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Michael Jackson's burial cost $1 million, including $35,000 for burial outfit, $16,000 for flowers

Michael Jackson’s funeral at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale cost more than $1 million, including $35,000 for the pop star’s burial garments, according to court documents unsealed today.

Jackson was interred amid much media hype at the cemetery's Great Mausoleum in September. The pop singer's remains were placed in a crypt in the Holly Terrace section of the mausoleum, a massive building that is the final resting place for stars from film's golden age, including Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard and Clark Gable.

According to court documents reviewed by The Times, the funeral cost $1.09 million. Most of that money went to Forest Lawn for various costs. Besides the cost of Jackson’s garments, the court documents said flowers for the burial cost $16,000.

A judge approved the cost of the burial in September, but the records were not unsealed until today. 

An attorney for Katherine Jackson today told a judge that the singer’s mother no longer objects to the special administrators of her son’s estate.

The attorney, Adam Streisand, said his client feels it’s “high time” that they move past the conflict and begin to “work together.”

Attorneys for Katherine Jackson had previously indicated she may file a legal challenge against the executors named in the will to manage her son's estate.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff rejected efforts by Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, to challenge the executors' control over the estate. The judge said he would consider at a later date Joe Jackson’s request that the estate to help cover living expenses that exceed $20,000 a month.

-- Harriet Ryan

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Living expenses that exceed $20k a month? He needs to get a grip on his budget?

Joe is a leech! I hope he burns in hell!!!!!!!

How absurd is that?

The pederast's burial outfit cost $35K ? was it made of gold???? That's enough money to feed all of LA's homeless for at least a month..............disgusting

what does an 80 year old man need with $20k per month? maybe someone is living outside their means...

I truly understand the the grief at a time of a child passing, as I had a child that passed too. But this sends a message to the other Jackson children that Michael meant more, (in my opinion). Will the other remaining Jackson children receive the same type of burial and/or attention. It would have been befitting in Michael's honor to help those in need. $16,000 for flowers which has no benefit of any person is excessive. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED MICHAEL JACKSON. Grew up with his music. Got to see him in concert once and was able to touch his hand (didn't wash my hand for 3 weeks; I was 8). He is in HEAVEN. Since Michael has died, we are watching the unfolding reality of Joe Jackson trying to get a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, I am not surprised a father is trying to CASH-IN on his ever-so-famous son's life. Couldn't get Michael to pay for his expenses when he was alive, so why not try now that he is dead... Really!

Lets hope for a million dollars they don't dig him up and sell his plot to some other brother!!!!!!!!

Oh my, where are all the liberals claiming he could have given that to the poor and had a pine box, no flowers?

i loved michael and he deserved it.

Hey, Michael worked for his money since he was five. He could and still can afford a million dollar funeral. You can't. Don't hate.

Forest Lawn raped the Jackson Estate and the fools managing it allowed it - Too bad there is no law against gouging people even if they are rich but it's definitely immoral and unethical - hope the public comes to their senses and this outrageous price gouging hurts future business. I know I have reconsidered my final resting place - it won't be at any Forest Lawn.

Also the store that sold them the clothes for $35K should be put out of business - no suit is worth that prices - designer or not - just price gouging and taking advantage of a situation - shame on them too.

I would not care if it cost 5 million after all this king did for other unfortunate people all of his life he deserved the best and ended with nothing he deserved to go out on top!

Nothing but the best for the King of Pop

Michael's brothers and sisters need to step up and care for Joe if that is what's needed. After all, they too have made money off of Michael's name recently.

It's insane that Michael's estate continue to carry the burden for the family. It doesn't matter how much the estate is making, the money is coming from fans that loved Michael and it should go to his rightful heirs - for which Joe wasn't named.

Joe - get a life already. You aren't responsible for Michael's success. You are responsible for adding to the pain and conflict Michael felt throughout his life. RIP Michael.

Expenses of that magnitude for a funeral are obscene!

Who cares about Michael Jackson. Enough already! How about Farrah Fawcett or Patrick Swayze? Can we please stop hearing about this thing.

How much is it going to cost when they start to pay someone to turn him over in his grave..............like when his old man starts collecting $20,000 a month from his estate - or his mother?

20k a month! Thats too much.

What a waste of money, regardless of whether one can afford it or now. He's dead - it doesn't make anything better or worse.. Sad thing is, the city was asking for money to help cover the costs incurred in the security detail, etc.. I don't want a penny of mine going to this..

Michael who????

Joe Jackson is nothing but a leech and a scumbag. He shouldn't get anything at all from MJ's estate

So what about the cost?! Micheal gave so much to the poor. I can't believe anyone is even talking about this. He earned it!! Respect his mother her decisions and his children. I feel so bad for Micheal and his family. This is exactly what Micheal himself tried to tell us all on many occasions, he could not go to the bathroom without the media making a big deal out of it. Micheal worked hard and deserves every honor and kindness. Leave it alone already. Hasn't he given enough?


Please make the correction; Michael was not cremated, he was embalmed and buried.

The way i new about mike being having a haert of helping they was no need to spend so much dollers wheres so many people are deying in Africa.

For me personally I think Michael deserve all the money possible to be bury in dignify way, because he worked for it. He was not lazzy, he worked so hard till the end of his life. Why not spend on him. But one thing I can't bear is his own family. Why his brothers and sisters can't supporte their father? Shame on them. For me is so shameful to see who they call father putting himsel in market place naked. I can't believe what glory they have? When I look at that family I see nobody else but my beloved Michael. I pray that somebody have the courage to tell the truth to Michael family. Let his estate ignore them and act according to what was written in the will and not to pay attention to what his family wants. One thing that family forget Michael has children. Why they can't think about the future of the children not only for Michael money? Shame, shame, shame to that family. They don't have any love for Michael, only his money. What kind of people they are. Michael RIP. I love you.

Doing the funeral arrangements for my father was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to get done. My father left with very little money and did not take the proper precautions before he pasted. As my wife and I started shopping around for funeral homes, I was shocked to find just how expensive that day would be. Luckily, I my brother heard about www.starlegacynetwork.com where I could get cheap caskets of similar quality, but not as overpriced as some of funeral home were charging. As hard as this day was, giving my dad the funeral he deserved was one of the proudest moments of my life.


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