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Polanski already punished enough, attorney says in preview of legal strategy

An attorney for Roman Polanski said the famed director has been punished enough for having sex with a 13-year-old girl more than three decades ago, offering clues as to how he might fight extradition to the United States.

Herve Temime, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, said he believes the 42 days that Polanski spend at a California prison for various psychiatric tests back 1978 -- before he was scheduled to be sentenced -- is punishment enough.

Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with the girl at Jack Nicholson's home. But he fled the country before sentencing, convinced, Temime said, that the judge in the case was treating him unfairly. The conduct of the judge was the subject of an HBO documentary.

"We also maintain that Mr. Polanski did not face a fair trial in Los Angeles," Temime told the French paper. "For all these reasons, among others, his position remains unchanged: He will not accept being extradited to the United States."

Temime also said the fact that the crime occurred 30 years ago should be considered in decided whether Polanski should be extradited to the U.S. Polanski is now in a Zurich jail awaiting a ruling by Swiss authorities whether he should be sent back to Los Angeles.

Swiss authorities have said Polanski could face up to two years in prison if sent back to L.A.

-- Shelby Grad

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Not sure if his lawyers took a dumb pill today, but that is not much of an argument. Roman use to have better legal representation until about December 2008, then they lost their minds.

Mr. Temime's opinion as to what constitutes a fair punishment for Polanski's crime differs substantially from most Americans'. If there was any judicial misconduct originally it was probably in Polanski's favor in receiving such a laughably light sentence from a celebrity-besotted judge. I think Polanski's determination to fight extradition only serves to inflame public opinion and at the very least worsens his chances of any sympathetic treatment.

It also seems so selfish to put his wife and children through this - it must be so horrible for his teenage kids. Of course, he never showed concern or demonstrated any remorse for the damage he did to another young girl's life. How ironic. Almost makes you believe in Karma.

Why ?
Oh Why ?

WHY is it suddenly so important to have Roman Polanski ?
Between 1979 en 2008 NOBODY CARED ABOUT THIS.
So , again , WHY NOW ?

So the people who have to testify AGAINST Roman Polanski ,
they can't speak the truth because their memory is a blur.

There is no case in the courtroom , so CALIFORNIA ,

How sad for his family to be in this situation and how bad is this legal strategy to use his family's suffering as leverage against his extradition. Prolonging the inevitable agony is as excruciating as listening to his lawyer give a lame excuse of having done his punishment of 42 days of psychiatric evaluation. That's punishment? That sounds like one of his deleted scenes in Chinatown back in the 70's . Sorry Mr. Polanski! I'm afraid you can't squirm out of this one.

Roman Polanski said the famed director has been punished enough, really?? You raped a child and you think you were punished enough? I hope you rot in jail!!

If it had been my 13 year old daughter his safety would only be guaranteed in prison.

I'd love to take him sailing!!!!!!!!!

Well, cry me a river and tune up the violins for the sympathy symphony.
When lawyers get that desperate, it's quite normal for them to pimp out the family....and exactly what should be expected for this POS to resort to.
Instead of facing up to his responsibilities, he runs and hides behind apron strings. Man up Polanski, try to stretch that puny neck of yours to reach some height in life rather than slinking behind tragedy.

I think this whole Polanski saga highlights the moral depravity of our society. Many are seeking clemency for a depraved child rapist because he happens to be a celebrated filmmaker. This bears repeating POLANSKI WAS ACCUSED OF DRUGGING, RAPING, AND SODOMIZING A 13 YEAR OLD CHILD. This was a premeditated act. POLANSKI PLEA BARGAINED AND PLEAD GUILTY TO UNLAWFUL SEX WITH A MINOR only after using sleazy legal tactics, most notably smearing the poor child's reputation in the media. POLANSKI IS GUILTY! he deserves to be in jail right now by any legal standard because he is a fugitive from justice. If he is extradited and sentenced to years of prison it would be completely fair and just.

To you twisted sycpohants who plead for mercy for this rapist, I hope your children meet a talented child predator who can drug and rape them. Then we can talk about fairness.

Actually, Don Heckers, I remember this incident very well from 1977 and being outraged that Polanski and his cronies were complicit in portraying this 13 yr old girl as some kind of promiscuous slut with a permissive mother. It seemed that way in the media at the time and then people started going "wait a minute" and there was a backlash with people being outraged that RP had only served 42 days of a "psychiatric evaluation" which was supposed to be 90 days, and that the sentence was so light to begin with. When the judge started getting flack for being so lenient, he said he was going to make RP serve the rest of the 90 days. So don't say nobody cared for all that time because a lot of people did care and remember it well. When Polanski was arrested he complained "I f**ked a girl, so what?"
I think as much as the original deed the public is affronted at the sheer arrogance of requesting that the DA drop the case because they were 'obviously not interested in getting him'. Probably not a great legal strategy cast aspersions on the DA when you're a fugitive. Put that together with his utter lack of remorse for ruining a child's life and he just doesn't engender any sympathy.

In this case there are only 2 questions.

1) Mr Polanski did you commit this crime? (he has already confessed)

2)Have you served your time in prison for that crime? (no)

It shouldn't matter that time has passed because if he had not fled this matter would be long over. It is only his decision to run away from punishment that keeps this in the courts.

Roman Polanski and Samantha Geimer have arranged a deal
way back in 1996.
He has apologized to Samantha and she has forgiven him.

If i were the judge in this case (BUT I'M NOT) i would
let Roman Polanski pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the cause
of raped girls/women in the USA.
And i would demand ONE MORE RESEARCH on the matter weather
Roman's sex habit is chronicle (pedophile ? ) or not.
And if he is no danger then i'd let him go home.
That's reasonable thinking , don't you think so ,
GREEN 2408 ?
Why don't you use your real name ?
You've written a normal letter , nothing to be ashamed of.
I RESPECT your comment that you wrote as an answer to me.

42 days for rape of a minor is laughable. Even if that sentence is held up in court, he still needs to serve it. Then he needs to be sentenced for his escape from Justice. He ran before sentencing .... thats an Escape charge.... could easily get him 5 yrs and he needs to send every day of that. Every dime he has made since his escape needs to be confescated and given to the victims rights program.

Roman Polanski is not the victim here. His wealth, notoriety and flight from justice are not the legal equivalent of being punished. He's a rapist. He is a child rapist. I believe that calls for a long time in prison. That it may come at the end of his life is his responsibility, as is his crime.


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