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LAPD probes how woman under police protection was slain with officers nearby


[See update: Slaying suspect broke through back window as police kept watch in front, sources say]

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating how a woman under the department's protection after she filed a domestic abuse report was slain at her Mid-City apartment as officers were outside.

The officers heard her screams, ran into the apartment and saw a man stabbing the woman. They opened fire, fatally wounding the attacker.

According to LAPD sources, the chain of events began Wednesday night when the unidentified woman came to the Wilshire Division to report that she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Officers who specialize in domestic violence talked to the woman and at some point drove her back to her home near Cochran Avenue and Pico Boulevard.

The victim went inside her apartment, and the officers remained outside, according to the sources, who spoke to The Times on condition of anonymity because the case is continuing. It's unclear whether the officers escorted the woman into the apartment and exactly how and when the attacker got inside, LAPD officials said.

Inside, the officers found a man stabbing the woman. The officers Ois2 began shooting at the man, and he and the woman were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where they later died.

The man died of gunshot wounds and the woman from stab wounds, said Officer Bruce Borihanh of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Wilshire Division homicide detectives are conducting an investigation into the attack, and the officer-involved shooting is being investigated internally, authorities said.

-- Andrew Blankstein, Baxter Holmes and My-Thuan Tran

Photos: LAPD investigators at the scene of the incident. At right, a woman who identified herself as a friend of the victim weeps while talking on a phone. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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Why does anyone have to wait to die while the person who threatens their life remains free to visit whenever they want>if this is you>buy a gun off the street if u have too....but do not sit like a duck in infested water.

It is such a betrayal to the woman who was murdered. She actually wanted protection and the police let her down. I hope she did not have kids...

Great job, Wilshire Division! Way to show Southwest Division why you're so much better than they are. Truly, the L.A.P.D.'s elite officers are disproportionately clustered in Wilshire Division. A commendation is in order here.

I smell a wrongful death/ liability lawsuit!

This story is so heartbreaking and also disconcerting.

L.A.P.D. bases their priorities based on income levels...

They use an entire PLATOON of officers to escort celebrities to court, but ONLY assign two obviously DUMB officers to watch this ladies house. WOW!!!

Sorry to read she was kill by her abuser, the cops are only human, it was believed she was safe at home, if he got in and killed her it was just a terrible event, women die by abusers everyday the police can only do so much. Stop blaming the Police for the actions of criminals.

Another Steller Job by the LAPD. Just watching "cops" shows you how unintelligent they really are. Lossers!

Mufon...... unfortuatley most of the time they are.

Um...the victim declined to follow through on her original complaint, the officers escorted her home, went in and checked her apartment, and then stayed outside even longer...if the victim refuses to help themselves, and refuses offers of help, reports, shelters, etc., just what more would you people have the police do?

Very sad. I wonder how many of the complaining commentators rejected lately any new tax increases for additional police and fire services. The men and women in these occupations do the best they can with the resources available. Just remember it may be you next that needs protection.

I can't believe some of the ignorant comments here. The two police officers did MORE than what is normally done in this type of case. Yet everyone is mocking the Protect and Serve motto. Cannot stay at everyone's house 24 hours a day once a threat is received. There wouldn't be a cop on the street, ever. In this case the two Police Officers took extra time to wait out front in case the suspect returned. Nobody could have predicted that he would get on the roof and enter from a 2nd story window. Had the officers not been out front, they wouldn't have been able to stop the stabbing, possibly allowing the suspect to flee (probably to Mexico). The police did the best they can. If you want private security then hire private security. If you want to protect yourself, buy a gun. The govt and the police can't do everything for you.

LAPD must do better jobs, a female officer should have been with her until a all clear was called, and was the home all cleared.===with law enforcement are we really safe?

Leave it to the LA Times to try and spin this to sensationalize a sad situation. The headline is just to get the dumb posts they are. No wonder their subscriptions are way down. Why pay money for this junk when you can read it free. The other papers are putting the facts out and that is the suspect was on the ROOFTOP AND CLIMBED INTO A WINDOW. LAPD officers did more for this woman and asked her to go to a shelter or relatives and she said NO. The people slamming LAPD on here are the first ones to call them when they become the victim of a crime. Next time call someone else

This is a horrid outcome with both dead! They should have taken her to a 'safe house' while they located her battering spouse.

So many here blame the cops, but no one seems to be blaming the attacker!

Sounds like everyone here could have done a better job! Go fill out an application and show the officers how the job is done.

The poor lady was killed by someone who was willing to die for kiling her. No officer or person for this matter would let this happen intentionally...people just use this forum to bash cops, that's un-American.

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