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Sen. John Kerry's daughter arrested in Hollywood on suspicion of drunk driving [Updated]

The daughter of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) was arrested in Hollywood early this morning for alleged drunk driving.

Los Angeles police say Alexandra Kerry, 36, was stopped by police during a traffic stop at about 12:40 a.m.

“Officers detected signs and symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol,” said LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh.

Kerry was booked at the Hollywood police station and held until 5:25 a.m. after she posted $5,000 bail. Borihanh said he did not know what Kerry’s blood-alcohol level was.

Alexandra Kerry is the eldest daughter of John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic Party presidential nominee.

[Updated at 2 p.m.: A spokeswoman for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said that Alexandra Kerry was pulled over for an expired vehicle registration and was released after the results of a Breathalyzer test at the police station were under the legal limit.

“Sen. Kerry supports his daughter and will have no further comment on a private matter,” said Jodi Seth, a Kerry spokeswoman.

Richard French, a spokesman for the LAPD, said he did not know Kerry’s blood alcohol level and could not confirm whether it was under the legal limit.

“When it comes to drunk driving or impaired driving because of alcohol, it is at the traffic officer’s discretion,” French said. “Many people could be under the legal limit and still be impaired. The blood alcohol level is not as important as to how impaired her driving was.”]

-- My-Thuan Tran

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Lets see if they attack the police for arresting her, or if they go after her and her father the way they did the Bush kids.

She will get off. It will be just like magic.

Okay, I'm not a big John Kerry fan. Not at all. But I really don't want to hear from you whiners about how Kerry is still responsible for the actions of his middle-aged daughter. Enough already.

Mayu, who are "they'? And why would "they" go after her and her father? he's not president and no one cares about him or her.

She probably just had a few Martinis with dinner. Big deal. The police should focus their attention on more important issues, like pot dispensaries, instead of preying on the innocent.

Amen, Pablo!

Whiners? I'm not whining, I'm just saying, the main stream media, late night shows like letterman, talk shows like the View and everyone with a liberal bias, went after the Bush Twins... I'm just wondering how many of the same media outlets will latch onto this the way they did to Bush's family.

so we should just ignore this drunk driver. she should get the same treatment that all celebs get in LA...a slap on the wrist...a good lawyer and then case dismissed without any penalty...isn't this LA and don't we have celebrity justice here...come on people. if you have millions of bucks you can do what you want. get high...get drunk...molest kids...it doesn't matter here...the only thing that matters is that you give generously to the politicians and lawyers who make the rules...and the fatcat police commissioners who look the other way when celebs are involved in any illegal activity!!!

Hey Mayu,

John Kerry is a nobody. Now, if one of the President's daughters (if they were older, of course) was given a DUI, Oboma would receive the same heat as Bush did. You get it, you whiner?

I couldn't care less about John Kerry, George Bush, or the children who were born to them, but there are several distinct differences here - the Bush twins were underage daughters of a sitting president. Kerry is a senator, and his adult daughter is old enough to have teenagers of her own. (I don't know if she does, but just saying.)

Obviously I think she should be treated like any other drunk driver. Unfortunately, most drunk drivers get a slap on the wrist even if they are in an accident. I'd like to see penalties increased across this board for this type of irresponsible behavior, but if she doesn't get a heavy sentence, it's not because she's a P-list "celebrity"...it's because drunk drivers rarely do get stiff sentences.

I hope media outlets DON'T latch onto this arrest specifically because it hardly qualifies as news. If you really care about the problem with drunk drivers, put your political pettiness aside, quit whining about "main stream media," and ask media outlets to do more to cover the problem of driving under the influence and look for proactive solutions that could decrease this problem. This is a completely nonpartisan issue, and unless you care more about stirring the partisan pot that finding solutions that could save lifes, you will agree.

Quick! Send up 11 reporters to "Dig up Dirt".

She screwed up, John has no part in it, and the police -- just as in any other case -- have to prove they were justified in arresting her.

What's the big deal?

My T. Tran, if you don't like L.A. you should leave. You're awfully critical. Find a place that suits you.

The Bush kids were underage with fake IDs. Two crimes.

Thanks for playing Maya.

I would like to think that this incident will be handled appropriately and not based on her fathers position. Parents are always parents and for that I feel for Kerry. I would only wish that that same sentiment was forth coming from anyone on the left. It won't be. But I won't treat him the way he would treat me.

"She probably just had a few Martinis with dinner. Big deal. The police should focus their attention on more important issues, like pot dispensaries, instead of preying on the innocent. "

That was a late dinner... MIDNIGHT? Maybe I'm out of the 'loop', but eating dinner at midnight is not the norm.

Attention David Letterman:
Maybe you could do a unfunny joke about John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra, being intoxicated by Alex Rodriguez!

I am shocked that this made the news. The child of a democrat gets one of their mistakes smeared all over the news? Unbelievable. In the world I know, only Republican children are targets for this kind of thing. Don't worry, I won't watch for it in the mainstream media. It won't be there.

She'll be a celebrity in jail.

Hey Landon, you don't think taking drunks off the road is a Big Deal? Did she have a sign on her car stating that she is Kerry's daughter and "give me a pass?" Ever see someone under the influence of marijuana drive? That's someone else I don't care to be next to when I'm driving.

.. way to many cops.. way to many prisons.. way to much money .... m.a.d.d. has screwed up everyones life ,stupid laws by stupid people

Mayu said: "I'm just wondering how many of the same media outlets will latch onto this the way they did to Bush's family" - exactly.

This will not be the huge deal it would be if she were the daughter of a Republican

Was she driving an energy efficient vehicle?

I agree with watchdog. Money talks and OJ walks.

A dui does not mean someone was drunk! It means someone was over the point .08% limit to drive legally, if they're caught and not everyone gets caught.
This was her first offense, so she'll get sentenced for it as other people do, a fine, dui school and loss her license for a set period of time.
She won't be treated any different just because she's a politicians daughter. These are the standard punishments and it's to bad she got caught, it makes life miserable.

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