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Michael Jackson's doctor seeing patients again despite investigation

The doctor at the center of the Michael Jackson death investigation is going back to work in Houston.

Dr. Conrad Murray's attorney told the Associated Press that Jackson's personal doctor has began seeing patients again at his private-practice office, adding that Murray needs to earn a living as the investigation into the pop star's death continues.

 "He has not been able to earn a living since the death of Michael Jackson," Edward Chernoff told AP. "His legal fees are enormous and his debts have mounted to the point where it is unclear whether he will be able to keep his house or support his family."

Police are investigating Murray in connection with Jackson's death in June. Murray has denied any wrongdoing, and no criminal charges have been filed in the case.

Murray told Los Angeles Police Department detectives that he had been treating Jackson for insomnia for about six weeks. He had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of the powerful drug propofol every night using an intravenous line, according to court records.

But Murray told detectives that he feared Jackson was forming an addiction and began trying to wean the pop star off the drugs. He said he lowered the dosage to 25 milligrams and mixed it with two other sedatives, lorazepam and midazolam, according to affidavits. On June 23, two days before Jackson's death, he administered those two medications and withheld the propofol, he told detectives.

On the morning Jackson died, Murray tried to induce sleep without using propofol, according to the affidavit. He said he gave Jackson Valium at 1:30 a.m. When that didn't work, he said, he injected lorazepam intravenously at 2 a.m. At 3 a.m., when Jackson was still awake, Murray said, he administered midazolam.

Over the next few hours, Murray said he gave Jackson various drugs, the affidavit said. Then at 10:40 a.m., Murray administered 25 milligrams of propofol after Jackson repeatedly demanded the drug, according to the court records.

-- Shelby Grad

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So this doctor is not a danger to the public, after all (but BEFORE a criminal investigation is over)?

The police previously said that he did not pose a danger to the public because he was not seeing any patient.

Like we should believe the LAPD.

I don't know what this world is coming to. Here a man is dead because of the negligence of someone else and that someone else just goes about their business like nothing happened. Yeah, now that doesn't say that there is something wrong with our system today.

It is just like the Petit case in Connecticut. Three people are killed. A man looses his wife and his two children at the same time and one of the killers write a book (to get rich off of ) of which the world will buy and read - because the world wants to know what the mind of a killer is like - while the only surviving victim is losing the right to protest against what has been perpetrated against him and his family.

Yes, this is what we fair, right? Why, because the criminal has more rights than the victim and the victim's family. And we, the world, wonders why crime is at such a high rate?

Has anyone thought how Murray's return to practice medicine makes Michael Jackson's children (if they know about this) parents, siblings, family members, and friends feel? Could not this man's license be temporarily suspended because he is under investigation? Since, after all, he only admitted to administering the very drugs that the autopsy has proven to be the cause of Michael Jackson's death.


He has enormous debts??? Oh boo hoo, what a shame..... It's ALL his own fault. Why is this quack allowed to practise again?? Hopefully he's been relegated to doing only "safe" things like blood pressure checks. What kind of stupid person would even think about letting this quack near them?? He shouldn't even be allowed to treat stray dogs.

Please, allow me to quote Dick Gregroy:
"Doctors make the best assassins."

"Go ask Alice, I think she will understand":
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, Ch. 2
"Curiouser and curiouser!"

There is more than enough evidence of malpractice, improper prescribing of controlled substances, and practice outside the bounds of normal standards that the Texas, California, and Nevada Medical Boards should have opened investigations and suspended his license to practice pending there outcome. Beyond that, why would any reasonably informed patient agree to be seen by Dr. Murray at this point?

The practice of medicine is a privilege granted by the state medical board not a right guaranteed under the constitution. By administering general anesthesia to a patient at home in his bedroom a physician has broken the rules for professional conduct and should lose his license in every state. Clearly a physician who would do this has no integrity. Administering a controlled substance without a DEA license in the state of California also seems like a big violation. The fact that this physician still has a medical license is a disgrace.

So what happens when Murray kills his next victim? Who will be held responsible? This is disgusting that he will be allowed to continue "treating" patients as if nothing ever happened! His lack of money is 110% his own fault!!!

he has not been charged or convicted. I'm not saying he was wrongly accused but, what happened if YOU were. Wouldn't you like to be able to survive until exonerated?

In California, Dr. Mengele would stay licensed for this Nazi trial of mass murder. This state is a total joke.

he should have waited longer before giving the profopol. all the other drugs would have kicked in. I mean Michael was so thin, all the drugs in him would put him to sleep. this Doctor should have refused and that is it. Because he did not refuse, he should be put in jail. He has NO BACKBONE.

This man conrad murrey is pathetic.
How many other people is he going to kill and why is he back at work
This is so low it should not be allowed.
Why hasn't this creep been thrown in jail?
The King has gone because of this creep.
Why can't people understand that conrad murrey is a cold hard KILLER?

"Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird."
—Harper Lee
(From the Novel:To Kill a Mockingbird)

It makes me ill that this man is even practicing again... Our Law System sucks... I think that his patients ought to know that a KILLER is treating them.... That man belongs in Jail! There is something wrong here and the JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BROKEN... I am ashamed to even be American....

What is taking prosecutors so long to charge this man? What more evidence to they need? He was not qualified to administer this drug; administered it in the wrong circumstances and neglected to administer it properly.

why oh why this tragedy can happen in a super democratic country named: USA . Where's the justice for the man who dies under his careless treatment? His greedy allow him to give MJ with that illegally used at home prescribed medicine. Now the proud black famous artist has passed away and the murder still free ... is it because Michael Jackson that this so-called doctor killed so it's ok for him to be free ... ???!!! Wonderful justice in a democratic super power country. Oh yea good example of law inforcement for all of us ... Next time somebody will be killed aain and he said he just come to the wrong place at the wrong time again ... yea ...

