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Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman says she's off food stamps, welfare


Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman said she is no longer receiving food stamps or other forms of public assistance for her 14 children.

The La Habra woman, who received worldwide attention when she gave birth to octuplets this year, said in an interview with NBC News that her family is not receiving any welfare benefits from California taxpayers.

She was pressed by NBC's Matt Lauer about the issue, and she repeatedly said she was receiving "zero" and "nothing" from the government.

There was some controversy when The Times revealed in February that Suleman was receiving food stamps and that some of her children received federal supplemental security income.

At the time, Suleman vowed to support her family on her own. She's been filming an upcoming reality TV show about her life. It's unclear how much money she is receiving for the production, but she told NBC she was covering all her child-rearing costs on her own. Experts have said Suleman probably also has incurred significant medical and hospital bills this year.

-- Shelby Grad

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Ms Suleman has been saying for months that she is off all forms of Govt assistance; this makes perfect sense with all the money she has made with her Radar Online Contract and other money making opportunities she has taken advantage of. The tabloids have encouraged the public to believe she is costing the taxpayers millions to keep the dislike of this woman at a "hate" level. Thank you for finally reporting what is most likely the truth!

only the LA Times would write about this idiot

Who cares.

Octo mom needs a hysto! She has all these kids and says she is supporting them all on her own. That is all well and good but what happens when the public is fed up with all the hype and tv coverage? When the movie, book and tv offers all disappear, then how is she going to support them? Back on welfare. I for one do not want my tax dollars supporting them!!!

She has been sucking money from the state for years

She's not even working. She's reaping the money her show is bringing in.

We need to stop feeding this attention troll. Let's see how long she lasts without a spotlight on her.

I think the kids should have been taken from her to begin with. The tax payers should never had to suport her at all.

She had the kids let her pay, just because she found a free ride does no mean that the taxpayer has to pay. It's like she didn't know what she was doing. If she can shop at Nordstrom then she can pay her own way....

Did she alaways have does big lips, reminds me of something in the jungle.


It is a shame that this nut got any money from the government, what a scam. The state of Ca should make her pay back all of the medical expenses that were incurred for the birth and care of the babies.

hello humans im 100 minus 87 yeah im 13 not im cool than u

Those kids who are disabled are still gonna get medi-cal medicare. I dont believe any insurance Co would insure them. So When she says She, she means her but I bet them kids are getting medical.

She is an idiot!! I ask that no one watch her stupid show when it comes out because that is what she wanted in the first place! maybe that is what America should do now, have 8 kids so that we can all have our own tv show! That is why that stupid hot air balloon family got in trouble because they wanted their show.

WHY was she on with Lauer as one of the people of the year, besides a litter what has she done?

But who's paying for her lips?

I'm so tired of hearing aboutthis woman, it makes me sick. Wih our economy in the shape its in, the doctor that helped her do this should be shot. While she may be covering her own bills right now, She'll be back asking California for welfare when it runs out,after all she was getting welfare up to the advance the producers fronted,of course she cant get welfare now,she would have to tell wellfare how much money she recieved.

Who cares!!!! Her business is her business!

Yea right! What about the hospital bills? and the future costs? This is insane. A person who is addicted to having babies gets artificial help to get pregnant, by a doctor who breaks the law. On top of this spectacle, we will indirectly pay for a reality show - yet another brainless TV program, encouraging stupidity.

How did she get the cash to get off of food stamps? IS she still receiving Medicaid, YES! Wait until the kids are old enuf to actually EAT solid foods then come and chat about it ya freak!

So is the local doctor babydaddy (he's not the Infertility Guy) giving towards supporting any of these kids?
He can well afford to.
And he could have stopped this from happening at any point in the past decade.
And who paid for her brood's upkeep for the past ten years,if not the state? Is she paying that back?
Is she paying back the $170,000 she fraudulently claimed for her "bad back"?


I respect individual rights, but anyone (much less a single mother) who has 14 kids and is considering more, has some very serious emotional issues that must be dealt with. I see a great similarity with "collectors" that gather more animals into their houses than they can possibly feed and take care of. They too, claim to be motivated by love.

She better not be. If she wants the kids, then she pays for them herself.

SOMEONE PLEASE... SEW HER SHUT NOW!!!! Useless human being.

This woman is disgusting...She's a true Octocunt.

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