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L.A. court rejects Jamie McCourt's bid to return as Dodgers CEO

A Superior Court Commissioner ruled today that Jamie McCourt should not be reinstated as chief executive of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

McCourt's husband, Frank McCourt, fired her last month amid their divorce proceedings. 

Although her attorneys had argued that it was simply a matter of returning her to the “marital status quo,” Commissioner Scott Gordon found otherwise. 

“From an employment analysis, there’s no law that would support the court reinstating an employee,” Gordon said. The commissioner said that the issue of whether the team is community property is a complex issue that should be decided at trial, not at the emergency hearing he was presiding over today.

Neither Frank nor Jamie McCourt was present. Instead, each sent a platoon of lawyers.

Jamie McCourt has argued she is a co-owner of the baseball team and was deeply involved in running the organization. But Frank McCourt’s lawyers today reasserted their stance that he is the sole owner as far as Major League Baseball is concerned.

“Her position has been largely ceremonial,” said attorney Mark Seltzer, representing Frank McCourt. “He makes the major decisions.”

Seltzer argued that reinstating Jamie to her position as CEO "would be destructive in the extreme. ... This is a community asset, a treasure of Los Angeles that will be disrupted .”          

Attorneys for Frank McCourt have argued that he had the right to fire his estranged wife and had paid her $500,000 to cover her salary from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31. With a separate hearing on spousal support set for Dec. 15, the attorneys have said, the reinstatement bid is "little more than a backdoor attempt" for more money until then.

-- Carla Hall at L.A. County Superior Court

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The battle has just begun !!!!! I think that the divorce headlines will greatly overshadow any moves the Dodgers make from now on.....Colletti should start making moves, sign Ethier, Kemp and Loney long term. Get rid of Manny, perhaps by buying him out....Hey, let Jamie keep Manny.

Welcome to the latest installment of "Desperate Baseball Housewives", made possible by a grant from Major League Baseball, Prenup.com, a ton of Dodger Dogs and viewers like you. In our latest episode: Can Frank give Jamie the business and still keep it? Can Jamie survive on only a half million dollars for three months? Can the Dodgers go with no CEO? And, who was that masked man skulking away in the limousine? Stay tuned, kiddies. There's more nastiness to come!

Half a million salary from Oct 1 to Dec 31. Amazing.

Half a million salary from Oct 1 to Dec 31. Amazing.

Dude, Manny has a 20 million dollar option. Dodger fans have to wait and see what Manny decides. He should accept the option because he will not receive a better contract from any other team if he declined his option and became a free agent.

Could we get some photos of the dude Jamie's been banging?

What a real WITCH (and her husband is in the same boat, they deserve one another)! Such a blatant sense of entitlement! Both of them are pigs and deserve sties.

This will be more interesting than a world series anyway. I hear she'll change the team name to the Cougars if she takes ownership.

What, no "strikeout" jokes?


Jamie...Baby. Come swim in my pool - all day.

Frank, can I use Jaime's now vacant seat and pose with you, Tommy and Antonio at each game?

$6 mil per year. $60 mil for 10 years or $120 mil for 20 years. Hope she dies in 20 years. Still cheaper than the 50% share of $1 billion.

Quoting Ethan: "WE WANT A NEW OWNER!"

I recall many Dodgers fans saying the same thing during the latter part of NewsCorp's ownership.

Be careful what you wish for.

HA HA HA HA! Two rich spoiled brats move from their non-existant lives in Boston, as parking lot owners, and make a huge splash in the big West Coast town. They sit with Tiger Woods, travel the world in style, win some ballgames and become celebrities in their own rite. Then their egos get out of whack and they can't live with each other any longer. This is just ONE MORE story of Hollywood ruining people who can't handle it. HA HA HA HA. They deserve whatever they get.

Wow, and to think we were all naive enough to believe the ownership of the Dodgers was pretty stable. Can we bring the O'Malleys back, please?

Why us why now? Just when we have a good young neucleus of talent assembled for the first time since the 70s and are on the upswing THIS happens? This could cripple if not destroy the franchise. Look at what happened to the Padres when their owner faced a nasty divorce- they were ruined and had to GIVE away their best player Jake Peavy- and you know this one will far overshadow that one in nastiness and venom. I can see all the talent leaving and Manny not coming back. I hope everyone enjoyed the division title because thats likely the last one for a LONG time!

Yes I hope they sell the team. The McCourts think this is their team. It is not, the team belongs to the fans. I have been a fan since I was a kid growing up in the 60's in the Valley. I remember seeing Koufax pitch. The McCourts are the most selfish idiots I have seen. All they care about is how many homes they own. I don't know who is worst the McCourts or Fox. You guys are outsiders so do us a favor and sell the team to a long time local. Please settle your money problems in court then please leave town.

Dodgers are a couple of elite players from winning a World Series. What are the chances of Jamie giving up her ownership for the best interest of the team. I would think the market value of a world Series Team would pay her more in profits than her CEO salary.

My post did not get posted from yesterday... gee was it something I said??? I even used "clean" language! I'll say it again plain and simple: These two have no more right running a baseball team than a 2 year old! I didn't like them from the beginning! They are a poor excuse for an ownership. Dodgers Fans need to really lash back this time and hopefully force them to sell the team. Can you hear it Frank and Jamie... WE WANT NEW OWNERS!!! Can the O'Malley's some how get back into the game? Maybe Peter's son, who runs a minor league franchise, might like to upgrade to the majors and become part of a group that buys the Dodgers back. Lets put some sanity back into our beloved franchise!!!


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