Wow, reading all these comments demonstrate that the deck is really stacked against this guy. How does anyone here know what this doctor did or did not do prior to an investigation and charges being filed? Let me guess, you heard about it on tabloid TV? If there was evidence to charge him with a crime, the police should have charged him already. What is taking so long? Are they going to exhume Michael Jackson and do more tests? And the medical board has not moved to take his license. So what makes all of you the judge and jury? Oh, right, you saw a few things on TV about him. You are all pathetic. The man has EVERY right to earn a living.

Why such tragedy can happen in USA. Why this doctor walk free without charge?!! Where the justice for his neglience victim? Why ... if this only happen to Michael jackson ...not only when he was alive but also in death there's no jusice for him?
What kid of legal system will let such murderer free?

next patient beware, if you need to help your doctor will let you die, your son will call for 12 years and then when it is certain that nothing can be done p'u called 911, and do not forget to pay the bill. Hello next patient.


That is why he should be on paid administrative leave until the investigation is over. We need to care about his patients, they're the important oness.

This news in an absolute disgrace!! I agree with all the posts stating that this person should NOT be practicing and that his debt is his own fault. He has admitted to administering a controlled substance (clearly improperly) to his patient for 6 weeks outside of a hospital setting!! If his clear and in-your-face lack of judgment and lack of professional ethics causes him to lose his job, his house, his family then it is his OWN fault. Michael Jackson has lost his LIFE and his family has lost a family member. Whose sacrifice is greater? Everyone would agree that this patient’s sacrifice was ultimately greater than Mr. Murray's need to use his patient's disability in order to pay off his own debts??? Greedy parasite! Yes, it is true that the LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil! We can all argue Mr. Jackson's responsibility in his own choices but Mr. Murray (I can't even refer to him as a doctor anymore!) as an alleged medical professional had the singular responsibility to say NO to his patient when asked to do something improper! To add insult to injury this alleged cardiologist doesn't have the necessary background and training to administer this drug in a way to meet the minimum standard of care required?!? Gross incompetence!! What am I missing here?????

What??? Where is the state medical board? Why haven't they stepped in and yanked his license? Waiting for another victim? Outrageous.

Are you kidding me, Dr. Homicide is back to work? Hope his patients have got their wills and papers in order...indeed!!!

To ron austin: Yes, Mr. Murray does deserve his due process (innocent until proven guilty) like anyone else and yes, unfortunately, the deck is stacked against him. No, my information does NOT come from tabloid T.V. I based my conclusion on the police report that has been made available to the public. This report officially declares Mr. Jackson's death a homicide including cause of death but doesn't state who is responsible due to the ongoing investigation. Mr. Murray, the person of interest, has admitted to administering Propofol along with other medication to his patient, in the patient’s home, before he died. He has also insisted that he didn't give his patient anything that should have killed him. That said it has been widely acknowledged by medical professionals that it is improper to use Propofol to treat insomnia whether in or out of a hospital setting. This is regardless of whether the patient demands it or how many other doctors may have done it for this patient in the past. In addition, of the items listed in the room where the patient died there is no accounting of required monitoring or resuscitation equipment beyond oxygen tanks. Mr. Murray has also admitted to stepping away from his patient for a few minutes while his patient was under sedation...with no way to monitor his condition. He did not know his patient was in distress and therefore could not resuscitate him in time. Murray literally would have to be sitting at his patient’s bedside constantly. NO BATHROOM BREAKS! Remember, this is supposed to be a medical professional! So far, according to the police report, it has been shown that there was improper use of a hospital anesthetic, questionable combination of drugs used to induce sleep, a lack of appropriate monitoring/resuscitation equipment and abandonment of a patient. Poor judgment and a lack of professional ethics is clearly shown. This alleged medical professional will get his day in court, as he should, but to continue to treat patients, in my opinion, is a disgrace. Yes, this is a long winded response but I felt it was necessary to show where my conclusions come from...and it most certainly is NOT tabloid T.V.

Although I am the farthest thing from a liberal, I have to agree with Steve. This country is based upon the principle that you are inni=ocent until proven guilty. That being said, I think there should be restrictions on the doctor's practice with consideration towards a medical oversight. There is really no way he'll escape the financial ruin this case will cause, so it's likely his life, as he knows it today, is over. He let his patient control his practice and used clouded judgment (money, anyone?).

Bottom line - if it were not for the fact that Jackson was a dwindling celebrity, would anyone really care?? No one is forcing patients on him. Don't trust him? Don't use him. That's pretty simple, no?

This was posted yesterday in the Editorials in the Houston Chronicle newspaper.

"Conrad Murray cases monitored

Regarding “Jackson doc returns to clinic here” (Page A1, Monday), some people wonder why Dr. Conrad Murray is free to practice medicine in Texas and have asked the Texas Medical Board if he is currently under investigation. State law prohibits the Texas Medical Board from disclosing whether a doctor is under investigation; only final disciplinary actions taken by the board are made public. Murray, like all Texas doctors, is subject to scrutiny as well as entitled to due process as outlined in the law which the board must follow. Developments and final actions in California and Nevada on both a medical-board and criminal-action basis will be monitored as is the current practice of the board.

Irvin E. Zeitler Jr., D.O., Texas Medical Board president"

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