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Authorities search for robbers who made a Gold Line getaway

Scarcely two days after its debut, the new Eastside leg of Los Angeles' rail system has already been used for more than commuting.

On Monday night, it was broken in as a getaway vehicle.

Authorities this morning are looking for more information about two robbers who swiped a cellphone and used the new train line to escape from Little Tokyo.

After snatching a woman's cellphone from an outside table at the Green Bamboo restaurant at Central Avenue and 2nd Street about 10:15 p.m. Monday, two men took off running toward the Little Tokyo / Arts District Station around the corner, said Los Angeles Police Det. Al Rasch.

The suspects, both Latino, boarded a train bound for Union Station, according to officials of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, which patrols Metro stations.

The six-mile extension to the Gold Line, which runs from downtown to East Los Angeles, opened to the public Sunday to much fanfare, opening up new a new option for those dependent on public transit -- even thieves, apparently.

-- Tony Barboza

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It's too bad those two robbers don't realize what losers they are.

I take the new Gold Line extention and how sad that this lady was out enjoying her self and this happened. I feel safe when I see the Sherriffs boarding the trains and making sure we ride safe. I hope the cameras on board the train will help catch these guys.

Nice ta know that the Gold Line is there to smooth their escape route...


Green thieves: The New Face of Eco-Friendly Crime.

This is what happens when you help the" Ghetto" city of East LA. Can't wait to see MTA expand their service thru the Crenshaw district in the upcoming years. Lol

Lol, really smart with all the surveilance cameras in the metro stations.

What does the fact that the two robbers were "both latino" have to do with anything? Yeah they are ghetto and yeah they are low lifes but what difference does adding their race do to the story. LA Times, I suggest you get better writers.

There goes the neighborhood.

Thieves suck, but this is inevitable. Call it a baptism, then just add it to the list of other getaway vehicles: car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, bicycle etc.

LA Times....you guys are haters!!! A cell phone...big deal! Why are you trying to undermine the Gold Line extension and make a ghetto mountain out of a mole hill???!!!

And then you print how ridership is low...give it time headline grabbing whores!!! You do a month long cover on how wonderful the extension is...20 years in the making, blah, blah, suck up to the latinos, suck up to EastLos....and now it's


calm down.

As a taxpayer, I'm glad SOMEBODY is using the damn thing, armed or not.

This is what happens in the "Ghetto"! Lol! What do you think they are going to use it for?

A new extension of Gold Line just opened this Sunday, 2 days ago, to fanfare - did THAT help with this getaway burglary?

If so the burglars seem to be the only ones happy about it. Gloria Molina is behaving in a shameful, fiscally irresponsible way, grandstanding to her East L A district against the good of the city and county in this budget crisis. She's all over the media saying how horrible and discriminatory it is that there are some above-ground crossings instead of all underground, which would have cost a fortune more.

AS IT IS, the Red Line should have gone through the Westside to Santa Monica, along the Wilshire Blvd. or Santa Monica Blvd. routes being discussed NOW decades after the original was built.

BUT Gloria Molina and her predecessors in East L A said it was "discrimination" to put the subway where it belonged all along based on ridership and common sense, from downtown to Santa Monica through the Westside, including the dense city of West Hollywood. So the westside has become a parking lot and air quality and health suffers, while the locals take it out on besieged local elected officials. While opposing short-term solutions too, e.g. the Pico-Olympic traffic alleviation plan - which old-timers falsely claimed would be a resurrection of the Westside Freeway along Santa Monica Blvd. they killed, which would have gone along existing railroad right-of-ways and probably made a lot of sense.

(Molina had "help" from the NIMBYs in Cheviott Hills and some westside HOA's that are still NOW joining with her to fight the logical extension routes of the subway AND Expo Line II - with eager help from Zev Yaroslavsky who used the excuse of methane gas under Fairfax area to urge Waxman and the feds to PROHIBIT L A from getting funds for mass transit like the subway and light rail, while every other city with less need successfully got the money and built projects. They had more short-sighted "help" from the rightwing Republican, metro L A-hating provincials like Knabe/ Antonovich who want it to go to the outlying areas instead - the OIMBYs (ONLY In My Backyards).

