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Assault of Calabasas boy is not being investigated as a hate crime

Authorities said today that an assault on a 12-year-old Calabasas boy who was allegedly targeted by his fellow middle school students because of his red hair is not being investigated as a hate crime.

The attack on the boy occurred at A.E. Wright Middle School by as many as 14 classmates, police said. The incident may have been motivated by a Facebook message on Friday saying it was "Kick a Ginger Day."

However, the incident does not meet the criteria of a hate crime, said Lt. Scott Chew of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

"This doesn't apply," he said.

"Ginger" is a label given to people with red hair, freckles and fair skin. It gained notoriety from a 2005 episode of "South Park," an animated comedy show with adult humor, in which "gingers" were picked on.

The boy, whose name was not released because he is a juvenile, was kicked and hit with fists in various areas of the body, police said. His injuries were not severe. 

No arrests were made in the attack. Detectives are investigating the incident as a possible assault with a deadly weapon. 

-- Baxter Holmes
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You can thank that vile show "South Park" for such events.

Hey next week.We could have Kick an Illegal day!And we can kick them all out the country!

Wonder what would happen if it was not a hate crime? DO they do this to people they like? Any body that is different from the bullies is targeted. They pick on any body for any number of reasons. Why is there no charges? This kid was attacked at a place where he should be safe and the police are not going to press charges. What happens when the kids do this again. "Ooops , Sorry" is that going to be the authorities comment ? The next time they might kill someone! Get a grip and prosecute any kids that attack others . How many articles about this form of behavior are going to keep surfacing? Alot more if the cops do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand that Lt. Chew believes that this was not a hate crime because 78% of this school is white and many of the attackers were also white so it could not possibly be a hate crime. However what Lt Chew is forgetting that current hate crime legislation includes bias motivated crimes against ethnicity, Redheads are primarily found in Scotland, Wales, Ireland. Redheads comprise of between 2 and 4 % of the worlds population thus making "gingers" an ethnicity. The use of the term ginger is a racial slur with negative connotations just like the "N" word.

This is a hate crime and should be prosecuted as one.

Where is the equal protection under the law which we are guaranteed by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? Wait, thats right, Hate Crime legislation is there just to keep the overwhelming majority of minorities feeling like they are victims so they will not actually stand up and move on like the rest of us. Hate Crime legislation is unconstitutional until it provides for equal protection.

Logan, hate crime legislation DOES provide for equal protection. It may come as a shock to many people here who are convinced it specifically protects certain minorities, but that's not the case. As others have noted here, one of the things it protects against is harming others for their "ethnicity." That includes white kids, just like protections for gender includes men and sexual orientation includes heterosexuals. That lawyers and law enforcement do not have enough cases to apply these laws for those people or will not do so is not a problem with the laws.

That said, appearance is not ethnicity, and therein lies the problem I expect. That, or because his attackers were also right or their motives weren't hate, just stupidity. We can't throw hate crime legislation at everyone or we will head down a lsippery slope.

A few weeks ago my nephew was playing basketball and a bunch of guys grab the ball away from him. He grab the ball back and the guys jumped him. The school said because he took the ball back they could do nothing. So it is fine to jump on a kid for trying to get his ball back My nephew noww has a cast on his leg. The school called it horse playing. The school is out of control. What will happens? next

As a ginger myself i have to say that yes this is a hate crime. It is wrong to single anyone out for their appearance. I've been in this kids shoes and its a painful experience that stays with you for a long time. As a youth i was constantly made fun of for my appearance. Once on a school outing while i was in 7th grade the kids on the schoolbus would not let me sit in either of the two open seats next to the other kids because i was pasty, red headed, and had glasses. So I had to stand in the isle on the trip. Thank god it was a short one , but the teachers and bus driver didn't do anything about it. This kind of abuse made me resent many of the people in my class to this day. The ridicule did make me tougher in the end and as i grew up i got contacts and grew out of the nerdy look of my youth, but i still hear the ginger comments from my friends. Now i just return the favor. As a youth when these things happen you feel singled out and alone. When you are different and get ganged up on and picked on it can effect the way you look at people for a long time. It is a hate crime to single anyone out based on their appearance whatever it may be.

Hate Crime???? YES!

This story made http://detentionslip.org ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

Come on ppl kids will be kids!
Its no different than older brother picking on little brother. School of hard knocks, stop babying your kids so much!

