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Steve Lopez gives up on Manny, and his World Series tickets


Times columnist Steve Lopez is fed up with Manny Ramirez. He's so disgusted with the Dodgers slugger that he's decided to give up his own World Series tickets. The Dodgers, of course, first must defeat two playoff opponents to reach what would be their first World Series since 1988, but if it happens, Lopez won't be joining them there:

Lopez So here I am with World Series tickets in my hand and a wave of hysteria sweeping the city. I'm sorry for being the cockroach in the punch bowl, but I can't bring myself to join the party. The only thing that could get me to the ballpark in the post-season would be if Manager Joe Torre were to staple Manny's dreadlocks to the dugout wall and play Juan Pierre in his place. I'd rather lose with a scrappy singles hitter like Pierre than win with a loafing slugger like Ramirez.

Maybe I'll be in a more forgiving mood next year and return to the ballpark -- I just don't know. But I'm giving my World Series tickets this year to the person who writes my favorite 50-word sermon to Ramirez.

Read the full column here. For Steve to consider your sermon of no more than 50 words, post it as a comment below by noon Pacific Daylight Time on Friday, Oct. 9, 2009.

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Just Manny being Manny
Is what the fans do say
Critique is reserved only
For starlets in LA

Win or lose, no matter
It is all about the scene
Even though he struck out
At least Casey played it clean


In July of 08, you flew in like Superman,
You carried us to the NLCS and gave us hope.
The hype was on, Mannywood was born!
Then Manny, the face of the town, became the SCAR of the town,
Now we wish you just left town!

I did not know T-Pain could hit a ball.
And now I watch as true L.A. fans fall.
What do I know,
ESPN gives me the facts.
Maybe you should r-e-
To your L.A.X.
He is just a man,
Fool of Dreads?
I shall watch
you, cool your head.


I can't believe it! The Grammy's passed and you didn't win best actor?! I'm upset. I think A-Rod won. Our MVP and team leader that joggs out every ball or cracks a big smile after each of his four strikeouts last week should earn at least a nomination. Go Blue!

My two-year old nephew loves two things: Spongebob SquarePants and Manny Ramirez. He now has trouble telling apart the yellow, animated, fake square that makes millions and the Nickelodeon cartoon everyone loves. Cheers of "Manny!, Manny!", are now shouts of "Mami! Mami!" as he points to the t.v. remote.

"Though your problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away. He needs a crowd of people, but can't face them day to day. His world is turnin but that don't make the rumors go away...

Manny is loafing, want to see him loaf away".

Manny was a kid once. As a kid, he had a god given talent, a drive, and a desire to be the best. Sadly, his focus was lost in the shallow and empty promises of fame and riches. Bring that kid back and let this sham go home.

Dear Mr. Ramirez

Your lackadaisical disrespect for the fans and the game are simply appalling. You are a convicted cheater, and nothing but a fraud. Your selfish game has come to a crashing conclusion. The only honorable thing left for you to do is resign. Go home, little man.

In life every day is a gift.
In Major League Baseball every inning is a gift. Unless you are Manny Ramierz.
In life we have a God.
In Major League Baseball we have many Gods (owners) they determine when you live and when you die.
Try living Manny or bye

My 50 words for Manny...

Hey, think we pay to watch a sub-300 “slugger” waddle like a walrus, windmill easy pitches, flop on a grounder like a quadraplegic seal, and giggle like us poor slob fans don’t deserve better? What’s your next gig, Ringling Brothers? Careful, they’ll probably put you on a diet of hay!

There once was a hitter named Manny
who decided to juice up his fanny
They tested his pee
and found something funn-y

Suspended for 50 he apologized quit iffy
hitting little more than 250.

So Joe -please please play Pierre
and sit Manny on his Derriere

Manny rhimes with cheatingy
but he keeps swingging
not like a single man making his bat known but a married man that got out from a terrible marriage
he got divorced from Boston
and now dodger blue is his whore
and all that support, the pimps.....

Whatever happened to the humble and grateful Chico Escuela's of the world and "Baseball been berry,berry good to me"?Manny,you'll never be a Chico.What a waste of God given talent.I guess you've been away too long to remember where you came from.Another asterisk.SO SAD!

You came to Blue Heaven the conquering Hero, the Greatest hitter to ever wear the Uniform.
The once proud but now long suffering Dodger franchise began to awaken from its Slumber.

A single player, in one three game series in one weekend in Arizona, dismantled a fledgling Dynasty of Baseball West.
A single player, with a swing almost comical in its effortless force, intimidated and eliminated the National League's winningest club.
A single player was a mantle on which to build a Future Dynasty
Turns out, the mantle was founded on a lie.
It was a cruel Truth that brought it all down.
It was crueller to have seen the Glory ahead, only to then see it transformed into a demeaning punchline.
It would have been better not to have seen You at all.

Manny,...first impressions always hold true. From your rosin covered helmet, dreadlocks, and indifference to your fanbase... You epitomize the problem with society in general and professional sports specifically. You are nothing more than a opportunistic, lazy, cheating, narcissistic shadow of all real baseball legends who have come before you.

There's a picture my sister keeps: her as a four year old, atop dad's shoulders, laughing, missing teeth, simple blue and white Dodgers cap on. Sunny, beautiful, nostalgic, it's archetypal familial fandom. It's everything that's right with the world. You make me covet these tickets, and pray for the Angels.

The path of the righteous Dodger fan is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of Manny. I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my Dodgers... so watch your back Man Ram!

A lifelong Pirate fan reeling over his team’s pathetic showing takes his eight year old nephew to Dodger Stadium for the first time. The nephew‘s reaction is priceless when he sees the field. “Manny runs slow” the nephew says. The uncle laughs. Thank god his favorite player is Ethier.

Manny a poor excuse you came to be
Games to be won and championships to see
But all we get is a cry baby
So let it rest cuz you are just lazy
Anything you do is hazy
Yes Manny do take it from me.

Manny you've done L.A. wrong. We took you in but you let us down. You've played like a spoiled kid who's dad is the coach and knows he won't bench him. But I'am a Dodger fan and there's still 8 other Men on that field, that's who i'm rooting for!

There once was Dodger named Manny.
His offensive skills were uncanny.
But his fans couldn't stand the abuse,
his attitude, or his drug use,
Yes, the Red Sox were smart to trade Manny.

L ucky you made it this far.
O thers would give anything to be in your shoes.
S o baseball is to high pressure? Challenging? Come Sub in my class!
E veryone makes mistakes but you’re making the same stupid mistakes cheater.
R eturn the Dodger uniform until you decide to play like a professional!

History is replete with examples of those who squandered privileges and opportunities. Some surprise by exceeding their apparent potential. Others descend into dissolute surrender to mediocrity, or worse. No one is faultless, but those we admire try to surmount their shortcomings and demonstrate their worth. Can you do that, Manny?

You too, Mr. Ramirez a "Druggy" How could you do this to the fans, team, city, especially coach Torre. But from every bad thing comes a good thing, a chance for Juan, Cassey, Andre and the rest of the team to show that they don't need Manny to succeed.

manning your just like OJ people like you are killing Americas past time. Only Difference you got caught THanks for disgracing The game of baseball. I WISH THE DODGERS WOULD PAY ME WHAT THIER PAYING YOU TO SUCK .

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