't have sex with 13 year olds. You don't drug them or give them alcohol. You don't play with children, no matter how willing, lusty or playful. These are the rules for adults.

Artemis must be living with blinders on. Either that, or could he be blogging from the Moon

There is plenty of consensual sex with a man giving the adult female drugs and alcohol.

If this were not true- then most of the World's alcoholic beverage drinking men would be on trial for non-consensual sex with adult females.


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