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El Monte police officer claims repeated sexual harassment [Updated]

A veteran El Monte police officer claims in a lawsuit that she was sexually harassed for years by colleagues, including a supervisor who repeatedly commented on her body and told her women should not be cops but made "natural waitresses and food servers."

Mechelle Marin alleged in an 18-page complaint that supervisors in the El Monte Police Department looked the other way when she was harassed and intimidated, and took no disciplinary action against those who allegedly did it.

"Officer Marin's efforts to obtain relief by filing internal complaints have thus far been futile," said her attorney, Solomon E. Gresen. [Updated at 5:03 p.m.: An earlier version of this post incorrectly gave the attorney's last name as Green.] His client is seeking damages for emotional distress and lost earnings and job opportunities.

A department spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment. 

Gresen said his client was repeatedly subjected to improper comments about her clothing and body and that one supervisor named in the lawsuit suggested Marin could trade time off for sexual favors. That same supervisor, the suit claims, would look directly into Marin's chest while speaking to her.

When Marin continued to complain about the alleged conduct, the supervisor made comments that were generally directed at women, opining "at various times that 'a woman's place is in the home' and that women 'are natural waitresses and food servers,'" she said in the lawsuit.

--Andrew Blankstein

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I guess she knows how we feel when cops watch other cops abuse the public on a daily basis and do nothing about it . Looking at her chest while speaking ? OOhh , thats worse than being beaten with a night stick , tasered , or having your legs kicked out from under you . Has she ever reported another cop for misconduct ? Does anybody believe she has never seen any in years of service ?

This happens everywhere, in work place. Women in America is used by Men as eye candies. Don't you think?

Hey Nat, I am a Hispanic male who was born and raised in Los Angeles my entire life and I have never been abused or harrassed by the police. Do you know why, because I have never put myself in a situation to allow that to happen. If you are speaking from personal experience maybe you should not put yourself in that situation or better yet just cooperate, let the police do their job and if you have done nothing then you will be your way after they are finished with their job. If you are talking about something you have heard from others or maybe have seen then you probably don't know the whole story. It seems to me that nowdays people do not want to be responsible for their actions. They are very quick to blame others for something they have done. The police are an easy scapegoat for people to lean on and blame when they are caught in the wrong.

let's get both sides of the story....is it true or is she just flattering herself into a perceived payoff.....

another one trying to cash in and undoubtedly will. who would want to work for the el monte police anyway? but it will be a nice addition to her retirement pay. if it was so bad how did she stand it to be come a "veteran"? why is it such a knee jerk reaction for so many to always side for people that file these parasitic suits? hope she looses.

First the El Monte police department fails to arrest a boy for bringing two guns to school, then a city manager is caught in Pomona in a prostitution sting and now this? I see safety is an issue (and compromised) by it's police officers and perverts in city hall in El Monte. Enter at your own risk.

The most frustrating aspect to the story is that the taxpayer may end up footing the bill for the police misconduct. Government bureacracy at its best - milk the taxpayer for your government salary, and then again, for your harassment lawsuit.

No matter what kind of abuse it is, whether its sexual harassment or abuse of authority, it doesn't change the fact that its wrong. Sexual harassment is gender discrimination and disrespect at it's worst, you can't treat someone as inferior or put someone down and confine them to a particular job or status just because they're female. I wish Officer Marin luck in her lawsuit.

Hey hispanic guy who never got hassled by the cops...go ahead and march instep with the system...they got you whipped. Im black...I even was about to become a cop myself...until I took another career path...Im no trouble maker...and I get messed over by cops all the time..FOR NOTHING>..Ive been thrown to the ground and had knees in my back....for nothing...who do I complain to?...His boss? His boss who is going to back him?...City hall?...Its us against them out here...until they kick you on the ground...you keep on sayin they are angels.....So you never did say anything about what the lady officer said about her harassment. That alone tells me that you are full of it. You couldnt even comment on the topic...you had to go in general terms...you are affraid to confront what she is saying...cus you have no ground to stand on

So many groups have to fight stereotypes. Cops have to fight the 'pigs' stereotype. But in this case it proves there is sometimes validation to the stereotype. I hope these cops go down in flames.

I just find it entertaining that Officer Marin is presenting a claim after "years" of alleged harassment. I am confident her attorney's will attempt to take the city for a good ride, if you know what I mean.... I just hope this lady understands that no agency in it's right mind will hire again. No wonder she wants to sue for loss of earnings and future job opportunities. With a claim like this, she will find it very difficult to survive in the field. Good luck!


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