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Two die in Mid-City stabbing and officer-involved shooting

Ois1 [See update: Slaying suspect broke through back window as police kept watch in front, sources say]

A man and a woman are dead this morning after a stabbing and officer-involved shooting in Mid-City, authorities said.

The incident started near midnight in the 1300 block of Cochran Avenue near Pico Boulevard after a woman visited a nearby police station to make a domestic violence report. After she made her report, officers took her back to her apartment and waited outside in a patrol car filling out a crime report. They heard screaming, and someone approached their vehicle and said an attack was in progress.

Inside, they found a man stabbing the woman. The officers Ois2 began shooting at the man, and both he and the woman were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where they later died.

The man died of gunshot wounds and the woman from stab wounds, said Officer Bruce Borihanh of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Wilshire Division homicide detectives are conducting an investigation into the attack, and the officer-involved shooting is being investigated internally, authorities said.

-- Baxter Holmes and Andrew Blankstein

Photos: LAPD investigators at the scene of the incident. At right, a woman who identified herself as a friend of the victim weeps while talking on a phone. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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Why were the police officer SITTING in their cars when the poor woman obviously needed protection???????????????????????????????????????

She did not need to die, she did the right thing by filing a domestic violence and for what ????????

someone dropped the ball on this one... why didnt the police stay with her?

DV, DV, DV. When will people learn that there is help out there for DV victims. Please, if your relationship is violent...get out of it! Contact the YWCA or another agency. Get out, he or she will not change for themselves, and certainly not for you.

Did the police say why they were waiting outside and did not escort the woman into her apartment?

GPS, GPS GPS. Better coverage, too.

. Family Court has no “beat” reporter. Otherwise the public would learn divorce and custody issues constitute a full employment act for attorneys and therapists until kids age out. No family court coverage is why the press should remain vigilant to Opinion columnists. Particularly when those trusted columnists such as Daniel Leddy, or NY legislators introducing GPS post-conviction, completely miss the obvious. Prevention is the name of the game. GPS companions to restraining orders in Family court, saves lives up front, thus sparing double-digit taxpayer millions in police man hours, trials, and prison system costs. Judges who have the power to order restraining orders, inherently have the power to make sure their orders are effective with companion GPS features. GPS likewise addresses false allegations. Last, as GPS monitors provide victim updates by cell phone; the intended victim gets a heads up in time to vacate the area to save their own life.

What police officer sits in the Patrol Car and sends a woman to her death??? This is negligance. SHame on the Police Department.

The way domestic violences is handled has never worked. The victim always has to confront her attacker alone, with nothing but a peice of paper to protect her.

Good job LAPD. Sad that the woman died and the guys is just a wasted soul.

Sad situation, if only..... Prayers go out to family and friends on both sides of this tragic act of violence that leave two families with unanswered questions.

From the point of view of the ordinary citizen, the police are just about useless.

Oh COME ON??? how come people blame the officers for her death... What are they supposed to do...... go in and tuck her in bed? They did what they were supposed to do... The woman should have left this relationship a long time ago.... DV does not happen over night.... I feel for her but COME ON?

A restraining order does not protect it is just a piece a paper...in reality all it is, is a paper trial, if and when something happens they know exactly who to look for. If a victim has a restraining order and files it correctly, meaning making sure her nearest police station has a copy, it is effective. Of course if the victim has the time to call 911 and report the violation, when in most cases, victim's have no time. May this woman now have the peace she never had in life, running from this "scumbag".

A note to City Council - Do we really need more cops that just sit on their brains in police cars???? Note to imcompetent cop - thanks for $2 million wrongful lawsuit that is coming our way. But you have no worries, your pension is safe.

Wrongful Death L-A-W-S-U-I-T

The LA Times should do an in-depth analysis of whether domestic violence reports and restraining orders protect or endanger women. Don't scoff, I think the statistics might be surprising. The criminalization of relationships comes at a cost. There has to be a better way to handle domestic conflict than the way we're doing it now.

LAMom, Kevin and Ky tin: Are you seriously suggesting that the LAPD provide police escorts to DV complainants? Do you seriously think that walking her to her door would have prevented this? Both are absurd suggestions, and it's really offensive for you to slander the LAPD officers in this way.

Its sad but get real folks the cops cant hold your hand and help you across the street. She probably didn't know the dude was home and thought shed be safe. If she was really that scared they would of took her somewhere else. People always blame the cops when something goes wrong.

Why do TV cameras and newspaper photographers insist on photographing people who are mourning the death of a loved one. I find it very disgusting, and an invasion of privacy.


This is such a tragic death, but I feel like it could have been avoided. The woman should of ended the relationship once she started seeing signs of an abusive relationship. I know it's hard, but there are places where women can get help. I also feel like the police should had responded immediately when they heard a scream. Two lives wouldn't have been lost.

Linda, you must be so happy that all the paperwork was filed correctly. Missing the point of the Police - protect and serve, not FILE and go home!!

This headline infuriates me! It should read Domestic Violence Victim Killed by her Abuser!!!

no piece of paper is going to keep a violent or potentially violent man (or woman) from committing a crime like this. my condolences to the woman's family, and his, for that matter. i wouldn't be quick to jump on the lapd on this one. a restraining order doesn't even come close to offering a victim a sense of security. as for the comment from "californian", i interpret your comment as suggesting that the onus is on third parties or agencies. domestic violence is very complex, from a psychological standpoint - and much of the responsibility for protecting the victim belongs to the victim herself. get out of a violent or potentially violent situation fast. i wish more women did. the pattern doesn't deviate much.

Lot of critics on this particular topic, I think these brave bloggers should take their razor-sharp tactical and investigative skills and put their hide on the line. What are you waiting for, folks, the Department is still hiring, why don't you take the place of the officers for whom you are so superior? "Useless?" Step up to the plate and be part of the solution!


Do you work for the LAPD. I ask this question because you and I both know that If the police would have been at the door while she was collecting her things this outcome would most likely not have happend, and if this guy would have tried this with the LAPD at the door, they would have been there to step in immediately and handled the situation. But instead they sat on their buttocks in the patrol car, while someone had to come out to them and let them know what was taking place, wasting precious minutes while this act was occuring. When the LAPD finally reached the victim the perpetrater was in the act of stabbing her to death, he was in full rage so at that moment he was shot. I have nothing againt the LAPD, the Sheriffs department or any other law inforcement agency, but the truth is the truth, they dropped the ball on this one. Two people are dead, and what makes it so sad, the person who sought out protection from the LAPD was not being protected at the time of her death.

What the nay sayers do not know is that when there is a police escort to a victim's home the police are suppose to make sure the "coast is clear". That means they check the home - on high alert - checking the front and back doors. When they have thoroughly checked then the victim goes into the home. I have accompanied DV victims on this type of police call before and it can be successful. Let us not judge this situation until we know the facts. I hope the officers followed normal protocol. In all of my dealings with LAPD and this type of escort, they have followed protocol.
Anyone needing help with a DV situation for a friend, coworker, or family member PLEASE have them call the National Domestic Hotline 1−800−799−SAFE(7233)

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