Maybe the kid will "pay back" his tormentors with an ak-47, would that be a hate crime?
Hate crime laws are a joke written by bigots to protect bigots - black bigots

To Peter K,

The ADL is not a part of the "Israeli Lobby" (one thinks you must mean AIPAC). They are two different organizations.

"They gloat about their Hate Crimes bills on their website." Hum, you mean report. How exactly "gloat"?

"Note also the ADL defaming of the Minutemen Project on their website." Yes, because there have been reports of bigotry (namely at Latinos), are you denying this? Also, before you start your strawman arguement (which seems to be you whole post), I am not saying that all Minutemen are bigots.

"Every other significant pro-White or pro-America organization has reported harassment and defamation from the ADL as well." And what is "pro-white"? KKK, NAZIs, Christian Identity? You know, hate groups. Because, how exactly are the Minutemen "pro-white"? Are they not an anti-immigrant (or at least "illegal immigrants")? That doesn't mean "pro-white", unless of course they are just against immigrants that aren't white (which makes them bigots).

BTW, is your arguement that "kick the ginger" and "kick the Jew" days are, "pro-American"? If not, what is your point with your little spiel?

"This is the same lobby that got the Immigration Act of 1964 passed." Point? Let's see, too many non-whites allowed to now enter? Are you mad that the U.S. no longer openly pushed against discrimination? Once again, you label that "pro-white", but I would say just prejudicism (sic).

Gee, it's almost like terms like "pro-White" and "pro-American" are code words for white bigots (obviously other non-white bigots would use different language).

"And part of the same ethnicity that frantically promotes race mixing on TV shows and movies." Interesting. You mean the JEWS. Well for one, define "promotes race mixing." I mean, are you mad that shows have whites and other groups (not to mention mixing of minorities) mixing? Well, one would think that Americans of all backgrounds mixing to become one is, well, "pro-American". Maybe not "pro-white", but I guess one of your definitions of "pro-white" is being against miscegination - again, seems just like plain bigotry.

"For everyone but their own kids, mind you, you never saw Seinfeld chasing Gentile women now did you?" Actually, not only did you, they never address that they were even Jews on the show. And as far as Jews go, they mix over 50% of the time in the U.S. So I'm not exactly sure what you are getting at.

"White America is very much under attack yet does nothing." Gee, I thought all of the U.S. were being attacked, or at least in a war.

"Largely due to religious beliefs that do not allow criticism of anything jewish." Huh, who's "religious beliefs"? And aren't you, err criticising Jews at this moment? And what does this have to do with "kick a Jew" day?

"It's pretty funny, and sad at the same time, if not just downright pathetic beyond all belief." What, your post?

"It's getting close to the time for White America to just circle the wagons." Or go on with their lives like respectable people. I guess it's up to ya'll.

Hopefully one day you will be more learned and your ignorance will shred, or I'm just another Jewish (and Puerto Rican) enemy of the white race and the United States of America.

How about if the kid was black, and they called it "kick a black day"?
Enough said. Use your imagination.

How about if the kid was black, and they called it "kick a black day"?
Enough said. Use your imagination.

Wanted to pass this article along. There was "Kick a Jew" day in Naples, FL

One day in school suspension and sensitivity training

I found it on google - haven't heard anything on TV. I would think this would get more press?

i am a person of african desent, mr chew a hate crime was committed and you need to realize children are behaving like adults and need to be treated as thus......


Most ginger people are of Irish decedent. Therefore, kick a ginger day is a hate crime against Irish people. It is precisely as another poster stated, "kick a slant eye" day would be a hate crime against Asians without stating Asian specifically.

This is a DOUBLE-STANDARD, and proves that hate-crimes aren't about equality, but POPULARITY; i.e. if you aren't a POPULAR hate-target, then the government will just waltz right around you and say "you don't count because blah-blah-blah." Look at "Roztard" below, who gives us a bureacuratic run-down of how "this isn't a hate-crime," caling anyone "armchair critics" who disagrees.

It's amazing that an armchair-attorney can call armchair-ANYTHING, but this clearly pertains to "race or ethnicity" when color pertains to such (as it does in this case).

If you want to be a lawyer, Roz, start by learning logic, since laws must be based and enforced on this basis.

Ignorance of the week:

"First off having red hair is not a race."

Neither is having dark skin etc; it's a racial and ethnic CHARACTERISTIC.

"Secondly, any crime is a hate crime on one level or another."

No, a hate-crime is based on a person's group-orientation-- which makes it a crime against all members OF that group.

Ignorance is death, so off to school you go.

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