That the eastside got the precious resources way BEFORE the westside which has suffered from through-traffic, with some 80% of traffic drive-through to job magnets in Santa Monica while the West L A homeowners are furious at the traffic and think they can solve the problem with barricades and saying NO to everything like Pico-Olympic meanwhile, is something Molina should be GRATEFUL for. But no, of course not. She has to grandstand toward some future political election, even if it's socially and fiscally irresponsible.

So NOW the MTA is stuggling to find funding to build the Red Line and Expo II from La Cienega to Santa Monica (or it will make little sense) through Century City, just as state and federal funds have dried up. Molina needs to shut up about how "awful" and discriminatory the Gold Line is when it comes as a sacrifice to the rest of the city which NEEDS it more and pays the bulk of taxes in the county.l

Molina, Gloria Romero and their partners in crime the rightwing S B Valley guys who hate L A too, need to stop hurting the city by grandstanding to their narrow base and grow up, politically, do what's best for the city as a whole.

Where are the Latino leaders? The silence from the Latino community is deafening.

Hey Carlos, the Crenshaw district is largely nicely maintained middle to upper-middle class homes, not a ghetto. The "ghetto folks" who visit Crenshaw don't live there. It's unfortunately the only shopping district for miles around.

There are bad guys everywhere, no area is immune.

The thing that cracks me up is the old Bus Riders Union complaining that MTA rail transit in LA was for "white upper-class commuters". Blue Line: almost all latino and black riders, save the couple of white folks who are commuting to Long Beach. Red and Purple Lines: mostly latino and black riders through latino, Thai and Armenian ethnic neighborhoods. Gold Line: mostly latino and Asian riders through ethnic neighborhoods, with a smattering of whites. Expo Line: will be through a traditionally black neighborhood, with a fairly large latino contingent.

The only lines with anything approaching upper-class (yeah, right, try middle to bourgeois suburbanites with huge mortgages and credit card bills) are NOT MTA, but Metrolink--a different agency. And most of Metrolink is a rich "typical" LA ethnic mix.

I doubt my wealthy clients (white or otherwise!) will ditch their Jags, Cads, BMWs, Lexuses, Infinitis, and Prius for public transit!

This story is obviously planted to further taint the area of the city that the Gold Line services. What a shame.

It's great to see the wonderful Eastside community utilizing the Gold Line. Now the homies can go capper all throughout the city. This is why I moved out of the Eastside years ago, it's only getting worse.

a stolen cellphone? two latinos on foot? oh god no!

talk about over-reacting to a non-story. i am sure this has to do with opening up public transportation to east l.a. but no worries, the westsiders will continue to be protected in the confines of their overpriced luxury vehicles.

solid reporting l.a. times. this has pulitzer written all over it.

Just another day in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

There first mistake was taking a cellphone that could be easily tracked. The second was going to the Goldline. The station has numerous cameras on the platform, in addition each rail car has several cameras on broad.

By now LAPD should have plenty of images of these thieves.

Latino..."CODE" for Illegal aliens.

Why is this so shocking when they will murder an American High School student in the streets of LA just because of his color.

This lousy useless government has truly become the enemy of the American people when it places the welfare of foreigners over US citizens.

Come on people, for those of us who ride the Blue Line, this is OLD news. I'm sure the Gold Line experienced its first etching/sharpee/spray can assault on the first day of operations.

I think it's really sad that this crime turned out to be a negative in stead of a possitive. Metro has only made it more possible for customers like myself to get around the city to work. Crime happens all over not just The Ghetto which is really dumb to say. Try riding and you tell me. There's also crimes done while driving a car. But I really think Metro should have more Sheriffs on board and on more stations. But I think Metro is doing a wonderful job in making our so called Ghetto better to ride around in.

speaking of Eco-friendly crimes, in Compton i hear they're doing drive-by's in hybrid vehicles and Smart Fourtwo's now. Such is the sign of the times :-D

The more you can increase fear of drugs and crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all the people. Noam Chomsky

The principle that human nature, in its psychological aspects, is nothing more than a product of history and given social relations removes all barriers to coercion and manipulation by the powerful.Noam Chomsky

As always, the media always focuses on the negative and the stories of those who have overcome great adversity are not mentioned. The expectation is to fail.

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