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Democratic assemblyman to Schwarzenegger: 'You lie!'

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made an unannounced stop at a San Francisco Democratic Party gala Wednesday night -- and wasn’t exactly greeted with open arms.

When the Republican governor took the podium and began to speak, San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano shouted, "You lie!"

It was a West Coast reprisal of GOP Rep. Joe Wilson’s now-infamous outburst during a congressional address by President Obama last month.
Asked today about his own outburst, Ammiano, a liberal Democrat, said: “It’s not like you’re in a [legislative] chamber and you sit there and suffer. It’s our house, it’s our event.”

“When he got up to the podium, it was totally inappropriate,” Ammiano continued. “He was booed and people walked out.”

Tensions are running high these days between Schwarzenegger and Democratic lawmakers. The governor is threatening to veto the 700 bills he must act upon by Sunday night if legislative leaders don’t strike a deal on upgrading California's water system.

How did the Republican governor end up in front of a Democratic Party event in the first place? He happened to be in the same hotel for a dinner celebrating the President’s Cup golf tournament and heard that Willie Brown, a Democratic former mayor of San Francisco and friend of the governor, was in the building, said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear.

“Brown invited the governor to say a few words at the event so the governor talked about the importance of bipartisanship for a few minutes,” McLear said in an e-mail.

Ammiano, once a stand-up comedian, was not amused. “It was really rude,” he said.

McLear said of the commotion, “We never heard any hecklers.”

 -- Shane Goldmacher in Sacramento

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Ah, Democrats. So caring, so tolerant, so bipartisan. No wonder our state is well-run and everything is fixed as it should be . . . oh, wait - it isn't.

Ammiano was right. His outburst "was really Rude". Just as Wilson's was.

Why are so many Democratic Pols out of work comedians?

That didn't take long for the Democrats to show they weren't really serious about civility.

The world according to Democrats is constraints only apply to non-Democrats. If you're a Democrat, you can cheat on your taxes like Geithner and Rangel have. If you're a Democrat, you can yell "you lie" like Ammiano has.

Yeah, that's not cool walking in on someone else's turf and taking the podium. What if a Democrat showed up at a GOP party and went to the podium and started talking, what would happen?

I remember a day when Democrats and Republicans could publicly disagree without being disagreeable.

This breakdown in civil discourse by both sides, is why politicians rate lower than used car salesmen.


More pointless bickering. How about someone interrupt a speaker with a bold new idea, or solution. That would be helpful. Democracy IS about being heard and represented, but this is getting ridiculous.

Tom Ammiano is as hard core, openly homosexual as they get. And that includes the usual mental illness found among his types.

Look up his photo on google. He even looks odd.

Arnold is a Liar! He deserve to be called out on his lies. He says he is a Republican, but he is a Democrat in the closet. LIAR. He is also married to a Kennedy, and we all know how much the Kennedys Love the Republicans, just ask MASS, Government and the way they change the law for them.

Please tell us what did he lie about? You just can't print that without an explanation...


It's a shame, two wrongs don't make a right. Just because some idiot heckled our president doesn't make right for some other idiot to heckle the governor.

Being rude severs no purpose, especially in a heated political environment. Democrat or Republican, it's coarse when we are in desparate need for civility.

How funny that Republicans - desperate to make a comeback - are trying to make this episode equivalent to Joe Wilson's outburst.

Some party crashers get shot. Arnold got booed.

If you crash a party in my 'hood, you get cut (... with a knife). Ahnold got off easy.

"Some party crashers get shot. Arnold got booed."

Let me guess Mschliebs: you're not only a leftist tool, but a POS gang banger too?


Cahleefohnia is in shambles. Can't we rewrite the constitution already?!?!!?

It doesn't matter whether Ammiano is gay or straight. He could've walked out, like others did. Rudeness crosses all sexual orientations.

I'm so tired of this stupid lack of civility. It's as bad when done by Liberals as it is by Conservatives. Ammiano is an idiot.

It is time to re-write the California constitution.

Junior High School. When will these politicians grow up? BTW, I am a Democrat.

Pathetic. All of it.

what a liberal clown. at least Joe Wilson's "outburst" was in regard to a specific statement Obama made about healthcare. this guy was just stalking Schwarzenegger and shouted the same line once the Gov. started talking, because he was upset that he was invited to get up and speak. grow up little man.

Shoe throwing will be next. How on earth do we expect these clowns in power run the world 7th largest economy?

Not a good move. Never stoop as low as your enemy.

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