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Physician convicted in cycling case

A physician accused of deliberately injuring two cyclists by slamming on his car’s brakes on a narrow Brentwood road last year was convicted Monday of assault with a deadly weapon, mayhem and other serious criminal charges.

The three-week trial of Dr. Christopher Thompson drew close attention from cyclists, many of whom viewed the case as a test of the justice system’s commitment to protecting cyclists.

Thompson, wearing a dark blue suit, bowed his head as the verdicts were read. He faces a possible prison term.

Prosecutors alleged that on July 4, 2008, Thompson stopped his car after passing the two cyclists and shouting at them to ride single-file. One cyclist ran face-first into the rear windshield of the doctor’s red Infiniti, breaking his front teeth and nose, and leaving his face scarred. The other was sent hurtling to the sidewalk and suffered a separated shoulder.

A police officer testified that Thompson told him soon after the accident that the cyclists had cursed at him and flipped him off, so he slammed on his brakes “to teach them a lesson.”

Thompson, a veteran emergency room physician, testified that he had never meant to hurt any of the cyclists. He said he and other residents were upset at unsafe cycling by some riders along Mandeville Canyon Road, a winding, five-mile residential street that has become an increasingly popular route for cyclists. But they had struggled to identify problem riders.

Thompson told jurors that he stopped his car so that he could take a photo of the cyclists he had overtaken and believed he had left enough room for them.

Prosecutors alleged Thompson had a history of run-ins with bikers, including a similar episode four months before the 2008 collision, when two cyclists told police that the doctor tried to run them off the road and braked hard in front of them. Neither of the riders was injured.

-- Jack Leonard

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Even if the doctor was in the wrong, I feel sympathy for him...
Cyclists, who don't any of you feel that the STOP sign or RED light does not apply to you?

All to the good ...

He should loose his physician license as well since he deliberately injured two people, which violates the oath of Hippocrates. Wether he did it in the capacity of a physician or in the capacity of a motorist doesn't matter.

I'm glad the jury had the courage and intelligence to see through the doctor's pitiful story and convict him. This is definitely a win for cyclists everywhere. Let's hope this can also be a positive thing, raising awareness of cyclists on the road and making motorists more aware and careful when driving near cyclists.

In prison, he can study PROCTOLOGY, up-close and personal....he DESERVES PRISON!

This is a huge victory for justice! Thank you to the prosecutors for hard work on this case, and, please, please, everyone needs to understand—roads are for ALL wheeled vehicles - not just cars. They are not for chatting on cell phones. They are not for texting. They are not for racing. Here's to making LA safer for cyclists!

I'm glad the jury came to the right conclusion. The roadway is supposed to be shared by both cyclists and motorists.

The rear window of a car is not a windshield. It doesn't shield anyone from the wind, unless you're driving very very fast in reverse.

This doctor should be sentenced to at least a couple years in jail, followed by a year of public service promoting bicycle safety. What a loser!

This man is an obvious danger to society. He needs to be put away. It's very blatant he injured people on purpose and will continue to do so.

He just wanted to stop and have a nice chat with the cyclists and teach them a lesson on road etiquette..yeah right, I'm glad the jury didn't buy that baloney either. You almost take out one person trying to teach them a lesson, that might be a temporary loss of insanity, but three separate times? The guy was lucky he didn't kill someone and he definitely has anger management issues and probably should have his license revoked as well. Good thing he wasn't acquitted because the next cyclist to encounter him on the road would probably be not so fortunate as to only have his face reconfigured.

Good work, but a friendly reminder to my fellow cyclists; always pays to be polite and not angry.

Thank goodness - perhaps now we can coexist on the road. I don't think jail is appropriate, but this 'doctor' needs to answer for what he did.

Throw this belligerent nimrod M.D. in jail for a while. And while you're at it, check to see if he's stealing oxycontin from the hospital.

Justice! Even if this scumbag gets probation, he's going to have those felony convictions follow him for the rest of his miserable days.


temper, temper!

This "doctor" MAY face prison time?? May?!?

This scumbag human filth needs to be removed from the streets, and society.

For a very long time.

Good. Serves him right.Send him to Jail for couple of years.With their big cars, big egos and fat pockets,they think they are God damn Gods.

Such a waste. An MD who won't be working in the emergency room anymore. He brought it all on himself -- on July 4, a day that should have been full of celebration and joy.

What is the world coming to?
Even doctors are predators these days.
In LA, you have to be vigilant at all times; you never know when you will run into a maniac. Eventually it's just bound to happen.

Good verdict! I hope this guy pays dearly for his crime!

Great news!

This portly fellow will have to face up to his lies and maliciousness.

This murderous doctor is the scum of the Earth. It makes me long for sharia law, which would cut off his nose, knock out his teeth and break his shoulder, just as he did to his victims. Let's see if he even gets the jail time he so richly deserves.

Well done. Say what you will about people who ride bikes, violence is never the answer. A prison term is in order.

About time. Why is it when you assault someone with a 16 oz gun it is a crime, but when you do it with your 1/2 ton vehicle it is an "accident?"

Just desserts for this Dr. who wanted to "teach them a lesson" just like any another gangster roaming the streets with a weapon.

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