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Sheriff's deputy fatally shoots burglary suspect in Azusa [Updated]

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a suspected burglar in Azusa this morning after he pulled a knife on the deputy, authorities said.
The shooting was reported about 1:15 a.m. at Renwick Road and Rockdale Avenue, said Deputy Aura Sierra.

Deputies were attempting to detain two suspected car thieves when they ran away, Sierra said.  When they cornered one of the men, the suspect pulled out a knife, she said. 

“Fearing for his safety, one of the deputies fired several rounds from his weapon, hitting the suspect,” Sierra said.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene, Sierra said. No deputies were injured.

A knife was recovered at the scene, she said. 

The second suspect remains at large, authorities said.

[Updated at 2:40 p.m.: The dead suspect was identified by authorities as Efrain Lara Gutierrez, 31, of Azusa.]

-- Ruben Vives

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You are never going to win when you are cornered or trapped. You will be killed instantly, these clowns dont listen or understand that. Oh, well.

thats what happens when u pull a knife out on those who protect us and keep us safe. For some reason, ppl seem to think that an officer should put his life AFTER a criminals, but they do what they need to. This robber could have later killed an innocent civilian, so think twice before u judge.


One less criminal clogging up our judicial system.

To me things feel like their getting worst in this town; pretty much in every corner you have kids selling drugs, tagging, and fights. Some of this things are unavoidable but something has to be done: we have to get a grip otherwise this place will turn into the gutter.

The first is they should do is to

Cops Shoot to Kill!!!!!!!Couldn't stop him so they have to kill him....

The officer could have shot him in the hand or legs. Didn't have to murder the poor guy. From what I hear the mom says they shot him from the back the officer was never in danger.


How about surrendering, as required by law and common decency, rather than pulling a weapon? Or better yet, not committing felonies?

And by the way, law enforcement officers use force a minute amount of time compared to the number of people they "corner or trap." According to DOJ, force occurs at a rate of 4.19 incidents per 10,000 persons contacted. So I hardly think anyone's being killed instantly. But hate of the police shouldn't be distorted by facts or analysis, I suppose.

why is law enforcement so equipped that they must shoot a person that displaces a not so lethal weapon, do they fear that much for their lives-----gun,tasers,mace/pepper spray,vest,night stick,back up,very lethal equipment would you say!. So in the academy they are trained to fire upon someone if they can't subdo are control? So do they shot because of fear? or training?

It's wrong to shoot people in the back, which they have done AGAIN.

As a black man, I have no problem with the deputy shooting a person armed with a knife. A knife can make you dead just as well as a gun can. Pull a knife on a law enforcement officer, you made the choice to get shot. The wrong choice, but you made it.

It is unfortunate that people who bash police officers usually are so uninformed about law enforcement training. Police Officers are doing a job that the majority of society is too cowardly to do. On TV, you cheer when the cop hero shoots the bad guy, but despise the police officer who has to do the same in real life to ensure that he goes home to his family at the end of watch.

@ Sonia. Shooting someone in the arm or leg is almost impossible for someone who is moving. Center mass is an easier target. Try going to a shooting range and see how easy it is for you to shoot. You'll barley hit your target, and add all the things going on with the officer. Be lucky your not in the officer shoes.

@ Robert. A KNIFE a not so lethal weapon? Are you kidding me? Seriously?

People inform yourself of our laws. Read Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985). That deals with any fleeing felon.

Thank you Deputies for saving the taxpayers millions of dollars on this Dirt Bag.

You Dirt Bag lovers need to stop being such HUG A THUGS and realize that your SCUM BAGS are criminals. This SCUM BAG made a choice and attempted to arm an Officer. If the DIRT BAG cared about him self he should of given up. I'm glad he's gone saving my tax dollars for kids instead of another criminal.

My home was burglarized so I don't have any sympathy for these criminals out stealing property no matter what it is. All the guy had to do was give up but, he pulls out a knife. Things happen in a blink of an eye, maybe there was not enough time to use a less than lethal weapon. A knife can kill you to. People who say all the cop should have done was shoot him in the arm or leg obviously have never handled a gun.

The police officers decision was 100% correct!!! I have seen a knife weilding maniac take an officers life because he was able to lunge and stab the officer in vital points (aka prison mafia style) and within seconds drop the officer. This cop needs to go home to his own family* and should never take a man with a knife light hearted. Break into my house and pull a knife on me and I will shoot you stiff if you so much as smile at me the wrong way.

Sonia, Robert, Melanie;

The police don't shoot to wound; they don't shoot to kill. They shoot to stop. Double-tap center mass; follow up with one to head. Mozambique drill. (May have body armor.)
Threaten cops and you'll be unhappy at the end of the day.


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