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Michael Jackson's father seeks an allowance from late singer's estate

Michael Jackson’s father wants the late singer’s estate to help him cover living expenses that exceed $20,000 a month, according to court papers filed Friday.

The estate is already paying Jackson’s mother a monthly allowance of $26,000, and an attorney for Joe Jackson wrote in the Superior Court filing that the family patriarch was entitled to the “same manner” of support. In the papers, the 81-year-old’s lawyer wrote that Michael Jackson had footed his father’s bills for decades.

“He does not have a regular or steady source of income, and he was dependent upon the money provided by his son, Michael Jackson, through his wife, Katherine Jackson, for his support,” attorney Brian Oxman wrote. He said in an interview that the amount the singer paid to his parents when he was alive far exceeded what Katherine Jackson is currently getting.

“She’s receiving sufficiently less....When Michael passed away, the money stopped,” he said.

In the filing, the lawyer charged that it was “improper” for the temporary administrators of the estate not to have sought an allowance for Jackson’s father in summer when they secured court approval of Katherine Jackson’s allowance.

A lawyer for estate administrators John Branca and John McClain said they were aware of Joe Jackson’s petition for money.

"It was quite surprising to learn of the request.  Mr. Jackson's petition will be considered as are all requests for money from Michael's estate," lawyer Howard Weitzman said in a statement.

The singer, who died in June, was close to his mother, but had a rocky relationship with his father, whom he accused of hitting him and his brothers when they were children. Michael Jackson named his mother guardian of his three children and a beneficiary of a family trust set up by his will, but left nothing to his father, who resides in a Las Vegas rental property far from the family’s Encino compound.
The filing does not specify the amount Joe Jackson seeks, but a monthly budget included in the court papers lists more than $15,000 in expenses, including $1,500 for rent, $2,500 for eating out and $5,000 for hotels and air travel.

A judge denied Joe Jackson’s request for an immediate hearing on the matter.

-- Harriet Ryan

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Time for the vultures to pick the bones clean.

How Dare Joe Jackson Ask For Money From Michael's Estate.?
He Does NOT Deserve Anything After The Way He Treated Michael.
He is Part Of The Reason Michael Is Gone.

All I can say is: WHAT A DIRT BAG!

What part of "You don't get one dime from me" in Michael Jackson's will does she not understand? If the man needs rent money....fine.......and help him with some food.........but spending 7,000.00 or more a month on eating out and hotels is ludicrous. But that's just me.......If MJ wnted his father to get anything he would have put it in his will.

Not mentioned is the rest that he's claiming for - $900 a month costs to run two cars, $600 a month for two of the (now adult) kids he had outside of his marriage, $300 a month to an assistant who lives with him who no one has heard of and $300 a month to his second assistant and "personal musician" Majestik. Oh yeah, and $400 a month to Oxman.

This doesn't surprise me at all, always knew Joe was money hungry and could care less that Michael died, he's all about the almighty dollar!

The gravy train has run out, Joe. T.S.

"living expenses that exceed $20,000 a month"

"He does not have a regular or steady source of income"


$2500. for 'eating out'? In one month? $5000. for airfare and hotels? This man has leached off his son for years. Michael was nothing more to him than a meal ticket. The first words out of his mouth when asked for a comment on his son's death were a plug for a new CD release. No tears, no kind words for Michael, just a plug for a new CD that would put money in Joe's pocket. I say, pay his rent and give him some grocery money. That's it! The man is scum.

hey joe, get on social security like the rest of us. michael's money should go to his children maintenance.

It's been reported that Joe gets $1700 in Social security; how can he pay $1500 for rent?


Why is it that Mr.Joe Jackson now demands money from his late son's estate. When Michael passed ,his responsibility to his dad ended. His will left out is father on purpose. If Joe Jackson is so hurting for money.. Why don't the rest of his children pitch in to support him? Is it the fact that Michael was the cash cow?

Joe Jackson needs to slim down his spending, cut out the $2500 month dining out and the Hotel and travel spending at $5000 a month, etc. just to start.

I feel he is just a greedy old man jumping on the bandwagon.

A chump without a meal ticket!!!
Here is a man that for years has tried to pass himself off as a music mogul. Most of us viewed him is a abusing father and a want-to-be-pimp. Now, his true colors surface he is really a moocher. No one owes you anything.
Damn man have some pride...

I don't really follow these people, but wasn't the father molesting some of his kids at one point...Anyway, all that money should be going to the kids that M.Jackson molested...Weird family...

Joe, what's the difference between your dead son and a dead cow? You cannot milk a dead cow. You are a shameful disgrace to your son's tarnished name, and you set an example of everything that is wrong with society today. I look forward to hearing the judge repeat everything I have said, and trust your $1700 a month taxpayer financed income means you might follow your son's footsteps and do us all a favor and check out.

I don't know why we should be surprised Joe Jackson is trying to take advantage of his son even after his death. One of the previous commenters said it best, he is a vulture.

The attorneys that are representing the estate should send Old Joe an application for social security and help him get some section 8 housing. The gravy train has run its course.

Michael's dead and it's time for "Poppa Joe" to act like the grown-up he's supposed to be. Let's face it, the Jackson kids were only cash cows to him. He never made it big on his own talent so he lived what he never achieved by "enslaving" his kids. Michael supported him all these years even though he and Mrs. Jackson no longer lived in the same home. I say Mike paid his dues to the old man even though he didn't deserve to have one dime the man made as an adult. Because of Poppa, Michael turned out to be one screwed up adult. Now that Michael's dead, he still wants to keep milking the cash cow. I say he doesn't deserve another cent. He got it all when Michael was alive. What's left of Michael's estate should be the children's alone and he needs to keep his mitts out of the till. Poppa Jackson needs to face facts. Live off of social security like the rest of the world and make do with it. Either that or get a part time job as a door greeter at Walmart like the "regular folks". It's ridiculous that he needs $20,000 a month to survive.

What a complete leech!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap this just keeps going on and on!

Joe Jackson is a freaking abusive parasite.


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